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  1. It's my second language, and I studied it for 10 years in school. Got the second highest grade in my matriculation examination as well, I'm still not sure how I managed that. But mostly I've been "forced" to learn, since it's hard to live and study in Helsinki without getting exposed to a lot of Finnish.
  2. Just jumping in to wish you good luck with learning Finnish! After being exposed to it all my life and speaking it fluently since ~9 years old I still make mistakes all the time, especially in writing. So, you know, don't hold yourself to too high standards.
  3. Hi guys! Wow, it's been ages since I've been online here, but December is always such a crazy month that I actually am not that surprised. Luckily I got to relax a bit during Christmas, which I spent at my parent's as usual. My two last exams felt surprisingly good, so I'll be surprised if I don't get at least a semi-good grade. I've had to throw out any thoughts about fitness, though, (except occasional walks) and will have to make a new start in January. But before that I will depart on a grand adventure to South America! 18 other students and I will spend three weeks and two days in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and I'm already crazy excited about everything we'll do. Among other things we'll hike up to Machu Picchu, raft on the Urubamba river, and visit the waterfalls at Iguazu, so there'll be a lot of some kind of workouts included in the trip. Since we leave very early on the 29th of December and get back January 21st, I won't be able to participate in the next challenge. I'm okay with that, though, as I feel a break from the forums might give me some extra motivation to kickstart the challenge following the next one. But until I get back, I hope you guys have an awesome start to 2015, and I look forward to seeing your progress!
  4. Hey assassins, I have my last exam today! (See this post as my explanation to why I haven't been here almost at all this month) This means my christmas break stars in approx. 6 hours, and I can finally start catching up on what's happened here! Tapatalk has no idea what I'm doing.
  5. Thank you! It went surprisingly well, I guess I could say. At least I'm pretty sure I've passed, but we'll have to see about the grade. I'm having some real problems gathering motivation for the upcoming exams, though. I'm pretty sure I'm on the verge of getting a worse flu; I've been feeling all out of energy this whole week and have been sleeping much more than I should need, especially for this long a time. I might just be paranoid, but I really, really don't have time to be sick now, an as I'd prefer to be healthy on christmas as well there just isn't any time to dela with this flu. Today I tried to force myself up at nine (when I fell asleep before midnight), but I just couldn't do it and ended up lying in bed until past ten. I did manage to drag myself to campus, but five hours later and I still haven't done anything useful. This is going sooo well...
  6. Keep enjoying yourself! It'll be christmas soon enough.
  7. Well, what else can you say than: score! I hope it continues to go well! And be careful with yourself, keep that flu at bay!
  8. It's awesome to be able to take part in your trip by reading your logs. I really appreciate that you take the time to write about it here!
  9. I'd count downhill skiing in general as bodyweight. Telemark adds "a little" extra to it. Normal skiing is more on the endurance side. Tapatalk has no idea what I'm doing.
  10. Squee, congratulations! \o/ I'm so happy for you! Tapatalk has no idea what I'm doing.
  11. Hey, thanks for stopping by again! I was going to post an update sometime these following days, and your post gave me extra motivation to do it sooner than later. Tapatalk has no idea what I'm doing.
  12. Thank goodness she's okay! Wishing you both strength and general well-being!
  13. Sooo, I'm probably not going to update much more this week due to several reasons. First and foremost, my exams are coming up and I need to try to focus on them. Second, the vaccinations I've gotten this week have lowered my immune system's defence and I'm feeling closer to the flu than earlier in this challenge. And third, due to both of these I have to deprioritize my fitness goals, and it feels stupid to write here without anything special to say. But I can honestly say I've been keeping my goals as good as I can, with the one major failure yesterday when I was feeling like crap and ended up buying a pint of Ben&Jerry's. Still, I can see some progress in my avoiding sweets-goal, since I had to put it away after eating less than 1/10 of the pint because the sweetness was beginning to feel like too much. That's progress for someone who could eat a whole pint in one sitting! Anyway, I hope the rest of you are having a great week! I'll be lurking around the forums but most likely not post much.
  14. 1) My exams are the 8th, 15th and 17th this month. But I should also try to fit in a MatLab project since I'm on a trip when the deadline hits in January. :S 2) Haha thanks! It's easier when you're the one responsible for buying them, since you always can talk yourself out of it.
  15. Week 4, days 1 and 2 Herbology: Eat more greens and use them more in my own cooking. The salad I took to go with my minced meat this monday tasted better than I thought it would. Maybe I'm getting more used to the taste. Today I chose the vegetarian alternative, a delicious quorn wok! The snack before my dance squad practise deviated from the usual when I chose a smoothie instead of my usual skyr. Transfiguration: Try out more group gymnastics at my gym, at least three new classes before the end of the challenge. No gymnastics. I actually couldn't participate fully in the dance squad's practise either since I'm afraid of getting my slightly sore throat worse before a concert I'm supposed to perform at tomorrow. The Hepatitis vaccination I got today didn't help the flu-ey feeling... Charms: Stretch and practise splits after every workout. Cut workout short if stretching wouldn't be done otherwise. Some stretching after today's practise. Potions: Skin care morning & night, nail care at least once a week. Skin has been cared for. Arithmancy: Do all schoolwork before the weekend. Prioritize! Major breakthrough: I finished my last assignments for this term today! Ancient Runes: Learn at least ten tengwar letters by heart before Christmas. No practising. Defence against the Dark Arts: Sweets & baked goods ban. Gingerbread are ok. Still nothing! How is that even possible!
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