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  1. Guys, I'm so sorry, I'm gonna have to drop this challenge. Lot of shit's come up in the last couple of weeks and I can't give this challenge the focus and fun it deserves. Putting it back on the shelf for a slightly more stable month. Expect a return of Mantracker at some point!
  2. SCORE KEEPING DAY ONE -O.5 missed breakfast, +2 Enlist a friend, +0.5 eat on the go DAY TWO -1 inactivity DAY THREE +0.5 eat on the go DAY FOUR: +0.5km set a tracker trap Day Four This morning our prey awakes with a new determination. After a quick munch on jerky and peanut butter, she takes the first hour of her travels at a jog. The horses will be trotting, so why not her? Speaking of horses.... Pixie's taken the long walk to contemplate how to increase the gap between her and the Trackers. Though setting a trap waste precious time, it could also buy a lot more back. She decides to take the risk. Spotting a herd of horses nearby, she quickly surveyed the trees along the trail she was currently travelling down. Bingo! She spotted a willow tree. The leaves had already been eaten at horse level, but above? Plenty to drop down and block the road with hungry, squabbling horses. And perfect to get rid of any tracks she may have left here. Mantracker would have hard time going around them. She jogs quickly to the tree, grinning. She unravels the leadrope from her waist and throws an end over a low branch, catching it on the other side and hoisting herself up. The nearby horses immediately take a keen interest, a couple wandering over. Pixie wastes no time in reaching for branches and throwing them down. More and more horses approach, successfully blocking the path, and it's not long before the squabbling kicks in, all of them trying to get some before a higher ranking horse kicks them out of the way. Sniggering, Pixie breaks a few more branches and disperses them wider still, then hops down from the tree and sets off into a gentle jog to make up for lost time. By the time Mantracker and his Guide get to the site, the horses are still blocking the path with no way around, muching on the last few boughs of willow. The Tracker's horses attempt to get closer, also seeing the willow, but the lead horse of the large herd charges at them, and the Trackers struggle to remain in control. Mantracker turns to his guide. 'Well now what?' The guide ponders the situation. 'Well these horses ain't budging, and we can't get past, or through.. Only choice is to backtrack and go on the trail parallel to us.' He tells the cowboy. 'It's gonna put us back about half a click.' Mantracker groans. They followed the Prey's tracks right up to here. He can see the willow tree has a lot of broken branches. Clearly, this Prey knows horses. 'Damn. Clever little mouse, isn't she? Come on, Buddy' He mutters to the horse, and they turn and go back the way they came. Unaware but hopeful that her trap has worked, Pixie jogs on, determined to beat this challenge. (<-- pssst.. That's my Queenie on the right! )
  3. SCORE KEEPING DAY ONE -O.5 missed breakfast, +2 Enlist a friend, +0.5 eat on the go DAY TWO -1 inactivity DAY THREE +0.5 eat on the go Day Three Satisfied with her current lead on the Trackers, We find Pixie keeping up the pace, a good few km into the day's journey already. Still no sign of Mantracker, she figures she must have kept her lead. Here and there she finds she has to do a bit of weight lifting, as some heavy tree branches have fallen in her way and are too unstable to climb over. She squats to the ground and lifts them up, crawls underneath, and gently places them back where they were. Though admittedly she does not posess the trained eye of Mantracker, she feels that she's put them down adequetly. And hey. Even if she has made tracks, Mantracker and his buddy are going to have to move this too. Having reached her needed distance of 25,000 steps just as the sun began to dip below the treeline, Pixie sets up camp for the night. Bedding sorted, and her backpack rearranged for the upmost convenience for tomorrow, She settles down. Putting on her fitbit's silent alarm to make sure she wakes at the crack of dawn so she can have time for breakfast, she listens one last time for the sound of horses before closing her eyes. The sounds of the outside's fauna lull her into a deep sleep.
  4. SCORE KEEPING DAY ONE -O.5 missed breakfast, +2 Enlist a friend, +0.5 eat on the go DAY TWO -1 inactivity Day Two Welcome back readers! Last time we left the Prey revelling in victory, and a confused Mantracker, who was enraged to find two sets of tracks emerging from the stretch of difficult terrain. Recognising one of the tracks as those of our challenger, he followed the direction they were headed in, seethign to be outdone so early. But will our Pixie keep up her 4km lead on the hunter? Let's find out! Day two found the Prey struggling to find motivaton. Though she managed to keep moving for a total of 25,203 steps, Half way through the day she sat to rest and lunch in the thick undergrowth, well out of Mantracker's view. Unfortunately for Pixie, the spot she found was just too comfortable, and an hour and a half after sitting down, she awoke to find she'd fallen asleep! While snoozing, Mantracker managed to catch up a little. Cursing herself for her stupidity, Pixie carefully surveyed her surroundings before setting off at a light jog. He won't be getting any closer today!!
