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  1. It was an amazing trip! First off, EVERYONE in Quebec speaks French. No one in my group does. Language barrier made communication interesting. Sharing a 6 bedroom, 8 bed, 2 bathroom (1 shower) cabin with 10 other women surprisingly wasn't as bad as I would have thought. Of course it wasn't perfect though. There was one other lady who was as into adventure as I am so we went off on our own most of the time for climbing and such. I did 3 via Ferrata climbs: one in the mountains (absolutely amazing view!!!) and we went across a monkey bridge which is a wire and hung upside down, the second was in a canyon and crossing rapids and waterfalls on multiple monkey bridges, the third we zip lined to the rock and then climbed up next to a waterfall. Via Ferrata is, instead of actually being on a rope, there's two caribiners hooked to your harness and you use those to move along a cable and unclip and clip into different bolts to get across the wall. We also went kayaing which started out as a beautiful day then turned into a big storm but we kept going since the lightning looked far enough away. Went hiking, and spent some time in the city. Went in search of a waterfall and got lost in the woods for awhile but we found it! Just an amazing trip that I wish I could do again. Now I'm back and working on getting back on track with my goals here. I'll give myself a pass for last week since I was more active than normal (and on an adventure vacation) so far doing good but not much progress with the pull ups.
  2. Ok gotcha. I can't wait to start working on getting mine. Yeah that's the one! Looks like so much fun! Wow, you so rock. That sucks leaving Hawaii, hopefully you'll end up somewhere that's just as awesome
  3. Getting ready to leave soon for my trip to Quebec! As for the next week of the challenge I'll be hiking, kayaking, climbing, and more so I'll already be getting all my fitness/activity and more in. Can't wait!
  4. Oh I didn't know that this jump could count towards that... I'll have to check that out! Thanks! Wow jumping during hurricanes, taking it to the next level lol good luck with all that! What's an A license? Is that the sky diving one that says your can jump anywhere? That would be so awesome being able to anywhere in the world. The circus school here it wasn't anchored into the ceiling, swung in large arcs, so... would that be the flying one? The more I talk about it the more I want to go already, so much to do! So many adventures to be had. That would be so awesome to buy your own! If/when you do, I'll be looking forward to pictures on here
  5. Well, both. First I lived an hour north of San Francisco then went to my first college in Los Angeles. Moving to a small town here after that was quite the change too lol. I did go hiking down there, I don't remember where... something like Los Angeles national forest or something along those lines... Mountains are always a great place to be the ocean too, oh how I miss the ocean and mountains. I always pack my own lunch for work. Some people go out, some people just sit at their desk on their computer, I used to stay in the breakroom then my lunch group started to disappear one by one and then finally decided to eat my lunch while working and spend my lunch break walking around outside because I can't stand to be cooped up for too long. This was the first place where there wasn't much socializing going on during lunch lol, but I just find it interesting your coworkers going out. Good luck with trying out the different gyms, and have a great time doing Crossfit!
  6. This challenge sounds so awesome! I've never heard of a Cyr wheel but after watching about a minute of one of your videos it looks so awesome! So you actually perform circus acts? That's so cool. There's a place around here in Cincinnati that has things that you can learn circus stunts or whatever, like the trapeze I think it's called, and stuff. A few people I know went and posted pics on FB and it looked so awesome, I can't wait to try it out sometime. Also...skydiving!!! I'm working on getting into sky diving. I went a few weeks ago (we started out as a group of about 10 and ended up with just 2... wimps) but waited 4 hours for the fog to clear then for the clouds to go away and the clouds weren't going to go away that day :-/ but I'm going to be in Canada for the next week and a half so when I get back, we're trying it again (and some of those people promised to try and be there this time... we'll see lol) How many jumps do you have so far? This is going to be my first time, tandem, and I want to start taking the classes sometime so I can go AFF. You have an exciting challenge, I like it!
  7. It's tough to get back into your schedule/element/groove/etc after a huge change like that. When I moved from Colorado to California a few years it was a major change and at least a week before we found an apartment. This is bringing back so many memories lol I can relate. You'll get back on track soon enough Holy cow though on that $150/month gym membership! At least you're scouting the places first to make sure you make the right choice. The indoor track sounds awesome for the days that weather isn't so agreeable. Way to go for getting back to your daily set and having healthy meals again! Good luck this week! You got it
  8. Way to go for week 1! I also have a goal this week to clean, and it's not easy with how busy life already is. At least I'm not the only one Keep up the work with everything and get to that clarinet this week!
