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  1. Today was good. I enjoyed today. The insides of Queenie's ears are white because she's got mites or flies or something biting her ears... Will she ever catch a break?
  2. Found a £5 note on the floor while walking the dog today. Couldn't see anyone around. Yay free money!! Queenie's looking good today. She's staying in on hay, and I gave her a nice big feed. Weather's a little icky today. On and off raining, but I'm told Queenie doesn't need her big rug back on. It is still kinda warmish. Neo still doesn't have much of an appetite. I'll mix some carrot in with his grass, that might tempt him. I've dug out my bunny ears for tomorrow. S'gonna be fun! It's not gonna be fun. It's gonna be busy as hell and I don't have a fridge in the dessert room and... NOT GONNA GRUMBLE. Bunny ears. Fun. Also, cooked a whole pack of bacon again. Only 9 rashers in it though, so meh. 2 down, 7 to go! Nomnomnomnomnom....
  3. I'm in quite the same predicament as you, and I quickly gave up looking for anything woman-specific. I just got Convict Conditioning. lots of progressions, no accessories or purchases needed, all just stuff you can do by yourself with no equipment. S'good stuff, and I hope I remember enough of it if I somehow end up in jail! Also, this is the first time I've ever seen an argument (of sorts) on NF. Sitting down with popcorn in case they come back.
  4. I don't know how she got that far, apparently she'd only just been turned out when I got there.. I guess four legs go through the mud faster than two! There will always be Queenie pictures at my Battle Log, and I intend to re-visit this challenge when she's back up to weight and we're actually training! She was looking at me then as if to say 'But why am I naked now??' Thank you! =D
  5. Queenie and I had a cuddle today and a walk around the field. There's this ditch with a little stream separating two fields and we jumped over those together. It's fun watching her jump from the ground. I took her progress photos and gave her a carrot and a cuddle, one happy horse. Hutch had a walk to the pet shop where I bought some more locusts for the lizards. Lindir's got a couple of tubs of the smaller ones while Peanut and Pepper shared a tub of the slightly bigger ones. Neo's not eating today. The other day her managed to tip his house over, which had these plastic decorative leaves on top, and I think he ate one or two. I knew it was a bad idea to have them in there, but they help keep the humidity up and I thought they were out of his reach and gah. He did manage to eat 4 rasbarries though so he can't be feeling that bad. The rabbits are having a play in their outdoor run on the lawn. Dad's put it so they can run between that and their house so they can go inside whenever they want.. or if a buzzard flies overhead.. =S I have work in an hour. Manager D called me up to the office as son as I got there yesterday for a chat. Said he knows I'm not happy and wants to try and help work some things out, and we talked about a few things, I was promised a raise, yada yada... It made me feel a lot better. But it's gonna take some time before I think 'ugh, I don't wanna go to work today.' Because ugh, I don't wanna go to work today. I've walked and biked and stomped through mug and jumped over streams and did the Acadamy workout and done some challenge related paperwork(because somehow I make everything need paperwork) and I'm tired. I want to curl up on the sofa reading my book, eat some more food, then stretch out in a nice hot bubble bath that smells of lavender and juniper, then curl up in bed and sleep for a week. But nooooo. It's Easter weekend. I gotta be all Rhianna and work work work work work. grumblegrumblegrumble. At least the weather's nice. And I got to say that I actually won this challenge. AND MY PLANTS ARE GROWING. Nothing's died yet! I may need to re-pot the strawberries, they look a bit crowded, but everything has remained alive! Gonna try and make a change in how much I grumble. I know venting is good but I don't want to always be complaining. So from now on anything grumbly will be in smaller text so it'll be easier for me to see how much I'm grumbling. Aaaand I finally sorted out my photos from Crufts... you know, from two weeks ago... *waits for them all to upload on facebook so she can grab a link* This is taking a while. doo dee doooo... There we go! Big dogs! Little dogs! Famous dogs! (Google Pudsey the dog if you don't know him.. Educate yourself!) AND FLYING FLYBALL FLOOFSIES!