  5. DAY ONE 16.07.16 BANG! You've been dropped into the wilderness, and are left to fend for yourself with only the items you've brought with you to survive. You've been given a map, a compass, and a destination 676km away with only 4 weeks to get there. To attain this you'll have to travel 24km a day, or at least 25,000 steps. Your trusty Fitbit will keep track of this for you. As if this wasn't challenging enough, There's a cowboy whose sole intent is to track you down and stop you. And he's got a horse. You've been given a 2km head start on the Tracker. You've spent the last couple of hours pouring over the map and determining your best route. Having safely stowed it away in your pack with the compass, you jump at the flare and run in your intended direction. A mere 2 clicks from you, Mantracker has seen the flare. He has no map or compass in this battle of Tracker vs. Prey. He turns to his guide, a man who has grown up in the area and knows it better than anyone else, including you. The two nod at each other, and nudge their horses into a swift canter toward the attention-grabbing explosive. The hunt has begun. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this 4 week special of Mantracker! We'll be watching this brave young Pixie as she attempts so battle her way through 420 miles of hills, bush, and extreme weather whilst also enduring the mundanities of real life. Thankfully having a job that requires her to be on her feet all day can do nothing but help her cause. As she runs to keep her already dwindling headway from Mantracker and his guide, let's take a look at her stats and goals! This episode is not only special in its length, taking 4 weeks instead of the usual two days, but Pixie will be doing it alone, beign the only one brave enough to audition for the special. Usually we'd send a pair of Prey, but it would seem none of her friends were willing to play! PREY Pixie Kitten Age: 23 Hometown: Worcester, UK Occupation: Front of House/Occasional Backup Chef (00000000- -) Endurance (000000- - - -) Strength (000000000-) Outdoor Experience (00000- - - - -) Orienteering Her Main Quest? Beat the Mantracker. (18XP, CHA+3) She'll take to camping at least once a fortnight, as if this were just a reeeeeeeeeeaally long 2 day adventure. (16XP,CON+2) She'll keep moving ALL the time. She'll NEVER be sedentry unless she's sleeping. (16XP, STA+2) Any hill in her path will be sprinted. Mantracker's got a horse, and she's got to get ahead at every opportunity! (18XP, DEX+3) The path might be quickest, but it's also easy for horses to gallop on. She'll have to bushwhack away fro mthe track as often as possible! (16XP, STR+1) One the Side, her diet's going to have to be modified. As there are no shops in the wilderness of Mantracker Land, she'll have to carry all her food with her! Pixie will be spending her free moments munching on trail mix, jerky, peanut butter and any morsels of food she can find along the way! If she can pack it, she can eat it! (16XP, WIS+1) Boosts and Consequences Every decision leads to an action. Every action will either put Pixie further from Mantracker, or closer to him. Lets take a look at her options! BOOSTS Bushwhack a shortcut: + 0.5km Sprint a hill: +1km Set a tracker trap: +0.5km Eat on the go: +0.5km Enlist the help of a friend: +2km CONSEQUENCES Miss a camp: -0.5km Don't sprint a hill: -0.5km Miss a meal: -0.5km Every hour spent sitting: -1km Leave prints in a track trap: -0.5 Let's get back to our challenger, shall we? On the first day of her travels, Pixie comes across one of her friends, out on a hike. They're going in the same direction, so they chat as they keep up the pace. 'How's the challenge coming, Pixie?' The friend says. Pixie can see they're looking guilty at making her do this by herself. Maybe she can get them to help, just for this bit. She knows what's ahead, and she'll struggle on her own. 'It's.. It's been tough so far. I know I'm active anyway, but having someone constantly hunting you? There's a whole new layer of stress. But I'm ok by myself so far, it's just..' 'What? What is it?' 'It's this next stretch of land. See here?' She whips out her map and shows the friend the tough terrain. 'There's no way a horse could get through this 5k stretch, they'd have to go around. And if I could just get through it quick enough, it'll put me a good 2km more ahead of him. But it's not easy. The weather's been terrible recently and it's all slippy mud, and there's these obstacles there that I know I'll struggle with. I don't think I can do it alone.' The friend studies the map as best she can whilst walking. She looks up at Pixie. 'I feel bad for not agreeing to do this challenge with you. There's no way I could have done it, I would only have dragged you down, and he would have caught us. But I have enough strength to do this small stretch. I'd be happy to help you over the obstacles, and then we can run any flat stretches. It'll be like those mud charity runs they do!' Overjoyed by her friends agreeing to help, Pixie beams. 'Together?' They join hands. 'Together.' The friend nods, and they start jogging. Together. 2km behind, Mantracker and his guide are following the tiny signs that Pixie has been accidentally leaving behind. crushed leaves, bent foliage, snapped twigs. They stop to assess the upcoming terrain. 'Up ahead is a 5 km stretch of ridiculously hard land. There are obstacles, there are sheer cliffs and drops you'd have to climb, but currently it's all covered in mud. If she had a partner, I reckon she'd try it.' The guide explains, signalling to straight ahead. Mantracker scoffs amusedly. 