  9. I had a successful first week. I made all my goals and tried a couple harder routes on Lead at my climbing gym. I took a couple falls but eventually made it. One step at a time. Looking forward this next week! Thursday morning I start the 15 hours car ride (9hours Thursday and 6 ish hours Friday) to Quebec! I'll be back the following Saturday so that week will be a little different challenge-wise but I should be even more active than I normally am so I'll see how it goes. Can't wait to spend a week in the woods with about 10 other women going kayaking, hiking, possibly climbing and zip lining, and whatever else we can get into!
  10. Awesome job on the pull ups! You're soaring through this challenge.
  11. Those sound really great! I would love to try Kendo sometime too. As for paleo, I was also going to suggest the 80/20 rule, but Vengefulpear was right on it.
  12. What a weekend you've had! Bummer you're now out of the area but how exciting for a new start in California. It's reasonable to have gotten off track the last few days with everything going on but I'm sure you'll get right back to it soon enough. Good luck with your first day at your job!
  13. Hey, I'm also new to the Assassin's! Good job on your first week, hoping your next few weeks go just as well. I can't do a pull up either, not a single one, and that's actually my main goal for this challenge. They have hangboards at my climbing gym so I work on trying to do pull ups every time I'm there. Crow-stands would be pretty awesome to do, too. Good luck with the rest of your challenge! You've got this
  14. The dancing sounds like so much fun! I'm uncoordinated and tried belly dancing (in the safety of my home without strangers' laughter, of course) but failed. Good luck with getting to the west coast. I used to live in California and loved it. Loved the beach/ocean/everything. Very different from the east (plus people here in the east-ish here say "pop" instead of soda...weird) If you come across any awesome home cooked meals that turn out delicious, feel free to share Good luck with your challenge!
  15. Great goals! I recently got into eating some more fish and it all depends on how it's cooked. When I make it I back it and cover it in a butter/olive oil mixture and then throw a bunch of random seasonings on top. Also started getting those tuna/salmon packets at the store to take to work for lunch, of course not as tasty but still good enough. Are you looking to get into a certain type of martial arts, like karate, jutistu (I'm almost positive I did not spell that right) etc? How is your challenge coming along so far the first week? Good luck!
  16. Tuesday night I started on my pull up mission. There's hang boards at the gym and on one side I'm able to use the door in front of me (or the holds on the climbing wall next to me) to push off of and get up and do pull ups (or slow negatives) that way. At first I was using the wood board that they're attached to because it's easier, but I'm going to start using the different hang boards to help with my grip, too. I plan on doing that again when I'm there tonight. I'm on my way I'm also editing this challenge, it's too much for the time I have plus with only being the second one. I'm going to focus on running in a future challenge instead. I want to focus mainly on climbing since the best climber I know of here is moving and it's up to a couple of us to step up and be able to set the routes when we go outdoors. So far this week I've been successful, getting out more squats than I intended, getting started on pull ups, and twice so far this week getting a coworker to go on a walk on break with me instead of sitting around on breaks yet again (we already do enough sitting since we have desk jobs, although I'm always getting up and making excuses to walk to the farthest bathroom or just walk around and back)
  17. I finally made it to your thread! I love the Daenerys from GoT theme for your challenge! Don't worry about not seeing season 4 yet, I'm still at the beginning of season 2 lol I'm always behind on shows, mainly because I don't really watch tv by myself, just Netflix if I ever have any free time. Looks like you have some good goals, I'm sure you'll breeze through this challenge no problem. It's great to see someone else working on getting a pull up! Tonight I started working on them after climbing. Another one (who can't do a single one either) and I were giving each other a boost to get up there. Then others we know would come up and show off. Good luck with minimizing and with your move!
  18. Hey, I'm new to the guild and just thought I'd introduce myself This will be my first challenge posted in here with you guys. I'm excited! My first challenge went well enough and I'm ready for the next.
