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  1. So, we're good. Boyfriend's phone is broken and won't charge. I'm sleepy.
  2. Boyfriend stood me up last night. We didn't have a specific time set so I went to the pub we always meet at and waited. For 6 hours. Queenie lost her rug this morning and sat naked shivering in the rain. I had to trudge through 7 fields to find the damn and put it in my shed to dry. It's even more ripped now. She's got her big rug back on until it dries out. Hutch woke me up this morning by punching me in the face. It's 12:37 PM and Boyfriend still hasn't contacted me, despite me dropping him off a new charger at work before he got there this morning. Debating internally whether or not I need to be kicking his ass to the curb. (Really really don't want to do that, he's a bastard but I love him) Trying very, very hard not to cry today.
  3. DAY THREE Deadlifts 20kg, 6x4 Bench Presses 10kg, 6x3 Body Rows, 6x6 Academy Workout A: 10 Pushups x3 15 Bodyweight Squats x3 :15 Plank x3 30 Jumnping Jacks x3 ...Pixie needs a shower before she gets on with her day..
  4. I tidied my room! Kinda. Got rid of the rubbish and put all the dirty clothes in one pile. So it's not quite cleaner, but it is tidier. Yay! Work was rather boring. Had a steady lunch rush which died off around 3, and simply never picked back up. I had the dessert room clean by 6, the den locked by half 7(it closes at 8 but there were no kids in the restaurant), and cleaned off the last table at 9:20, and was home by 9:40. Good stuff! And now I have two days off, huzzah!] Tomorrow I'm back lifting weights and having another protien shake, fitting in with the big boys!
  5. I want a t-shirt! I have too many t-shirts. But I want one! Not that I could run a 5k. I can't run for 5 minutes! As far as motivation goes, I like picking a theme, even if I don't mention it in the challnge itself, and watch a movie that feeds the theme. A couple have been Mulan for me. And Lilo and Stitch. Maybe Iron man marathons will inspire you to keep going?
  6. I'm procrastinating again. It's 10:40 am. I have walked the dog, brought the horse in, fed the horse, gone to the shop, had my daily protien shake, had breakfast, cleaned out the tortoise, fed the rabbits, and washed up all the breakfast stuff. All I have left to do is tidy my room and get ready for work for 12. I don't wanna tidy my room. *sad face* And the tortoise needs feeding again. He eats a lot. And I don't wanna go to work. But I'm not gonna grumble! Nope nope nopedy nope nope nooooope. ....I'll go tidy now.
  7. Sounds like you had a good couple of days! Rest days are important, so count it as a success! *throws twigs on your metaphorical fire* FAN THE FLAAAAAAAMMMESSS!
  8. Rest day today, i.e, Pixie has work from 12-10 and has no time to attempt a workout, not to mention she's sore from yesterday. Still, I've walked the dog, biked to the stables, gotten Queenie in and fed her, left her on the yard to eat hay while I biked to the shop to get milk, had my daily shake and am now waiting for a pair of lamb leg steaks to cook before I tidy my room then get ready for work. Phew!
  9. Did a massive workout, ate lots of food, did the massive bike ride to water the snakes and come back... It's been a good day. Boyfriend told me a couple of days ago that he doesn't believe I can put the weight on and get fit. Good. It'll be that much sweeter when I prove him wrong. *puts on war paint*
  10. The instructions say to have 400ml of milk/water with 3 scoops. I had 400ml of milk with one and a quarter scoops because I figure those guildlines are for bodybuilder-type guys. I'm only a little girly after all. I don't have a blender or a shake mixer so I had to whisk it with a fork in a measuring jug then sieve it into a mug. Must find a better way of doing that. Anyway, it was good. Super duper filling, thick, and more importantly, tasted good. Pixie is happy, and is now nomming on her 4th meal of the day: salmon, brocolli and carrot!
  11. DAY ONE Whoooo! Starting weight: 50.8kg Today's workout: Squats, 10kg, 6 sets of 5 reps Overhead Presses, 10kg, 6x5 Negative Pullups, 6 x 4 Academy Bodyweight Workout B with both Star Level and Bonus Level: 10 Inverted Rows 20 Lunges 10 Close Grip Pushups 20 Step Ups 10 Reverse Crunches :30 Jump Rope Walking at an Incline for 10 minutes Split Preparation Stretches Just waiting for my protien shake stuff to get here now. Got a text saying it would be delivered today so I can't go anywhere until it gets here.. Because of course, even if I just walk the dog for 15 minutes, that'll be when it arrives! I suppose I will use this time stuck at home to eat everything in my cupboard! Boyfriend robbed my eggs for work. The bastard.
  12. That was so me! I hate waiting for stuff! I kept myself busy making the icing while they were coooking but waiting for them to cool down? Nothing to dooooooooooo! As for Queenie, She must have found a nice big thorn to walk through... She can't quite reach there with her teeth! I'd say it was barbed wire but we don't have any up that high, she she must have found a nice big thorn bush.... Stupid mare. CHALLENGESTARTSTODAYYAY
  13. After much scrubbing, my finger is now normal-coloured. Under the nail is still bright purple though. Whee. Alarm went off at 8am today. I let Hutchy downstairs and thought, 'eh, I can snooze for another half hour.' Apparently I turned the alarm at half 8 off while still asleep and carried on snoozing, because I woke up at half 10. I gues Hutch is getting a treadmill walk today. Not that he minds, it's better than no walk, and he does wag his tail the whole time. So, bunnies fed, tortoise fed, beardies fed, it's 11am and I'm hungry and have no food and need to get ready for work but am hungry and need to put weight on but have no time for food and wah.