'Good thing she's alone huh? Which way do you reckon she'd go?' He asks. 'Either way will bring her to a point about 5km away straight, but it's 7km either way around. So we can pick either and set a trap at the end. The only way she'd get there before us was if she could get through the middle stretch in short time.' 'Which she can't, because she's alone?' 'Exactly.' Confirms the guide. 'Good. Let's go for a stroll, eh?' The two laugh as they pick the right trail and leisurely walk down it, confident that she'd have to go the long way. In only 45 minutes, Pixie and her friend have made their way across the challenging course. The Prey's friend hugs her, wishes her well, and heads on home for a good long shower. Our Pixie, however, is not so lucky. Though she's gained the extra ground on Mantracker, she cannot stop to rest now. She must continue for the rest of the day, covered in mud. But a good start for Day One!
  6. Another UK person unable to get it! Although, my phone's so old and crappy I probably couldn't play even if it was available here!
  7. Anybody watched Mantracker before? It's awesome. I command you to watch an episode. Go one, go do it now! I'll wait. There's loads of episodes on Youtube. I'm not kidding guys, go watch it. I'm not posting anything more about my challenge until Day One. Watch the show, and you'll already know what I'm doing. I'm starting on the 16th rather than the 17th, because I want to include my charity race in my challenge =D
  8. Ok, having an issue with Zombies Run. I got to episode , Alternates, last week, started it, and... Nothing. No intro, no collected item notifications, no interludes of speech... I had to wiki the episode, and it's a major plot one!! I kept it on the whole 31 minutes of it anyway, hoping it would still achknowledge that it was played, but nope. It's still my 'next mission'. I've got it on again now, and it's still saying nothing. Has anyone else had this issue? Are the other episodes lost as well or has this one just glitched on my phone? I'd been looking forward to that episode the whole week, I was so gutted to get... Nothing. Oooh, also, I have a question. I'd like to subscribe, but my phone's slowly dying. If I got a new phone, installed the app and logged in my ZombieLink, would I still have all my progress? Or will I have to start again?
  9. Haha, I love it! Thank you Manarelle! And thank you for being the post to finally bring my challenge to 2 pages!
  10. Also, the Pretty Muddy is in one week. Today. ONE WEEK. Excited and 60% sure I'm going to die.
  11. It's been a looooong time since I posted here. I was focusing more on my challenge thread. But I have a few days of posting here before the next challenge threads start! And boy, do I have a challenge planned or WHAT. It's gonna be so awesome. I have so many plans. I have gifs saved. I have pages of descriptions, rules, twists and turns, boosts and consequences.. GUYS. It's gonna be a game. A survival game. AND I WILL SURVIVE.
  12. Today is the last day of the challenge. Yesterday I had a 12 hour shift at work. The day before was supposed to be my day off, but I had to do a 12 hour shift.. As a chef. Because the chef who was supposed to come in and work with BF decided he didn't feel like it. Said chef is now fired, and I'm currently revelling in praise for saving the day. Today I don't have work until 5. As you can imagine, my reading was very much put back but the unexpected removal of my free day. But today I crammed like a student about to take an exam, and read 300 pages in 3 and a half hours. Taming of the Queen is FINISHED. I thouroughly enjoyed it, and it's inspired me to brush up on my history. High school was a long time ago, and I don't remember a lot of it. Let's look over the goals! Main Quest: Read 4 new books in 4 weeks (18XP CON+2) Done! Very last minute on the last one, I should have taken three of the books on holiday with me! -Buy 4 new books (18XP STA+2) Nod, Even the Dead, tthe Secret Crusade, and the Taming Of The Queen. Gotta love variety! -Read in different places, gardens, fields, beaches, in a tree, etc.. (16P WIS+1) On the beach, on the plane, at the bar, by the poolside, in the garden, in my room, in my living room, on the sofa at work... Never made it into a tree, but you do have to go quite far to find a climbable tree around here, let alone one to sit comfortably in, and once home fro mholiday, time was not my friend. -Occassionally read out loud (16XP CHA+2) I'd do this at night to try and keep myself awake enough to get to the end of a chapter some nights. BF has been mocking me, saying he's never known anyone take such strides to achieve a goal... of reading books. He can laugh all he wants, 'Cause I did it! -Focus on running and healthy eating when not reading (16XP STR+2) Beign in Greece made it impossible to eat unhealthily. Souvalki, fresh-caught fish, watermelon, salads... We had one pizza but the way they made it.. It had to be healthy. Not a drop of grease. Fresh ingredients, it was sublime. I've not had a single unhealthy meal since returning. No pizza has been delivered, I've been inspired by Greek cooking, making my own dishes and always having salad ingredients available! And I've been on almost every run since coming home! Granted, there have been a couple of sessions I've had to miss, and they've all been because of work. I'd call this a sucess! Side Quest: Teach Hutch a new trick. (16XP, DEX+2) Done. Along with new skills on his agility course, Hutch has had education this month! LEVEL UP!
