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  1. Ok, so it's day 2 and so far no reading has been done. THAT is because I have been super duper uber busy PACKING FOR MY HOLIDAY. Eeee. I've put 2 of the books in my carry on and I do a lot of reading on holiday so I might actually come back ahead of schedule! Anyway. Got to go. Ive still gotta run Queenie's food down to the stables, get ready for work, do a 5 hour shift, then we have a staff party, then I'm jetting off at 9am tomorrow and I think I've got everything and gaaaaaaah.
  2. Damn it, now I'm looking at the clock wondering if I have time to find a link and watch it before work!
  3. Thanks guys! I'm actually still on my last book, Imijica. I've got no hope of finishing it tonight unless I stay up all night, which is a little counter-productive to relaxing, but I'm hoping to read at least 20 more pages. But tomorrow I'll probably start with Nod.. Simply because it's on top of the pile right now. I'd write more but I've just come home from work and I need to start reading! Because BOOKS.
  4. I have real problems with my left ankle and both knees after a couple of bad falling-off-a-horse incidents. Every time I tried to get into running, the pain would come back and I'd have to give up after a week. I can't run on concrete, it has to be grass. Never tried a track. I changed my running style so that my heels just barely touch the floor. It makes for a slow, springy run but I'm working more for endurance than speed right now. I'm also running in crappy, broken old trainers because these are the ones I plan on wearing for my Muddy 5k. I'm using Darebee's couch to 5k program. I've never used a program before but I'm now one the 19th day. 19th! I find even though every now and then my worst knee will twinge a little, and I need a little longer to warm up in the mornings, there's no concerning amount of pain. Learning how to run properly, then starting right from square one, with a gentle but progressive routine has done wonders. I ran 3 sets of 4 minutes today, whereas 3 weeks ago I couldn't run for 1 minute full stop. It doesn't look like a lot of progress when I type it, but it feels like I'm an olympic runner, considering I thought I'd never be able to run. Learn your limits and your restrictions. If I'd tried this on pavements I'd have had to given up. I'll never run a proper race, but that was never my goal.
  5. Gimme the Loot challenge: If I complete the darebee 8weeks to 5K training without missing a single day, I'll unlock a rock climbing lesson!

  6. Another Kitten just popping in to say Hi! ...Hi!
  7. Sup everybody! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but kept putting it off. Now it's an actual quest on the Acaedmy so I feel like I absolutely have to do it like RIGHT NOW. I'm a lazy cow and I need someone to be encouraging me, telling me to get off my butt, making sure I know what the days goals are and not gently. I need to wake up to an all caps email like 'GET UP YOU LAZY COW AND DO THESE THINGS YOU SAID YOUD DO TODAY AND DONT LET ME HEAR YOU HAVENT DONE THEM' sorta thing. Similar support will definitely be returned. I'm good at checking up on others, crap at convincing myself to do the same. I don't care where in the world you are. If you think we can help each other, please message me!!
  8. Go forth and grow strawberries!! Though don't let the bunnies have too many, they're way too high in sugar for them!
  9. This has 2 answers. A ) You should make a chicken wire fence around stuff you didn't want nibbled. B ) Plant twice as many strawberries so everyone gets some! =D
  10. I was just writing a post in my new challenge thread when I got a phone call from the vets. Honey went in for a dental this morning which means putting her under, which always terrifies me and I've been on edge all day. But I got this call. She absolutely fine, just coming round from the anesthetic now and I can pick her up at 6. Insert emotional Pixie. I feel so bad for Pancake though. He is not a solitary bunny. He hates being alone. Why my first rabbit Lilli died, I didn't want to buy another one. But Pancake got depressed within a couple of days, to the point where I had to bring him in to be with me. All the time. Like, I went shopping in town with him in my bag because he hated being alone and was following me everywhere. I only got kicked out of one shop, but they didnt even notice him until after I paid. I was literally walking out anyway. But yeah. I went to check on him when I came back from town today to find him sat in the corner of his shed with his head pressed against the wall. Oh dear. So I put him out in the run with the tortoise. He's very bi-species friendly. I don't think he cares what company he gets as long as there's someone with him. Even the dog went in with him for a bit, but Hutch has a thing against cages(which I suspect comes with being a shelter dog) so he was only in there long enough for me to snap a couple of photos. So many emotionally needy pets! Neo doesn't give a shit though. He doesn't mind where you put him as long as there's food, heat and room to walk. And as long as whoever he's with isn't going to use him as a chew toy, he doesn't care who he's with. And hey. Anyone remember I bought plants a few months ago? Most of them made it this far alive! The only one that didn't was one of the pepper plants, which became tortoise food when he knocked it over. Stupid greedy tortoise. Look! STRAWBERRIES!!!! AND FLOWERS! Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud. Now I have to wait three hours before I can pick up my Honey Bunny. It's a run day today. I should probably do that.
  11. Tadaaa! I decided to go for a variety. Nod is about some epidemic where no-one can sleep. The Secret Crusade is basically a written version of the first game. I don't have any gaming consoles, and it's not a priority right now to have one, but I miss the assassins creed world. So this fills a small void. The Taming of the Queen is about Kateryn Parr, 5th wife of Henry VIII being too headstrong for the society around her. Even The Dead is about some dude who works in a morgue. A body comes in as a suicide and he think's something's fishy about it, does a little digging and gets involved in 'a long buried conspiracy that involves his own family'. Sounded interesting. Fiction, crime, thriller, and.. I dunno. Historical gaming fiction? Variety!