  19. Yup it went well, except for a friend that jumped into a mud pit and broke her leg It also made me realize I really need to work on more upper body strength. There was an obstacle where we had to hang upside down on a rope and go over a body of mud and water (so awesome!) There were also a couple obstacles with slacklines which were awesome but impossible for anyone to walk across with bottom of shoes caked in mud and everyone already so shaky lol I used to be pretty good with balance. I have no idea how many mud pits we had to climb in and out of. This was my third mud race and I must say that at every one there have always been awesome people pausing in their race to help complete strangers on difficult obstacles. I'm going to try and see if I can do another one in October. Oh, and after the Mud Ninja, I got home just in time to take a really quick shower and head to a wedding! Yeah that was a lot of squats, I was just a little eager lol I lowered it though. I figured I could always do more when I wanted 4pts for strength (1 for squats, 1 for push ups, etc) 7 for running/walking, 3 for climbing, and 1 for the life quest to round it up. I may alter it later.
  20. This is my second challenge, first one with the Assassins. One of those unique story things everyone else is adding: The sun is setting on the horizon, casting luminous shadows on the rocks. The town below in a soundless rest, recovering from the previous battle. Climber_girl (I need a new username) smoothly unfolds her map and looks on to the next land, eager for new challenges and obstacles to conquer. Main Goal: To build core and upper body strength and be able to do a pull up by the end of this challenge. I just did the Mud Ninja this past weekend and discovered I really really really need to work on upper body strength. I did some strength training the last challenge but definitely not enough, I need to step it up so I'm going to actually break it down this time. Also, rock climbing is my life so it's hard to find time to fit in running. I am into races, especially mud and obstacle ones. So far I have completed 3 mud OCR's this year and have another one in mind for September and one in October. August 7-15 I'll be going to Quebec with some ladies from my hiking group for a week of hiking, whale watching, kayaking, possibly climbing, and whatever else we get into. I'll definitely be doing enough exercise that week even if I stray from that listed below so as long as I continue to be active that week, I won't have a penalty. Side Quest 1: Strength (4pts) -Do at least 50 squats 4 days a week (1pt) -Do 20 push ups (no matter how bad) 4 days a week (1pt) -Dumbbell lifts 3 times a week (1pt) -Sit ups 4 times a week (1pt) -These can all be throughout the day, doesn't have to be all at once Side Quest 2: Walking (5pts) - Walk on breaks/lunch at work (5pts, one for each day, as long as I get at least one walk in at work) Side Quest 3: Climbing (3) -Since climbing is my life and I do it 2-5 times a week anyways, I just want to improve strength, endurance and technique. -With the strength training from side quest 1, I want to be able to get stronger and improve my core and be able to climb some overhanging routes -A minimum of once a week will be spent working on Lead sport climbs. Life Quest: Clean! (1pt) -I am never home so my room has gotten quite... messy. I do a decent enough job at keeping up with dishes and sometimes (sometimes) laundry but the table in the dining/living room has turned into something that I just throw everything on and don't even get me started on my bedroom. By the end of this challenge I should hopefully not have to repeat this quest. Total: 13pts Week 1: Strength: 4pts as I succeeded in doing squats, push ups, etc and working on trying to do pulls up every time I'm at my climbing gym Walking: 5pts I've walked on breaks and or lunch every day at work and have even finally gotten a coworker or two or so (depending on when) to go out with me for once! It only took all summer to do but they're finally deciding that being outside on your break is better than sitting at your desk (which we already do for 8+ hours a day anyways) Climbing: 3pts I did mostly climbs on the Lead wall this week and even went for two harder routes which I took some falls on, but hey, I'm improving
  21. Great goals. I also need to work on core and strength and I've been told lots of push ups. Good luck these next few weeks!