  6. Ok. It is the very last day today. I may have messed up a little. I was a little late to get to the stables, and Yard Owner assumed I wasn't coming and had already fed her, changed her rug and put her back out. Oops. Apologised, promised to let her know when I wasn't going to be going down in the future, and went into the field to find her. I could take her photos in the field, no problem. Apparently she had just been let out so wouldn't have been far away. They forgot who they were talking about. Queenie dearest was in the furthest field she could possible get to. Ah well, at least that bumped my steps up to 10,000! I gave her a carrot and a cuddle, then lead her over to a half-fallen tree so I could trick her into thinking I was tying her up. Obviously I didn't tie her to a tree, that would have been disasterous if something scared her and she tried to run. Made a show of pretending to do it anyway and lo and behold, she didn't walk off. Whee! No, the photos. They're not the same as her start photos, because they're in a field and everything looks different in a field. They're uploading as I type this, along with 700+ photos from Crufts, and this computer is running out of space.. So while I wait, let me justify them. She does not look a whole lot different. She actually looks a little skinnier in one of them, but I'm still counting it as a success. Why? In the first two weeks, she actuall lost a lot more weight. By spending almost ever scrap of my spare time with her making sure she could continuously gorge herself on hay and feed, she managed to get it back in the last two weeks. I stopped riding at the end of week one because I didn't want any of her energy not going into putting weight on. We still worked in the field, either doing voice commands at a slight distance, working on manners while leading, and every now and then I jumped on her when I went to get her in from the field. It was so muddy.. o_o Not sure that really counts as riding, more getting a lift back to the gate. So yeah. While I was riding her, I did work on falling off positions. I got quite good at swinging off so my belly was on the saddle then swinging back up, it was starting to get fun! While a lesson plan simply wasn't necessary once I stopped riding, I still wrote a list of things I wanted to do with her that week, so there was still structure. She definitely ate enough in the last two weeks as she got her weight back up to pretty much her starting weight. I think. It's not actually possible for me to weigh her. I wish I could. I tidied her clip on the back legs, her mud fever is looking much better, I trimmed her tail and the hair on her face is starting to grow back nicely from where I had to cut it off with scissors before teaching her to accept being clipped. She still looks far too skinny, but she has improved. After googling the horse condition scoring sheet, I'd place her at a 3. It's not good, and she looks worse because she's clipped, but the weather's warming and she'll be fit or fat by summer! And I think her butt's a little bigger. CHALLENGE WON! =D
  7. Yeah, I've never wanted to lose weight.. just the wobbly bits! It's just annoying, and I'm not disciplined enough to make anything stick, and blah. I'm just tired. Thanks Ceph. Not-Boyfriend and I went out on Tuesday for the night. Booked a hotel again, because I got a discount coade and it's so much better walking for 5 minutes instead of fumbling for money for a taxi home then having to be quiet because of family and blah. The night went as it always does, mostly fun, with one argument that left one of us in tears and the other threatening to walk away. Then we saw some figurines for a tabletop game, someone made a joke and we were fine. We were so fine, that Not-Boyfriend admitted that I hadn't been Not-Girlfriend for a while. So, now, yes. He is officially Boyfriend! Makes me all happy and giggly and stuff. Only took 6 months but hey. We had a rocky start. I haven't done a single workout this challenge. I'm so disappointed in myself it's unreal. All motivation seems to have fluttered away, leaving only frustration and anger in its wake. Why can't I just do it? Why am I eating this sandwich when I know it'll give me a stomach ache later? Why am I buying this when I know I won't eat it? Why do I feel like I can complain about not changing when I just don't put the work into it? Why am I typing this post when I have to be at work in 35 minutes and I'm still in my dressing gown? Shall I even go to work? I really hate work. It's bringing me down so much I want to cry every time I get ready. Putting on make up feels like putting on war paint. People are actually starting to see a correllation and realising that if I have no make up on you really shouldn't talk to me. I clearly don't care about this job enough to even attempt to look good while I'm there some days. Ugh. I'm unhappy with so many things in my life right now. I'd think about seeing a doctor for depression and anxiety if that didn't involve y'know... seeing a doctor about depression and anxiety. I'm applying for a job at a shop on the other side of town before I get ready. It migh be a couple of miles away, but I'd get paid almost £2 more an hour. So even if they could only give me part time, I'll be getting paid more than my current place. Gotta be worth a try right?
