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  1. You don't need to actively block outside sounds, because that is still giving focus to what is going on outside. Just turn your attention inwards. Like someone that walks into a pole because they are focusing on texting, if your attention is on something other than the sound of the fridge than the sound of the fridge will not bother you even though it is still there.
  2. Marjaryasana. Bitilasana. Bhujangasana. The above three are all good, and there are plenty of others. There are also general stretching routines for the back you can find with a quick google search. There are a lot of ways to stretch, and sometimes even Yogis have to do some stretching before getting into an asana. Those with particularly bothersome lower back injuries should, as AsaPond said, avoid back bends for a while. If it's just a flexibility issue though, you should be fine the three I've listed here. Just work your way into the pose slowly. Don't rush anything.
  3. The reason for no music is explained in my first post in the thread. It's a distraction. You want to focus on internal stuff, not external stuff. Otherwise it's easy to overlook internal stuff because you're paying attention to you music or whatever instead of your mind.
  4. Don't meditate when you are sleepy, and you likely won't fall asleep while meditating. Though focal meditations like zazen may be easier for you than passive meditations, since you do have something to think about and focus on, like your breath, to keep you awake. Trees have different sorts of significance depending on all sorts of things. I'm guessing your friend is some sort of wiccan or pagan, as that sort of practice has particular meaning in those paradigms. Meditating on a tree isn't necessarily bad, and what he is teaching you isn't necessarily complete fluff. He just may not kno
  5. Whatever thought you want to use for the meditation. In your "lesson one" from the first post, you were focusing on your breath. Some people focus on the darkness of their closed eyelids. Some people focus on a dot on the wall, or an image of their deity, or a mantra. Though, those last two are a bit more complicated for some. The point isn't to replace all thought entirely, but just to learn how to concentrate by practicing meditation as such. Then, during the day, you can concentrate on whatever you are doing better and "live in the moment" more easily.
  6. *rereads last post* Woah. Maybe I shouldn't make forum posts right after meditating. Thought Observation involves relaxing the mind by observing it, and learning to detach from the storm of thoughts. Because the mind is shy, the storm will eventually quiet down on its own, and thus all you have to do is be a passive observer. As such, this is a very passive meditation. Thought Control (zazen, et al) involves concentrating on a single thing, so that only that one thought takes up space in your mind. Because all of the mind is focused on that one point, other thoughts will dissolve b
  7. Why should it be a problem that the mind controls some things? It has a job to do, too. It is there to help you think; it is there to run all those little processes that the body requires be done, so we don't need to think about them; it is there to store memory, and knowledge, and wisdom. The mind is not evil or bad. All things serve a purpose. The problems only rise when the mind is allowed to run rampant, and do what it wants -- when ones inner nature is out of balance, and peace is lost. What are mental limits? The mind has no limits. It is not the body, which is bound by gravity, and s
  8. If you know your goal, you can easily google or youtube search plans and routines to help you achieve that goal. For bakasana in particular, the preparatory poses that Yoga Journal recommends is a good place to start. It just depends on where you're already at, which is something that you have to figure out for yourself for the most part without an instructor. Jump into some of the poses, and even bakasana. See what you can do and what you can't, and if you like you can even use the Yoga Journal recommendations to build your own routine based on exactly what you wish to achieve.
  9. It sounds like a bunch of basic stuff with a general new age aura mixed in, and yes, a lot of magic influence. Frankly, it's not very useful for you to learn how to become the tree unless you wish to become a magician. And even then, more time with basic practice leading up to that should be done. As a general rule of thumb, be careful with people who claim to practice magic. Not necessarily because they themselves are malicious, but because there is so much misinformation about western occult practice now that a lot of people don't even know how fluffy they are. This doesn't mean your friend
  10. By Crow Pose, do you mean Bakasana? http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/468 Yoga Journal's list of poses is a great resource in any case, because they give a lot of information about poses -- including both preparation poses and follow up poses. As for an overall plan, it helps to know exactly what you want to achieve with yoga. It sounds like you're already doing a lot with lifting and running, so is there anything in particular you want to get out of yoga? Flexibility, strength, tone? There are a lot of good reasons to practice yoga, even on the spiritual side of things. Always know the
  11. I've been doing one rep of it. I feel it during the workout itself, then after its done it's just...done. Though, I did help my library move the entire English and American Lit sections this week. That I am feeling, a little.
  12. Oh, I was tired last night and forgot one important little progress update. That whole pant size goal? As of a couple of days ago, I can now fit into an old pair of '38 jeans. They're the kind with the elastic in them, but hey. Progress is progress.
  13. As awesome as that is, that guy seems more werewolf than Lycan. Bit different, those cousins of ours. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday 18-06 2014Week One-Two ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ketsurou felt a chill down his spine as his trainer stood over him -- watching, judging. The exercise wasn't much, but it did it's job and the trainer made sure that it was done enough. After the last jumping jack, Ketsurou let himself fall onto the mat.
  14. My guess, without further information, is that it's simply because the intentions of the training are different. In old school Yoga, keeping your legs straight is nice because the purpose of the postures is long term flexibility and other long term goals. Bikram has more short term "this is intense exercise" ideas as far as I've seen, so a lot of old school thought gets thrown out in favor of stuff that burns more calories. If you want to do the other posture, I don't see why you shouldn't. As long as you're doing it right it'll only improve flexibility, and eventually you'll be able to tou
  15. Dragon Riders, huh? Now I'm stuck with the image of a Lycan riding a Dragon, and that just seems weird.
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