  12. It's been a good few months. I've made challenges and succeeded at most of them (still trying to get those splits!). I'm training for a race, never thought that would happen. Queenie's looking amazing, so now I'm just waiting for her to drop down dead(she would totally do that just to spite me). And I'm going away. On a plane. Without parents. For the first time. In less than a week. Barring the runs, which I absolutely intend to continue whilst away(I mean running on the beach, that's an experience right?!), I'm gonna take the next four weeks easy. Focus on relaxation, and eating right, and just chilling out. And what better way to chill out than to abandon the world in favour of a fantasy one? Enter challenge Bookworm! Main Quest: Read 4 new books in 4 weeks (18XP CON+2) -Buy 4 new books (18XP STA+2)] Yes, I'm totes using this as an excuse to get new books. Why? Because I love buying new books. I love the book store. I love the comfy chairs in the bookstore. I love the zombie section of the book store. I love books. Books!! -Read in different places, gardens, fields, beaches, in a tree, etc.. (16P WIS+1) I used to just read in bed, but I kept falling asleep. As this is quite a sedentry challenge, I'm going to make a point of exploring new places to read. Though, going on holiday will defintely make one week easy! -Occassionally read out loud (16XP CHA+2) If I'm reading, I'm not socialising. I'm terrible at talking. I flub my words so bad people often think I'm drunk. It comes down to being very shy and quiet, then getting braces and learning how to talk around them whilst getting into my drama class in high school, then getting them taken off 5 years later and having to learn how to talk all over again. Talking is difficult. Let's practice without the pressure of actually having to talk to people. -Focus on running and healthy eating when not reading (16XP STR+2) Still training for this 5k. I can't afford not to, I want to do well. Or at least just do it. And my diet's gone out the window recently due to lack of money. So let's work on those things. Side Quest: Teach Hutch a new trick. (16XP, DEX+2) He hasn't learnt a new one since BANG, and that was a while ago. I'm off to town tomorrow while Honey's at the vets, 1) to try and keep my mind off it, 2) I need more shampoo and conditioner, and 3) to buy these books. BOOKS!
  13. It's a beautiful day here in England, the sun is shining, it's hot and everyone else is complaining about it, the tortoise has been in the garden since 9am, me and Hutchy did our run today, Queenie rode beautifully, had a bath and is now looking absolutely stunning! AND She let me take photos with her. She was in such a good mood today. I couldn't even get mad when she trod on my foot and pivoted on it. I'm sure it was an accident. We're gonna start doing some pole work soon to get some muscle on her butt. I LOVE SUMMER.
  14. I can't imagine even thinking of working out during such a major life event. Kudos! Seriously, nobody here is going to mind if you're not around for a little while, given the circumstances. Hazard, you're a major inspiration and we're all so proud to have you as our guild leader! I think you rocked this, and I can't wait to see what you've got in store for the next challenge!
  15. It's the last day. the day to perform. And.. God damnit guys, I'm so dissapointed.. ..That I couldn't hold it long enough to get a photo! Yes! I DID IT! For like 1.5 seconds. But I was up there all by myself for 1.5 seconds! Before I promptly fell forward, into the cushion against the wall. Yeah I was only a foot away from the wall, but I wasn't touching the wall!!! Woohooo!!! Was it much? No. Was it impressive? Not in the slightest. But for a split second, was it what I've been striving to achieve? Why yes. Yes it was. Lets take a loot at the other goals I had! Seriously guys, I'm so glad I work at a restaurant, else I'd have starved months ago. But now I gots money for Skiathos! Whoohoo! I'm gonna keep working on handstands. This was a fun challenge! Thank you to everyone who subbed, commented, liked and lurked, and I hope you all smashed your own goals! Bring on the next challenge! =D
  16. C'mon handstand... today's the day!!

  17. In an attempt to do a wall handstand with no cushions, I did exactly what I didn't want to do... Headbutted the wall. Hard. THIS IS WHY I HAD CUSHIONS THERE.
  18. I don't like matching socks. It denies my creativity. Which, as we all know, clearly comes from the feet. ....Mismatched socks are fun. Tomorrow, I swear to bacon, there will be a photo of me doing a handstand with no cushions!
  19. I'm slowly getting there! The weekend's never good for me, I work in a restaurant.. My weekends are wednesday and thursday! Lost one cushion today! Bonus Hutchy!!(who is looking a bit nervous because I kicked the door with my foot and it scared him!)
  20. Maybe it's just a mental thing? To me, soft=safe whether you do it our not, hard= pain when you fall, and you will fall, because there's nothing to stop you. I've barrelled head firsst into a wall then collapsed onto my head too many times... Sofa cushions are safer!!
  21. I can't begin to explain how awesome I think this is. Did you know in the UK Health and Safety won't let playgrounds have monkeybars anymore? All my local playgrounds are almost completely useless. Almost. Seriously, when you're done, come to my house and build me one!
  22. Did stuff! Running, handstanding, hanging offa things, walked the dog, cleaned out the tortoise.. Now I have a few hours to chill before work. Whoo!
  23. At my local racecourse there are trees along the path every 3 metres or so. Me and a friend have been using them for intervals. Run from one tree to the next, then walk to the next, then run and so on. It's good because the markers are always there and you can easily switch it up to suit your progress(run for 3 trees, walk for 2, run for 2, walk for 1, etc), and it's easy to set a timer for each tree. Race yourself! So yeah. My advise would be find a path, or a trail, with a lot of physical markers like trees, benches, lightposts etc and use them as checkpoints, and try to keep getting from one to the other a little faster!
  24. Meee! I'm a Runner 5! I had it a little over a year ago, gave up, but now I'm back on it, it think I'm 7 episodes in, caught up with last time. The only thing that bugs me is I either have to pay or wait a week between episodes. I'm far too broke to pay :/
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