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  1. Day 3: A busy day and a sleepless night left me pretty ill equipped for the day. I did go to a swim lesson with my daughter and ate Paleo all day. Day 4: 10 minutes of yoga Ate Paleo today but a little too many carbs Starting Meditation shortly before bed
  2. Day 2 quick update before bed: Total Paleo day! 10 minutes of yoga! Saved 1st $100! No meditation.
  3. So today isn't off to the stirring start I was hoping. A stomach bug has waylaid things, but I've at least gotten an hour long meditation in. So what am I hoping to achieve? To get this diabetes under control, paleo has worked well so far. I am bound and determined not to go on insulin if I can help it, which I had to do when I was pregnant. I'm hoping with losing twenty more pounds and instituting regular exercise, I can get my fasting levels back under control. Right now I'm in the prep phase. I'm going to tour a gym on Thursday in preparation for my new job move, which should ho
  4. Found NerdFitness a bunch of years ago in 2011 and for a while had some good success with planning and losing weight. Then decided to get pregnant and have a great little girl. Left NerdFitness to focus on that thinking I was spending too much time online, and things were ok for a time, but after a job change to a totally sedentary environment and raising the wee kid, my health tanked this year. Found out I have diabetes AND Hashimotos in addition to an already existing hypothyroid condition. After so many days of just laying on the couch while I have this amazing little girl that's the light
  5. Good plan Miranda! Especially the TV thing. Perhaps it might help you to unplug the TV from all it's cables and put it in a cabinet not so near it's usual place or even the basement or attic. Then only carry it back to it's place and replug it, when you really want to watch a special show or movie. Sounds stupid but believe me, it works perfectly against randomly watching every crap. And puts extra strenght workout on your shedule, depending on TV's size and watching frequency. Of course you can only do this if your husband agrees with it. But surely it won't hurt him if he watches TV to
  6. Wow, very organized, and I love your focus on vegetables. Let us know if you try anything good! Good luck!
  7. Ooo, 10 day meditation course sounds pretty interesting. I hear you on the falling back into old habits. It took an injury, a cold, and some visiting friends to knock me staunchly back into old ways. But a new challenge, a new chance right? All great goals you've got and I like the parameters you've set on your eating. Good luck with it all!
  8. Wow, your job just sounds... insane! I hope it settles down for you soon. Your goals all look good, I hope you have time to work on them! I'll be cheering you on, and I hope things get easier.
  9. I suffer from shifting priorities and variable goals too. I think it's great you're focusing in on small consistent things that improve where you're at with the time and energy you've got now. With your teeth, you might try (very lightly) brushing your gums along with your teeth. I used to have bad gums, but since brushing them, it's really improved them overall. Don't brush them too hard though cause it can recess the gum line. Good luck!
  10. I've tried a little bit of Tai Chi and it's pretty relaxing. That's pretty cool you got qualified to teach it. I've really started running, just to be outside in the trees and can't think of anything better. Good luck with everything!
  11. I like your goals as well, lots of good discipline to work towards. I'm going to to be keeping a food journal too, not so much tracking food there as tracking my motivation for eating the food. Am I hungry? Am I bored? Does it just taste so damn good I want more? Will look forward to seeing our progress!
  12. I feel like I have gone off course the last three weeks, and there's more I need to do, more mental strength I need. I want to get pregnant and have a baby and teach that child to be physically active, mentally active, and if I'm not that role model for them then who will be? I don't want them to be thirty years down the road struggling the way I'm struggling. So back to it! This challenge I'd like to work more on what's important to me. I spend SO MUCH time watching TV at the expense of everything else. I'm also eating like crazy again, using getting pregnant as an excuse to eat more u
  13. I haven't made much progress with meditation, but combined with yoga, I think you've got a good set of things to work on. The mental stuff is so damn difficult! I'm trying to eat more vegetables too. I find it helps to start with one you like (mine is okra) and build up from there. Good luck!
  14. Great goals all around! Sanity is a very good thing to strive for especially around the holidays. And great job hitting your goal weight! It sounds like you're starting from a great place going into this challenge.
  15. Very excited to begin again. The challenge is like a continual renewal and chance to make more progress. Happy to be here!
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