  8. I think she's starting to look a little less skinny... Maybe.
  9. Brought her in yesterday for a feed and hay but had to leave her there because I had work... I hope they kept her in long enough :/ Anyway, off to see her again now!
  10. I don't get how I wasn't continually losing weight for... well, my entire life from teenagerhood. Seriously. Some days I wouldn't eat a damn thing. And I was always active. Yet now I'm eating almost 4 times as much as I used to, and I've been hovering between the same two pounds for months! And when I was younger(though no one will agree to this), I was kinda chubby! Yeah, ok, I was 6 stone. But did I have a flat belly? No. Did everythign wobble when I walked? Yes. Did I spend my entire childhood thinking I was fat and being shot down if I ever dared mention it because 'You're tiny, shut up')? Absolutely. But now, at 23, I still have a belly, though it's much smaller, I'm still tiny, I'm eating so much that even Not-Boyfriend(Not gonna lie, it's been 5 months and I'm getting sick of putting 'Not' in front of that) doesn't quite get where it all goes, I'm exercising at least twice a week, and don't feel too bad if I don't because I'm always doing something physical anyway, and I STILL. DON'T. CHANGE. Getting a little frustrated. Aaaaaanyway. Yesterday I walked the dog, brought the horse in, fed her, and had to leave her on the yard on hay for someone else to take out whenever they thought she was finished, because I hd a 10 hour shift at work. Yaaaay. It was pretty boring. If it hadn't been for the bookings it would have been dead. But we had bookings. A table of 40 in the afternoon, and three tables of 8 all at the same time in the evening. And a few smaller ones dotted throughout the day. Kept us kinda busy. I cooked a whle packet of bacon in the morning so I could much all through work. 11 rashers were cooked, but only 4 made it into the foil cto be taken to work. I mean, when you're standing there waiting for bacon to cook, and there's a pile off already cooked bacon right next to you, and all you can smell is bacon and you haven't had breakfast yet and you're in a hurry and bacon... Bacon. Also drank a good 4 pints of milk, and had a carvery. And pinched a few chips just before everything got thrown away at the end of the night. I also grabbed a carrier bag full of meat and veg for the foxes. I like to think if I feed them away from my house, in the field they call home, they won't come sniffing around my bunnies. I can hope. Went straight to bed after work. Rather tired. TODAY It's still morning. Had a wee lie in because I could. Been up for an hour, and have not done much. The tortoise is currently enjoying a nice hott bath and stinking up the living room by pooing in it. Whee. After putting him back I plan to walk the dog and see the horse and I may just have to stay there all day so she gets fed again. Stupid skinny horse. I was worrying about her all day yesterday because I hate leaving her for someone else to sort out. What if they didn't put her big rug back on? Did they give her the second feed? What if she played up and they shouted at her? Shouting at her doesn't work!! Meh But I really need to stay in toda because I might have deliveries coming... All stuff for Queenie. I want her exercise sheet!! She's gonna look so pretty!! And it'll hide her skinny!
  11. My girl's been on the yard all day, munching on hay and she's had 2 feeds. I rode her in the morning, and she went very well. Sticking to walk and trot until she picks a bit more weight up. One of the lovely ladies down the yard has lent me a pair of stirrup leathers until Yard Owner sorts hers out. Yay!
  12. Finally started digging in the greenhouse today.

  13. I just spent over £100 on more stuff for Queenie. Got some more supplements, some more first aid-y stuff, and a fleece exercise sheet for her because frankly it's embarassing to have her out and not in a rug. She's so skinny
  14. It's warmer now. But now everyone on the yard is having that horrible decision to make. Should we rug? Should we let them out naked? Should they have a thinner rug? WHAT'S THE TEMPERATURE GOIGN TO BE TONIGHT? Are they fluffy enough? Are they too skinny? NO ONE KNOW WHAT TO DO IN THIS WEATHER and we all go a little nuts trying to decide. Everyone's running around like headless chickens trying to find thinner rugs, or shoving their hand down the rug their horse is currently wearing trying to determine how hot they are now and how hot they'll be at night, and gah. I'm still ill. But I went to Crufts the other day and it was awesome! I have over 700 photos to sort through, which is why I haven't flooded the internet with them yet.. I'm too lazy! Hutch now has a batman collar and lead set. It makes me so happy for nerdy reasons. Well, I guess it's back to the yard!
