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  1. I am gluten intolerant. I should not eat things with wheat in them. But sometimes, when I do, nothing happens. I'm fine. And I love pizza. And cake. And yorkshire puddings. But sometimes, I have one slice of buttered bread, and this happens: I can't stand up straight, everything is on fire, I look 4 months pregnant and I feel like I'm dying. This is me the next morning. When things like this do happen, I tell myself: Never again. No more wheaty things. No pizza, no cake, no bread, no doughnuts, not yorkies with my carvery, no pasta.... The next day I'm frying up sausages. WHY DO I NEVER LEARN?
  2. I feel I haven't said much about Queenie recently. So here you go. She was not happy that day. I attacked her face with scissors so her eye gunk wouldn't matt anymore, then put antiseptic healing cream on the bald patches where she'd scratched the matted fur off. Also, Neo and Pancake had a successful trip to the vet. Pancake was very good for the vet and had his injections and health check with nothing untoward to report, and Neo co-operated in having a check over, and I assume he was good for the vets when they gave him an antibiotic injection while I waited outside to pay. I now have to give him an oral administraion of antibiotics twice daily, and neither of us is liking it. But bless him, he's being a good boy, considering someone is pinning his head so he can't retract into his shell, forcing his mouth open with tweezers then shooting propably not-very-nice tasting liquid down his little tortoisey throat. I certainly wouldn't be behaving as well as he does. And all the other animals are good too. Tomorrow we start work on Queenie with the electric toothbrush!
  3. Day 8 Stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: Yes Queenie: Yes Exercise: Yes Calories eaten:3240 Calories burned: 245 Water drank: 1 pint Sleep amount: 7hr 25mins Sleep efficiency: 92% Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 6/6 Week Score: 6/42 In the last week I've lost 1kg. I'm not impressed, and can only console myself with the hopefully not-a-lie that it's fat burning away quicker than the muscle is gaining, and that it will start increasing again once the routine has become more established in my system.
  4. Squuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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      What? What? *looking around excitedly*

    2. PixieKitten


      The character creation's up, and my dg pulled a really cute face. ^3^

    3. fitnessgurl
  5. Day 6 stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: Yes Queenie: No Exercise: Yes Calories eaten:728 Calories burned: 2081 Water drank: 2 pints Sleep amount: 6hr 2mins Sleep efficiency: 89% Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 5/6 Day 7 stats Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: Yes Queenie: Yes Exercise: Yes Calories eaten:1806 Calories burned: 2474 Water drank: 1 pint Sleep amount: 5hr 24mins Sleep efficiency: 97% Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 6/6 End of Week Score: 40/42
  6. Yesterday was icky and not fun. Today is also looking icky. Period is here. yay. I have a 12-finish shift. yay. Yard Owner gave me a little dig about not seeing Queenie in two days yesterday. yay. Not-boyfriend had to leave at half 8. Meh. Doing my workout now,(typing very quickly between sets) then dashing to feed Queenie, then a tiny bit of shopping, then work. ...yay. ..Later... I got the wrong day. Was supposed to do a 12-6 shift. It was dead, and my hands were shaky(took too many nurofen.. oops) and I kept dropping and breaking things. Oops. So I got sent home at 4 instead. Spent some time playing with Hutch, eating some more and watching the extended edition of The Battle of the Five Armies while on the treadmill. Thought I should up my steps a little. Got a bit sweaty, and I'm still 2400 steps away from meeting yesterday's. But I probably shouldn't get too competetive with that just yet. Anywho. CHARACTER CREATION IS UP YAY. https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/58912
  8. Day 5 Stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: Yes Queenie: Assigned Day Off(so yes) Exercise: Yes Calories eaten:2609 Calories burned: 2256 Water drank: 3 pints Sleep amount: 6hr 24mins Sleep efficiency: 93% Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 6/6.. Whoo!
  9. eating more calories than you burn can be difficult -_-

    1. DrFeelgood


      They'll still be there to burn later. ;)