  22. So some of you wanted an update after the Mud Ninja. Well... I survived! I ended up taking two people with me, one it was her first mud run (and hopefully not her last) she was my original running person until some back issues so it was great to run and do stuff with her again.The other is one of my climbing people (who has been climbing for about 8-9 years and can do pretty much anything) and it was his first race in general (and definitely not his last). We started out with some other people I knew but ended up somehow losing them along the course, although one did keep up with us until she jumped into a mud pit and broke her leg in 3 spots it's unbelievable how hard it was to find a medic. She conveniently jumped right next to two people who happened to be paramedics so they took care of her while I, a volunteer guy and a random lady ran all the way to the beginning, the main part, yelling for a medic because there wasn't one at the station right there where one should have been. Eventually we got some to come and get her out with a stretcher along with the help of some really awesome random people who stopped in their race to help. She'll hopefully be back to doing all this in several weeks. I also learned that I really need to work on more upper body strength. I really need to step up on that during the next challenge (or just start tomorrow). Plus doing some obstacles that required upper body strength while dehydrated kind of hinders getting a good result. There was an obstacle where we had to hang upside down on a rope and go over a body of mud and water (so awesome!) and I made it most of the way before the sore on my ankle couldn't handle going against the rope anymore and next thing I know the muddy water tastes absolutely awful. There were also a couple obstacles with slacklines which were awesome but impossible for anyone to walk across with bottom of shoes caked in mud and everyone already so shaky lol I used to be pretty good with balance. I have no idea how many mud pits we had to climb in and out of. This was my third mud race and I must say that at every one there have always been awesome people pausing in their race to help complete strangers on difficult obstacles. I'm going to try and see if I can do the battle frog one in Pittsburg in October. Oh, and after the Mud Ninja, I got home just in time to take a really quick shower and head to a wedding! Here's some pics: And of course the pond that we got to wash off in:
  23. Haha thanks! I actually tried to explain it to a coworker friend in "normal people's language" and she still didn't understand either, so I guess I've entered into a whole new world with a whole new language. I actually didn't end up making it to the 5 miler :-/ I've been overbooking my weekends lately.
  24. Yeah it looks like climbing will be difficult and have to wait awhile best of luck on your recovery though! Good luck on your next challenge as well. Awww you're going to get a dog sometime! I love dogs. I have a Pomeranian and I love her and all but she's crazy and I never want another one lol after her I want to get a dog that can go do outdoors stuff with me. It looks like you're going to have the financial part all figured out. Can't wait to see how your next challenge will be. Whatever goals you decide, I'm sure you will rock it!
  25. I'm working on being pro lol still welcome any tips! So one of my mud recruits dropped out so now I just have one, but still plenty of other people I already know will be there. Can't wait! I'm not a big fan of evening runs either, and I ended up missing that one Saturday. I went down to the Red River Gorge Friday after work (it was raining the entire time and apparently my tent is not 100% waterproof) got out to the walls Saturday to an area that was overhung and protected from the rain so we could still climb. I realized I forgot my running shoes and knee brace and would've had to leave even earlier or just do it in hiking boots and walk most of it. I ended up just staying, especially after I realized I already missed the time I was going to leave (oops) but it was great! I climbed my first 100ft route, lead another sport route and cleaned and rappelled for the first time. It was awesome and I'm still tired and sore. Right, what timing lol. I like Cincinnati too (minus the traffic) I've only really been in the Cincinnati area since I got a job in November. At first I hated it because of traffic and driving in the crappy weather we had but now I really like it. There's always something going on (plus it's where I climb so I like it even more) I love the Gorge! I went backpacking there a few years ago and had no idea how huge it was back then. I also remember hearing/seeing some climbers off in the distance and thought that would be awesome to do... not a clue that I would become one of them lol. I've met so many people at my climbing gym that have invited me out there with them and I've been learning the area and everything (well it's too big so I've just been learning small areas) so the pro-ish climbers I've met have been my guides lol. I think I've only made four trips out there so far (life keeps getting in the way or it would've been more) Oh that's funny lol sounds about as waterproof as my tent. So sky diving didn't happen we waited four hours, first for the fog to clear then for the clouds to clear and apparently the clouds weren't going to go away so we ended up having to reschedule. Don't know when yet. We were thinking next weekend but it doesn't look like the weather/sky will be clear, so hopefully the weekend after. I may end up just having to post about it in my next challenge thread by the time I finally get to jump. Week 6: A little late, but here it is. Run: 2 (I missed the race Saturday) Sleep: 5 Strength: 3 Social: 1 Total: Run: 15/18 Sleep: 30/30 Strength: 18/18 Social: 6/6 I know for my next challenge I want to have something diet-related for one of the goals. I was doing well with that before this challenge then I just kind of slipped. I also really need to work on getting some more and better runs in, and want to do more with the strength portion. Can't wait for the next challenge!
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