  15. Quenie stayed in all day yesterday and had two feeds! We had a half hour ride where I decided we'd do some pole work. Queenie decided we'd do some jumping. It's a good thing I'm not a bloke, because smashing my crotch into the pommel of the saddle hurt enough without sensitive fleshy bits there. I really need those stirrup leathers. Now I'm off to see her... again!
  16. I saw Queenie yesterday. She was good. Had a quick ride because I don't want to over-do it since she's so skinny now, then fed her and left her with hay for a couple of hours while I watched the farrier do the other horses. Asked Yard Owner if Queenie would be a suitable horse for teh livery pony camp. She said she'd be fine, as long as I can get her fit enough. So wahey, new goal! I did not see Queenie today. Today I went to Crufts. Crufts was awesome.
  17. I just can't shift this cough! Put many many many more layers of clothes on before I went back to Queenie, and didn't feel cold at all, so that was good. She was pretty full halfway through her second haynet and just stood there not eating it so I took her back out. She didn't really want to do that either, I think she liked being out of the field and away from the wind! Coaxed her out eventually and gave her a cuddle, and she went on her merry way. Wearing both of her rugs. I hope it's warmer tomorrow.
  18. Work was icky. Today the weather's icky. Ive been shopping and been to see Queenie but I have to go back because I left her on the yard to eat hay sop I could come home and have food. I'm so cold.
  19. Made a severe miscalculation in how many clothes I would need to wear to the yard today. Walked the dog to the pet store to buy dog food, reptile food and hay, and walked back, in a pair of jeans, long sleeved top, a hoodie and a raincoat. Because it's cold and wet and windy. The dog had his raincoat on too. We were fine. Figured since I only planned to feed Queenie and chuck her back out, I wouldn't need any more. Got to the field and poor Queenie(in her 380gram rug mind you) is shivering and struggling to move. So we get back to the yard, I throw her rug off, put her smaller one(180grams - the normal 'winter turnout' rug) on her, then throw the biggger one back on. She has her feed and I grab her a haynet. After sitting in the tack room for 20 minutes, I realise I can't move my fingers.y gloves are soaking wet. I can't feel my toes, I've only got one pair of socks on. Lucky me, I don't live far from the yard. I grab my bike, tell the yard manager I'll be back in an hour, and cycle home. I've got a mariner's pie in the microwave, three pairs of trousers on with the intention of a fourth when I go back, woth three jackets, a dry pair of gloves and several pairs of socks waiting by the door. I do like being able to leave her on the yard for a while. When I've eaten and I can feel my toes again, I'll go back and put her back in the field so I can come home and play EverQuest. Moral of today: Having a horse is great.. Until it rains.
  20. Flicka shed last night. Pixie was very ill last night. Pixie has work in an hour and a half. Instead of getting ready, Pixie is going to play EverQuest for an hour then panic.
  21. Didn't get to see Queenie today, on account of being rather violently ill last night. Snorting carrot and beef out of your nose at half 5 in the morning is a sure fire way of convincing yourself to sleep until 1pm. Got tomorrow off so will definetly see her then!
  22. Time to find a bigger horse, Hazard! =P Queenie and I are now doing walk, trot, canter, polework and a a little bit of leg yeilding! I hope the weather's good in the morning, because I wanna get back in the saddle!
  23. So cold. So, so cold. I'M WEARING MITTENS.

  24. Queenie(horse) went really well today. Hutch(dog) enjoyed his walk. Lindir(leopard gecko) got fed a tub of locusts. Neo(sulcata tortoise) wasn't happy because I couldn't give him much grass because of the rain. I can't clean the Pancake and Honey(rabbits) out because dad still hasn't emptied the tubs. Peanut and Pepper(bearded dragons) haven't moved in 4 days. Flicka(corn snake) should be shedding in the next week. I just came home from a 9 hour shift. Chatted to a guy who wants me to look after his snakes for 3 weeks when he has to go to Norway for work. Gonna meet him on Thursday and see what he's got. He's gonna pay me fr it too, and it's a 20-24 minute bike ride either way, so bonus money and exercise! I'm gonna watch princess and the frog then go to bed. Tireddd.
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