  13. Gaaaah I can't wait for it! Yeah, they're gorgeous! Squeee so excited!!
  14. Whoohooo! I'm so mad at myself for not checking out your challenge earlier, after all the support you've been throwing my way! I LOVE ZOOTOPIA SO MUCH!!! And I'm so jealous that you have a local parkour class... There's no such thing in the UK, I think? Nothing near me, I know that much >_> It's great that you've been noticing progress after resting and being ill! As for sewing a skirt.. Yeah I tried that once. Though I did like the result, I decided it was too much bother for me. I'll stick to model horse rugs and doggy bandanas... and maybe a browband cover for the horse. Maybe. Way to go on EVERYTHING!!
  15. Thank you Manarelle! The tent is for the challenge, I'm going to have to use it at least twice. Really must find it soon. Also, I uploaded Hutchy photos while typing that last post, then forgot to put them on. Duh! He looks so proud of himself ^__^
  16. I'm now 160 pages into The Taming of the Queen, I got my fitbit back(a cleaner found it at work yesterday morning!), Queenie rode like a dream today (We JUMPED!), and I think I forgot to mention, Hutch learnt his new trick. It was a very simple one, but tied nicely into the agility training we were doing. He learn the command 'Stand', where he puts his front paws on an elevated surface. We also did more work on his tunnel, weave poles and a small ramp! He was a very good boy! Oh, and in my last post I hinted at awesomeness then forgot to say much about it because I went on a fitbit-loss-inspired rant. I got a new Assassin/Academy folder! And re-wrote all of my challenge ideas. And it has my running program, a sheet of dietry advice, better ways to sleep, I basically combed through the NF blog and wrote down little snippets of useful information so I have it at hand should there ever be no internet in the house and I need a refresher. It's got my big WHY, my measurements, notes on when I achieved some of the Academy quests, plans for future workouts, plans for future challenges.. .Like the next one. Seriously guys, I'm so super pumped. I've got the intro all written down and ready to be typed up. I might type t up anyway and save it somewhere ready to be compy&pasted on the day the new challenge comes out. I might go and look for suitable gifs and bookmark them this week. I also need to get my tent out of the attic. If that's where I put it. I can't quite remember, but it's defintely gonna be needed for this next challenge!
  17. Just popping in to say a big HELLO! to another Rooster Teeth fan! .. HELLO!!!!
  18. Bwah!! Guys, I'm behind. I've had a few bad days at work, I've had shark week, I've had emotions all over the place, and on the couple of days off I've sat in front of the computer all day doing very little productive stuff(I did do a couple of hours of awesome, but I'll get to that in a bit.) Guys. Guys. Yesterday, I went for my 25 minute run. I then did a 9.5 hour shift at work. Part way through the day, I remember tapping my fitbit and seeing that I was only halfway through my 20000 steps. I thought it was odd because the run surely would have racked more up, and work had been so busy? Then I gnored my wrist adn you know, carried on with work. When I got home and got changed, MY FITBIT WAS NO LONGER ON MY WRIST. I don't know where it is. I'm really hoping a cleaner found it at work and it's being kept there for me to go back tomorrow. But ManagerD has a habit of throwing things away. PLEASE DONT THROW MY FITBIT AWAY. Or it could have dropped in the den and a kid's stolen it. Or I could have dropped it in the kitchen throwing food away. Or bottles in the bottle bin. Or on the path on the way home. I DON'T KNOW. But I'm bummed. But also not as bothered on a different side. I've been wanting an upgrade for a while, but didn't want to go out and buy one since I already had the flex. But, If it's gone, and it's my birthday very soon, and seeing how I just can't stand to not be able to check my data now that I'm so adjusted to it(seriously, I've logged onto my fitbit dashboard so many times today only to be disappointed) I could get the chargeHR! Which has a watch and heart rate checking and floors climbed and a buckle like a watch and not silly little poppers like the flex which clearly aren't good enough otherwise I'D STILL HAVE IT ON MY WRIST AND.... Ok, I'll stop there. I miss my flex, and I'll be happy if I can get it back tomorrow, but.. Shiny new gadget! Also, today I beat Berserxes the Squat king. Whoo. I'm only on page 50 of The Taming of the Queen, so I best crack on! OH And you guys really, really need to make sure you follow me o nthe next challenge. It's new, exciting, I've never done anything like it before, and there's gonna be the charity race part way through it. It's gonna be rough. And sweaty. And exciting... and there's going to be a fictional rough cowboy chasing me everywhere I go!
