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  1. Monday? Check. Coffee w/coconut cream? Check. Let the workweek begin!

  2. Okso I may be stuck on those bacony-egg cups (name now trademarked) How did you make those...looks like bacon wrapped in a muffin tin with an egg dropped in the middle then baked...is that right?
  3. Good mornting everyone! I'm T...and I got pulled over by the bacony-egg cup guy over there *points*...I figured I'd drop in and say hello!
  4. Oh yeaaaaah, I'm supposed to update THIS thread too aren't I? I wish I could say that everything is awesome! I could give all the excuses but the facts are I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped with SL. Of course we all suck at stuff in the beginning, so I'll just have to look at it from a more long term basis and keep plugging away! HOWEVER, I have made some good progress with my split goal, so at least there is some good news
  5. OMG Popcorn is my nemesis too, and Target has the nerve to have popcorn that has all three (caramel, cheddar, and natural) flavors all mixed together! *shakes her head* I about cried. ...and then I ate some...and it was delicious...*hides* I'll be catching up on yard work this weekend to make up for the absolute nothing I did last weekend because we were out of town visiting family. Mowing the grass in the Texas heat is AWESOME...you haven't lived until you've done it!
  6. Welcome Hiroro, from one newbie to another How was everyone's weekend?
  7. *whispers* I joined you gais... ...and I'm not sure what to do now *laughs* Being a newb is FUN! YAAAAY *leaps*
  8. In the mood for some serious kimchi...to HMart I go!

  9. If we are thinking of the same Dr Nerdlove...then yes. Purely for entertainment purposes, of course Stronglifts! So much awesome! I'm doing it too Keep picking up the heavy! -T
  10. Bullet Coffee...coconut oil infused jet fuel!

  11. I'm a newb...so I'm in the Lvl 1 area for now.... ...but I'm drinking milk, and when this first challenge is over Ima join the wondrousness that are the Warriors! Anyway, just wanted to peek in here and smell the sweat
  12. As I've looked around on other challenge posts and read (and re-read, then re-read once again...theeeeeen once more for good measure), I've decided that I probably should also set a goal that is possible for me to well...achieve in 6 weeks *chuckles* Though my first post still stands...its more of a long term over several challenges etc goal...I'd like to also set smaller goals within that same genre...SOOOOOOOOOO What I'm going to work on for my very first sparkling new challenge - The splits. In the spirit of doing something I totally suck at, I am going to work toward doing at least a
  13. Introduction: I'm T...and I'm a newb I always stink at introductions. *think* I'm 34, married, kids, stuff like that...and lately, I've been thinking quite a bit about how I want to live the rest of my life. I've started taking steps out of my comfort zone and it has been totally paying off, so I've decided I'm going all in! No more dipping my toes in the pool or sitting on the edge with my feet in. I'ma put on a bikini (hypothetically) and dive in the deep end! Main Quest: Be in the best shape of my life! I want to be that mom who hangs upside down on the monkey bars with her kids at the
  14. Ok, I was just getting ready finally to join in myself (after being a lurker and hemming and hawing and all that kinda thing for quite some time now) and your closing comments hit me right in the feels. I won't wish you luck...You got this so luck is not needed. See you around this place! -T
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