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  1. Had a week of full on relaxation in greece, ready to come back and kick some booty!

  2. Gimme the Loot challenge: If I complete the darebee 8weeks to 5K training without missing a single day, I'll unlock a rock climbing lesson!

  3. C'mon handstand... today's the day!!

  4. One of my bearded dragons died today. RIP Peanut. </3

    1. TMedina


      I'm very sorry for your loss.  

    2. PixieKitten


      Thanks. He lived a long time considering his disabilities!

    3. Rinna


      Sadness. I'm sorry.

  5. Finally started digging in the greenhouse today.

  6. So cold. So, so cold. I'M WEARING MITTENS.

  7. Achievement Unlocked: Hacked horse out on road - Didn't die

  8. FINALLY bought Steve's book. Bit broke so had to go for kindle edition but I'm sure I'll love it all the same!!

  9. got a new badge on fitbit for walking 30000 steps. I'm tired.

  10. Came up with another Quest idea. That's 10 now.. I think I'm sorted for the year

  11. Dad's girlfriend is taking me out with her friends for a spa day tomorrow.. I havea cold and don't want to go. :(

  12. I'm not letting you give up on us.

  13. Not looking forward to my 10 hour shift now...

    1. Soldier1stCl4ss


      I'm right there with ya. I'm about to start my 10 hour day at my desk. yayy! :P

  14. Time to start stretching! Where are my yoga pants?

  15. So, I'm now using the online microsoft word to type out the entirety of my challenge notebook so it looks prettier.

  16. So much planning required for challenges..

  17. Lost 2kg. Looking at all my data, I reaally don't understand. By every rule out there, I should be gaining. WHY AREN'T I GAINING??

    1. Foo


      Is your sleep tracked in that data?

  18. Already planning the next challenge. Going to be watching two exercise DVDs while eating dinner on the sofa to see if they're suitable for my goals. I'd say it was lazy but I've already done my strength training today..

  19. unless I want to start eating the snake's mice(no thank you), I am actually out of food. cooking up the last of the sausages now. Guess I gotta go spend money now :/

    1. PixieKitten


      -£50 later, Pixie has food. Yay food.

    2. Kilyra


      Yay non-mouse related food!

  20. Just appplied for a job at the gym that's literally down an alley from me. If I get it, am I using the free gym I'll get? No. Am I using the pool? HELL YES.

    1. SkiBlue
    2. PixieKitten


      Pool I don't have to cycle 2 miles to get to and from = Extra win!

  21. Pulled a sicky from work. planned it as revenge for my manager's arseyness but turns out I'm actually sick today. Karma.

  22. having a quick cuddle with the tortoise before getting ready for the day!

  23. Today's the day! Clipping desensitization mission is a-go!

  24. Get ready oh stubborn horse of mine, you have much to prove in the morning!

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