  19. Finished teh Secret Crusade today. Spending the rest of my day before work (the 7th day in a row of work) organising my new Assassin/Academy folder. Tonught I shall be starting my final book, The Taming of the Queen!
  20. Currently on page 127 of The Secret Crusade. I think I've gotten to the point where I stopped playing now, or very near. No, I didn't get far in the game at all. I olnly got to play it twice I've worked till half 11 two days in a row now. Probably gonna do it again tomorrow. Bedtime now pls.
  21. Thank you! It was a big and very needed de-stresser, even if it felt like it all came flooding back the moment I got through the front door! I'm happy that I can at least say that I ate healthily. In Greece you actually really have to go out of your way to be unhealthy. Today I've carried on by buying all the stuff that I ate there.. watermelon for breakfast, pepperoni salad for lunch, and chicken skewers with salad and rice for dinner. And I went out and did my running today! AND Queenie was good to ride! AND the rabbit was a star at the vets! AND Game of Thrones was awesome! AND... well, I didn't wash work clothes, I'm still not entirely sure where they are but I don't actually have work until 5 tomorrow so all is well!
  22. Had a week of full on relaxation in greece, ready to come back and kick some booty!

  23. Guuuuuys I'm back in the UK and meh. I want to go back to Greece. It was so warm and sunny and full of goats and beaches and boat trips and good food.... I actualy ended up with more of an appetite than Boyfriend, where his went down.. I can definitely say it shocked both of us. But now I'm back in my foodless house at 8:40 and I'm starving xD So after seeing the horse I'll be going shopping!! BUT QUEST WISE I read both books. Nod was good, the narrator trying to stay both alive and sane whilst the world crashed and burned around him. The ending bugged me. the last paragraph was half a page with no punctuation and ended with 'and'. Not even a full stop at the end of it either! Basically it left his fate to your imagination, which isn't actually a thing I like in books, but other than that very last paragraph, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the Dead was fantastic. Set in Ireland in a time where there were both motor cars and horse drawn carraiges, the main character is brought back into work after his assistant comes to him with a question about a supposed suicide. Apparently this is actually a series of books, so there was a lot of backstory that it hinted at that I wasn't aware of, but you can read it just fine without the others. It was very easy to read, as long as you could keep track of the characters. I think the only reason I was finding it difficult to concentrate on was that I was usually reading it in the sun, the pages were bright, I didn't drink enough water, yadda yadda.. But no. Slight heatstroke aside, I found it a very intresting read. I read in our studio, at the bar, on the beach, on a boat, on a plane, by a pool, on a different island... I think reading in different places is a quest easily managed on holiday. I haven't read outloud yet. When I first jetted off I actually had a really bad cold, and the first days of holiday were spent having trouble talking without my voice either squeaking or just completely disappearing from me. But I'm all better now and far more comfortable doing this in my own room! I failed on the running. I didn't go for a single run on holiday, when I said I would. So I won't be allowing myself to go rock climbing until I find another quest where I can use that as a reward. I'm not beating myself up over it for multiple reasons. I was on holiday, I was ill to begin with, the beach wasn't long enough for a decent run, I'm not risking injury by running on concrete as it does do terror on my knees... But I'm diving back in today and going on my run later today. And obviously, Hutch knows nothing because it's kinda difficult to teach your dog a trick when you're on the other side of Euorpe. But he's a fast learner so I'm not worried. So there's your update guys! I'll do a proper holiday update on my battle log later, but now, I've got a horse to go see and food to buy and work clothes to wash and a vet appontment to get to and two episodes of Game of Thrones to catch up on and animals to clean out and AHH! *skips away*
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