  14. Hazard, you're going to like this one. *walks onto yard, sees Queenie has been brought in with the riding school lot* Oh, sweet! Hi Queenie! *walks around the pony blocking view of Queenie's back half* How have you been my gi- Queenie. What is that? Queenie no. Queenie why? Oh look, you did it so bad you hurt yourself. QUEENIE WHY. Right, duct tape and purple spray!! *purple sprays wound* *attempts to duct tape tear* DUCT TAPE DOESNT STICK TO WET RUGS NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU And that, ladies and gentlerebels, is my morning. I'm wet, I'm annoyed, and I have to sew up my assistant manager's shirt before I get ready for work. Because I'm such a nice person I offered to fix it for him. Also, one of my fingers is purple now. Stupid healing spray.
  15. Today is Hutchy's birthday. Hutch is 6 today! Ish. I think. He's a rescue, so someone picked it for him. He's around this age. Somewhat. HUTCH IS 6 TODAY. And I measured Neo this morning. The green one is from the day I brought him home, the white is this morning. Grow, my minion, grow! Also, I finally got round to baking some gluten free cakes!! I made three different flavours, coconut, honey&lemon, and cherry. Just waiting for them to cool now so I can decorate! Then it's off to work for peole to sample! If they like them, we'll sell them at work and I get some money from it! Whee! Waiting is boring. YAY!
  16. There's an assassin hamster if ever I did see one. Also lurking!
  17. Following for pirates! (I mean you're awesome and everything and your goals are great, but... pirates.)
  18. Whoo! This challenge sounds awesome! Time to get your plank on! I've also get to make more of an effort to be part of this community. I love this place but I struggle to involve myself! I'm starting with YOU, haha! Following!
  19. Thank you Calibre! I'm gonna be kicking ass! =D
  20. I just always keep a 1l bottle of water with me. I'll have one while I'm sorting everything out in the morning, one with my lunch, and one after dinner. It got pretty boring at first, so I searched for drinking games to my favourite shows, just replaced the alcohol with water. Jon Snow gets called a bastard? Chug half the bottle! Rick Grimes says Carl's name like 'Coral'? Chug away! The Doctor calls something sexy? Down whatever you've got! Silly, but it made it fun and you don't really realise how much you've drunk after 3 or 4 episodes...
  21. Thank you Hazard! I'll be looking into those! Bought the protien shake mix today so it won't interfere with my saving during the challenge
  22. It's meant to be purple In fact, one of the others appeared today! I've never been so excited over a couple of little flowers before! Today's been nice. The weather's been nice, there have been no mishaps, and I have been super active. I cleaned the bunnies out, then cycled to the stables, broought Queenie in, fed her, gave her the biggest haynet I could find, and cycled home. From there I picked up Hutchy pup and we walked to the pet store to buy dog, lizard and snake food. We walked back, I put everything away, then I cycled once more to the stables. I stayed there for a couple of hours grooming Queenie and letting her eat some more hay, then let her out and cycled home. Then I re-potted the strawberries, and the flowers were graduated into their basket! I had some lunch, then it was back out on the bike again to my little job of looking after my friend's snakes. He left for Norway on Tues and he'll be gone for 3 weeks, then he's back for the weekend to feed them all then going back to Norway for another 3 weeks! I changed all their waters and had a cuddle with one of the ball pythons. I can't handle the rainbow boa at the moment because he's shedding, and the emerald tree pyton and emerald tree boa are both too small for handling, but they're all super cute. Did a little shopping on my way home, then came back and I am so done. Someone feed me , I don't want to move I bought a bodybuilders meal replacement shake thingy for my next challenge. Should be interesting. Maybe my wobbly line will actually have a slightly more consistant incline! I'm super excited for this challenge. I'm gonna kick it's ass. I'm gonna beat some PRs, then by the end of the challenge I'll have beated THOSE PRs, and everyone will have no choice but to bow to my tenacity and awesomeness. I'm gonna lift stuff, I'm gonna push stuff, I'm gonna pull stuff, and I'm gonna kill it. So pumped for this. So pumped.
  23. Pixie Kitten has been shirking her workouts. Pixie Kitten has had a string of illness after illness all year. Pixie Kitten is getting back into it with an all-or-nothing attitude. This challenge, Pixie Kitten is getting STRONG. Main Goal: Beat no less than 4 PRs (18XP, STR+2) Lift everything, get stronger, lift more, work harder. Tasks to achieve this goal: Find a way to make deadlifts heavier without buying anything. (16XP, DEX+2) The original goal was to buy more weights for my barbell, as I've only got 20kg. But I'm dirt broke at the moment, so this'll be an exercise in improvisation. I'm open to suggesstions! =D Increase progressions for all exercises. (16XP, STA+2) Can't get better if you don't increase the work. Increase food intake with protien shakes. (16XP CON+2) Gonna have to compromise on the 'no-spending' thing here. I still really struggle to get enough food in every day, so at least this could help. Sleep in workout clothes so there's no excuse in the morning. (16XP, WIS+2) Makes sense. Being ready to workout as soon as I wake up can only be a good thing. SIDE QUEST: Save £300. (18XP, CHA+2) Like I said, dirt broke. I keep having to dip into my savings. Savings have gone down about £400 since January. Bye bye holiday... So, by the end of this challenge, there will be a jar with £300 in it, that I started saving at the beginning of the challenge. As usual, disney gifs and funny pet stories will provide constant interludes to the sweaty grimy stuff. Because that's just what I do.
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