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  1. Kiazi

    Druids place

    I just got dumped. Don't know yet if this will become a good or a bad thing for my personal development.
  2. Kiazi

    Druids place

    I missed the start and I'm unmotivated to decide on some fix goals. I have lots of old habits that I have to work on. Oh and I bought me into the nf academy but this didn't help with my motivation at all.
  3. Kiazi

    Druids place

    Guess I'm out this challenge. Maybe instead of the challenge I will try do hang around a bit more in here with you. But dragons are great, in world of warcraft they can appear in humanoid forms and they look so great!
  4. Neck: 32cm Chest: 77cm Waist: 84 cm Hip: 99 cm Thigh:55 cm Calf: 36 cm
  5. Just stepped on my scale today to get some reference points: Weight: 57,5 Fat: 20,3 Water: 47,4 Muscle: 43,0 Bone: 7,7
  6. Welcome back! 2 days to go in the challenge. Did you socialize/phone/compliment during your trip?
  7. Kiazi

    Kiazi stays focused

    Falling of more and more. Didn't really log for some days, it's over two weeks that I've written here... Other goals doesn't look good either. Birthday came and went. I'm now 28. Didn't went to the gym, but at least I got an appointment with a trainer on the 2nd of January 2015. He has to introduce me to the new machines I'm supposed to use. They are connected with an online community https://www.egym.com/and I don't know my feelings about that, yet.
  8. I'm already doing all of this . What I might add: For me it seems to be important which kind of water I drink. I'm usually drinking bottled water that contains much magnesium. If I switch to tap water/another brand I get cramps in my legs and my upper eye lid starts to twitch.
  9. Wow 4 hours is a long time for eye training stuff! Great your eyes are better after the excercises. How long does the effect last? I took your post as reminder and just palmed (? is that the right form in english) for some deep breaths. Great, you feel better. Keep on rocking!
  10. I know the feeling when something bad happened when you finally feel like making progress Sometimes you just have to stare at a blank computer screen, I know that, too. Some days are over now, how are things going?
  11. Kiazi

    Kiazi stays focused

    Still meh. My birthday is coming up, so I have to do a lot of cleaning. December is also traditionally very busy at work and I'm still very unproductive. And uninvolved in the nf community. Unfortunately my gym buddy can't go to the gym due to health reasons the next weeks, so I wasn't either. TO much to do, weather to bad etc... Yesterday I went and my machines weren't there. So just 15min of sitting on the bike and yoga afterwards. I really needed the yoga. And I really have to do more fitness related stuff again. I felt so week. My muscles where shaking at the easiest poses. Like you k
  12. Your post sounds really positive Did your boss hear on your concern and didn't do the thing in the end? And did you get your massage and how was it?
  13. Kiazi

    Kiazi stays focused

    I'm having an off month or something... So the progress bar thing in my notebook kinda worked. Stopped playing yesterday evening to do 20minutes of cleaning to get 100% . This is also very relevant, especially the bottom right corner.
  14. Kiazi

    Kiazi stays focused

    Meh. Writing more here but now journal yesterday, no walking without glasses today. generally feeling "meh".
  15. I'm in a bad mood since yesterday evening. I'm cold, it's grey and foggy outside and I'm unmotivated. Did the breathing twice this morning at work while waiting for my green tea. Did me help to get in the mood to start doing something at work at all.
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