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  1. Thanks everyone! So, it's Friday. The celebration weekend has begun. Meaning my thoughtful coworker brought in a huge cookie to share with everyone for my birthday. I had a very small piece to show my gratitude. The challenge, of course, will be to not have any more. I think I'll be alright though, there seems to have been a shift in my attitude this week. I think its you guys! I will *happily* report that I did not have ANY sweets yesterday AND I did jazzercise. So, I need to get one more workout in before Monday. I plan to do some weight training today, but I ALSO hope to do jazz again on
  2. Right now I'm limited to home - we have lots of weights and I do push-ups and sit-ups and squats and lunges and I just don't know if I should try to up my weights and do fewer reps or if I should just keep using the same weights and do more reps. Thanks for the response
  3. Hello. I am new. I have quite the story and I suppose I can tell you if you want to know. But mostly I have struggled with my weight off and on since college.I tried my hand at not eating but I just love food too much, I've been prescribed medicine (which never should've happened as I was not even outside my 'healthy' range) I've done Jenny Craig, I tried WW for a hot minute, and this last time I lost weight through Metabolic Research Center. I maintained that weight loss for about a year and have slowly started to put the pounds back on. This time around though I want it to be differen
  4. So...hello warriors. I'm really new. I'm not a warrior but I want to be, someday. I've lost quite a bit of weight, put a few pounds back on, and I really want to build muscle. One of the guild people suggested I stop in here and ask for any tips on basic weight training. I just got the ok to start exercising again after surgery, so I do a few exercises at home 2 or 3 times a week, plus a workout class 2 or 3 times a week. Can someone here help me or point me in the right direction? I'm just curious if what I'm doing is even helping. Thanks!!
  5. OK you guys seriously - all of those things sound AMAZING and I'm going to have to try. What is going to to take effort is convincing the s.o. that it's ok to eat at home. He's one of those guys that has a hollow leg - he works out 4x a week and can eat really whatever he wants. He's supportive of me but he is also one to tell me that there's no reason for me to worry about what I'm eating. He means it out of care, he thinks I'm lovely the way I am. So it's a struggle. BUT anyway I tend to ramble on. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the recipe ideas!
  6. Hello! I am an adventurer as I cannot make up my mind on what else I could be. I want to be a warrior druid. Someday. I want to be strong and lean, and I would love to stop eating meat if I can. This is my first challenge here and it has been a rocky start for me, and not as in the movie Rocky where Sylvester Stallone kills it, but as in the Rocky Mountains rocky. Or, sit down you're rockin' the boat rocky. Not good is what I'm saying. But, we press on! Right? RIGHT?! I love potato chips (really potatoes in any form) and I too continue to search for something that is close to the s
  7. Ok guys, here's the deal. Apparently I eat a lot of sweets. A lot. No really. At the end of the day yesterday I realized I'd had two small handfuls of MEGA M&Ms, a 'just my size' (read 300 calorie, 36 grams of sugar serving) of ice cream, and a candy bar. At least it wasn't a king size? I had a piece of cake the day before, plus random m&ms, and my birthday is on Sunday and I know I'm going to want something sweet and tasty then too. Sigh. I usually crave salty snacks, popcorn, chips, etc. Lately, it has been sweets which is weird to me. I'm trying to identify what has changed. I thi
  8. Thank you! Perfect. Another place to begin - definitely will go there too. Sometimes there are just sooo many threads it is hard to find where to begin so I am very grateful for the direction. This place is very cool so far and I am glad to be proven wrong I will head over there today! I am definitely open to suggestion. Thank you!!
  9. I needed to hear this today - at the end of the day yesterday after looking back at all the food I ate, I realized just how many sweets I consumed (every 2 or 3 m&ms counts) and I got really down. Does that happen to anyone else? The day goes poorly and then it's all you can think about? I absolutely hate it. If this makes sense, what do you guys do to shake out of it? I mean besides eat better the next day. All I could think about last night was how many calories I'd consumed vs. the ones I'd burned and how many calories closer I was to gaining another pound. It's just exhausting. *note:
  10. Jenny! I am SO glad that you are here and I read a bit of what you've posted - hang in there. I gained most of my weight from severe depression and emotional abuse from a terrible relationship. I sort of turned inward and quit taking care of myself. You sound like an amazing person - I am looking forward to following your progress. 9 hour shifts are rough, but you can do this!! If I can, anyone can. You have been so very helpful/encouraging. I read your story too - that sluggish feeling, and the comfort that comes from a good smoke and a snack, will become less enticing once you get bac
  11. So do I just keep updating this thread as the quest continues? We don't start a new thread every time, right?
  12. I'm with you - all of this is kind of overwhelming but I figure, better to just jump in and see what happens right? Warrior Dash sounds super intense, good for you! I'm just trying to sculpt a little muscle and stop eating so much junk. I did well for a while but, it is so easy to get lazy! This seem to be the place to get some support. One question - I crave salty snacks a LOT. Best options that you have found? (Is this the right place to talk about that? I'm so new it hurts)
  13. I suppose I should've posted a little intro about myself: I'm 28 (29 on Sunday!) I love to read fantasy fiction, murder mystery, psychological thriller and sci-fi books. I also enjoy watching ridiculous comedy, drama, action, adventure, thriller, and sci-fi TV/movies. I have recently started watching the Studio Ghibli movies and wow, I love them. Not a huge fan of horror, but there are some I can get behind. Gore for the sake of gore, I'm out on. No Texas Chainsaw Massacre here. I'll read the book though! I have two cats that I love dearly, two dogs at my parents house that I got my fre
  14. Hey! Thanks for the follow and you're right, our goals are very similar. I'm following you too - we got this! I'm dating a man who hates leftovers so, it's frozen meals or eating out for him. Which, I allowed for a while and now of course, I'm regretting it. Here's to cooking at home!! =)
  15. First of all, welcome and I am really glad to see you posting here. This is my first challenge too, and while our goals are different, I completely understand what you said about having all the tools and no follow through. It's like, I absolutely know what I need to do to feel better, but it's the 'how I actually do it' part that trips me up sometimes. Because by nature, I am a lazy person. Often, I would rather do nothing than something. I know! Crazy right? It is work for me to say no to that pastry at the coffee shop, or to get myself to jazzercise, or to continue to chug water throughout
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