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  1. Honestly guys. It only sucks if you let it. If you tell yourself it should be special and do nothing, it'll suck. If you're waiting for friends to throw you a party without letting anyone know you want one, you probably won't get one. Book the day off and go do something you want to do. Friends all busy? Go by yourself! It's your day. Do what you want. If it sucks, it's because you're letting it. Make sure you've got all bills paid or organised to sort out after, obviously unexpected things can and will happen but that's life! Just roll with it guys, and cheer up! I've just had my 24th,
  2. Guys, I'm so sorry, I'm gonna have to drop this challenge. Lot of shit's come up in the last couple of weeks and I can't give this challenge the focus and fun it deserves. Putting it back on the shelf for a slightly more stable month. Expect a return of Mantracker at some point!
  3. SCORE KEEPING DAY ONE -O.5 missed breakfast, +2 Enlist a friend, +0.5 eat on the go DAY TWO -1 inactivity DAY THREE +0.5 eat on the go DAY FOUR: +0.5km set a tracker trap Day Four This morning our prey awakes with a new determination. After a quick munch on jerky and peanut butter, she takes the first hour of her travels at a jog. The horses will be trotting, so why not her? Speaking of horses.... Pixie's taken the long walk to contemplate how to increase the gap between her and the Trackers. Though setting a trap waste precious time, it could also buy a lot mor
  4. SCORE KEEPING DAY ONE -O.5 missed breakfast, +2 Enlist a friend, +0.5 eat on the go DAY TWO -1 inactivity DAY THREE +0.5 eat on the go Day Three Satisfied with her current lead on the Trackers, We find Pixie keeping up the pace, a good few km into the day's journey already. Still no sign of Mantracker, she figures she must have kept her lead. Here and there she finds she has to do a bit of weight lifting, as some heavy tree branches have fallen in her way and are too unstable to climb over. She squats to the ground and lifts them up, crawls underneath, and gently
  5. SCORE KEEPING DAY ONE -O.5 missed breakfast, +2 Enlist a friend, +0.5 eat on the go DAY TWO -1 inactivity Day Two Welcome back readers! Last time we left the Prey revelling in victory, and a confused Mantracker, who was enraged to find two sets of tracks emerging from the stretch of difficult terrain. Recognising one of the tracks as those of our challenger, he followed the direction they were headed in, seethign to be outdone so early. But will our Pixie keep up her 4km lead on the hunter? Let's find out! Day two found the Prey struggling to find motivaton.
  6. DAY ONE 16.07.16 BANG! You've been dropped into the wilderness, and are left to fend for yourself with only the items you've brought with you to survive. You've been given a map, a compass, and a destination 676km away with only 4 weeks to get there. To attain this you'll have to travel 24km a day, or at least 25,000 steps. Your trusty Fitbit will keep track of this for you. As if this wasn't challenging enough, There's a cowboy whose sole intent is to track you down and stop you. And he's got a horse. You've been given a 2km head start on the Tracker. You've spent the last co
  7. Another UK person unable to get it! Although, my phone's so old and crappy I probably couldn't play even if it was available here!
  8. Anybody watched Mantracker before? It's awesome. I command you to watch an episode. Go one, go do it now! I'll wait. There's loads of episodes on Youtube. I'm not kidding guys, go watch it. I'm not posting anything more about my challenge until Day One. Watch the show, and you'll already know what I'm doing. I'm starting on the 16th rather than the 17th, because I want to include my charity race in my challenge =D
  9. Ok, having an issue with Zombies Run. I got to episode , Alternates, last week, started it, and... Nothing. No intro, no collected item notifications, no interludes of speech... I had to wiki the episode, and it's a major plot one!! I kept it on the whole 31 minutes of it anyway, hoping it would still achknowledge that it was played, but nope. It's still my 'next mission'. I've got it on again now, and it's still saying nothing. Has anyone else had this issue? Are the other episodes lost as well or has this one just glitched on my phone? I'd been looking forward to that episode the whole week,
  10. Haha, I love it! Thank you Manarelle! And thank you for being the post to finally bring my challenge to 2 pages!
  11. Also, the Pretty Muddy is in one week. Today. ONE WEEK. Excited and 60% sure I'm going to die.
  12. It's been a looooong time since I posted here. I was focusing more on my challenge thread. But I have a few days of posting here before the next challenge threads start! And boy, do I have a challenge planned or WHAT. It's gonna be so awesome. I have so many plans. I have gifs saved. I have pages of descriptions, rules, twists and turns, boosts and consequences.. GUYS. It's gonna be a game. A survival game. AND I WILL SURVIVE.
  13. Today is the last day of the challenge. Yesterday I had a 12 hour shift at work. The day before was supposed to be my day off, but I had to do a 12 hour shift.. As a chef. Because the chef who was supposed to come in and work with BF decided he didn't feel like it. Said chef is now fired, and I'm currently revelling in praise for saving the day. Today I don't have work until 5. As you can imagine, my reading was very much put back but the unexpected removal of my free day. But today I crammed like a student about to take an exam, and read 300 pages in 3 and a half hours. Taming
  14. Gaaaah I can't wait for it! Yeah, they're gorgeous! Squeee so excited!!
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