  10. Did a silly and weighed myself. Apparently, getting more sleep, eating more calories than I burn, and upping my strength workout makes me lose weight?! Gone from 50.2 butt naked to 49.8 dressed for work, both taken around the same time. WHY.
  11. Today's gone well. Up on time, done my workout, cycled to pets at home and bought pet supplies, cycled home, had a little foodies. Watched Hercules while I was doing my workout. I did my lunges with 10kg on the bar. I struggled getting it over my head. Didn't make me feel very strong. Remembering how much last week killed my arms, I brought the negative chinup reps down to 4. Much easier. I don't wanna go to work. I wanna have another lazy day like yesterday Vets tomorrow. Not looking forward to that either.
  12. Did not struggle to sleep at all last night! Must have needed to catch up!
  13. Today was hibernation mode day. up at 6:30, did yoga with hutchy on the treadmill. went back to sleep. woke up at 10, had some between the sheets exercise, biked in the rain to the stables, rode jake in a private lesson, fed queenie, went home, back to sleep. woke up a little later, more between the sheet exercise, ordered pizza, ate pizza, back to sleep. Woke up again because not-boyfriend had to go do stuff, said goodbye, went back to sleep. Up now and drinking 4 pints of milk to up my calories, then probably gonna go back to bed and read my book. I feel like I should feel bad. But I've actually done everything I wanted to do today. just spent all the in-between time sleeping. Hutch has been ignored all day so he's gettign a cuddle now. And I've still got two slices of pizza for breakfast tomorrow. tpday's been good. *trying to see if she has a photo of jake on facebook* Wow. This was taken in 2009. Old photo is old, but here's me and jake!
  14. Guys, I'm not gonna lie. I got up at 6:30, did yoga, put the dog on the treadmill, went back to sleep. Woke up, had fun with not-boyfriend, went to my riding lesson, fed my horse, came back, went to sleep. Woke up, had some more fun with not-boyfriend, ordered pizza, ate pizza, went back to sleep. Woke up because not-boyfriend had to leave, fell asleep again. it's half 8 in the evening and I may well struggle sleeping tonight... Or maybe not. let's see! Day 4 Stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: Yes Queenie: Yes Exercise: Yes Calories eaten:2275 Calories burned: 1604ish Water drank: 2 pints Sleep amount: 9hr 51 mins Sleep efficiency: 913%, 88%, and 97%.. lots of sleepies. Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 6/6
  15. Day 3 stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: No Queenie: Yes Exercise: Yes Calories eaten:1033 Calories burned: 2344 Water drank: 1 pint Sleep amount: 7hr 18 mins Sleep efficiency: 91% Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 6/6
  16. Think the lack of character creation hasgiven me a nervouse twitch.. WHEN'S IT GONNA BE OUT?? D=

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      Can't say it is super exciting ... no stats just quests and XP ... seems we do more here but hey have fun

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      Yay! Thanks for sharing

  17. Apparently I was rather restless last night. Might explain why I don't really feel as rested as I should. Gosh this is interesting! The last 3 and a half hours have been spent doing animal maintenance. It was beardy feeding day. One of them's disabled from a bout of MBD as a baby so he can't move very well and you have to feed hhim one mealworm at a time with tweezers. he can't really get them properly, I think his depth perception is shot too, so you have to wait for hiim to attempt to get it them quickly shove it in his mouth, then try and get as many more as you can in while he's chewing. You also have to hold him up because he kinda falls over a lot. 10 mins after feeding him I heard a thunk, and found he'd decided he was thirsty. Sat by him until he seemed to be finished to make sure he didn't drown. But yeah. I've also got two vet appointments tomorrow on saturday. Pancake needs his booster jab and teeth check, and Neo needs some antibiotic for his respiritory infection. At least I hope that's all he needs. Whatever happens, I know it's going to be expensive. But I suppose you can't own the third largest tortoise breed in the world and expect it to be cheap :/ I'mn gonna have to find him a box that will fit him and a hot water bottle in it, and hopefully the receptionist will be able to re-fill it for me on the way home. And I guess Pancake will have to go in his carrier. Pancake HATES his carrier. Usually for vet trips he just goes in my shoulder bag with his harness on. We go on my bike, and he loves it! He adores racing around outside when I let him out so I suppose he loves the speed. But I dont think I can manage him in the bag and Neo in a box at the same time :/ Unless Neo goes in the carrier and Pancake goes in the bag.. We'll see how it goes. Anyway. I gots exercises to do now. and work at 4. And Not-boyfriend's coming over tonight. AND I STILL HAVE TO SEE QUEENIE
  18. Went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Had a bit of bedroom exercise. Gotta love that. Did my yoga, then went to work. Felt much better after that extra sleep.. And I'm sure the 3 pints of water I'd downed before going back to bed helped too. Work was dead. Like, all day. It was never busy. It never even reached steady. I think our highest amount of tables being used at one time was 10. It was ridiculous. I paced around being bored a LOT. After a few hours my fitbit buzzed at me, and for the rest of my shift I just wanted to get home and check the dashboard to see what it was. Turns out I'd walked 10000 steps. Sweet. I love the fitbit dashboard. It has so much information on it. It's so interesting! There are graphs, and diagrams, interactive displays... As someone who is faily obsessed with recording information, it's a dream come true. And al I have to do is wear a little black strap on my wrist. And enter my food intake in. 'Cause you know. Fitbit doesn't know what I eat. IloveitIloveitIloveitSOMUCH.
  19. Day 2 stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Dog walk: Yes Queenie: No Yoga: Yes Calories eaten: 2671 Calories burned: 2035 Water drank: 4 pints Sleep amount: 5hr 39 mins Sleep efficiency: 99% Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: Yes In bed by 11: Yes Today's score: 6/7
  20. Got a couple hours more sleep. Drank 3 pints of water. Got some sexytime exercise in so there's something! I am going to eat. SO MUCH FOOD today. So much.
  21. It's gonna be so fuuuun! Pajama workouts aren't gonna happen today. Everything is waiting until after work. While I have indeed gotten up at 6:30 this morning, there was nothing said about me going back to bed half an hour later. I'm so hungover. Does it still count toward amking that habit? Don't care. Feel icky. What's cool is while I have no idea when I went to bed, fitbit does. I put in an estimate in the log and turns out I was off by about half an hour. And I only got 4 hours and 18 minutes of sleep. But that sleep had a 98% efficiency. But no. Need more sleep than that if I'm gonna get through today. EDITING TO ADD DAY 1 STATS Day 1 stats! Woken up at 6:30: Yes Vitamins taken: Yes Dog walk: Yes Queenie: Yes Workout: Yes Calories eaten: 1213 Calories burned: 2070 Water drank: 2 pints Sleep amount: Unknown Sleep efficiency: Unknown Sleeping tablets taken for tonight: No In bed by 11: No Today's score: 5/7 Darn not-boyfriend and staying up late! Thought it would be rude, not to mention slightly dangerous, to take sleeping tablets with company whilst drinking.
  22. Ick. Ick. ick. ick. ick. ick. For the record, I'd like to state that it is 6:45 AM and I am awake at 6:30 because that is my goal. The plan for last night was have one or two drinks at the bar with not-boyfriend, then go home and have an early night. We had two drinks AND I had a cheesburger because I was trying to make sure I had enough to eat. We went home. We cracked open the whiskey. Honestly, I can't remember a lot of what happened. At some point we were both wearing dressing gowns (he was wearing my fluffy pink spotty one and I was wearing the fluffy leopard print), but I can't for the life of me remember getting undressed :/ He made some food and I remember itting there watching him cook it but I can't remember what he had. So much is unknown and I really want to go back to bed. I think my exercise for today is going to be done after work today. But I woke up and got up and came down here to post so feeling the way I do, I'm calling that a win. Gonna gingerly sip some water and see how things go.
  23. Apparently 'a couple of drinks' turned into getting wasted last night.. -_-

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      Basement Cat

      Oy. I hope the hangover isn't too bad.

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      This happens. *hands advil*

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