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  1. First week is coming to a close and I am feel ing pretty good. I've been diligent with my nutrition, but I missed one day of workout because I have been moving things to a new apartment (which kinda counts as a workout, I finished the day completely exhausted). I'm all settled in now so tomorrow I can hit the ground running (literally).
  2. This is The account I'll be using from now on
  3. If I gain too much too fast I'll cut down on calories
  4. Jump squats sounds good but I'll jot them down just in case, maybe later on I'll use them
  5. Jump squats it is!!! thanks a lot, you guys are really a lot of help!
  6. Those are great ideas!!! any suggestions on the squats? they feel way too easy, I thought doing them with some dumbbells...
  7. Thanks so much! I'm being ambitious but I feel it's gonna complement each other because working out has always helped me relieve stress so I really think that doing the challenge will relax me and help me be more focused on my studies
  8. Did my first Bodyweight workout, Level 1, yesterday (Im part of the Academy as well, such a good resource to have). I felt really good doing it, to a point where I think I didn't challenge myself enough, I don't have any DOMS today and I haven't exercised in a bit. I'm thinking of challenging myself a little more when I do that workout again, do harder modifications and such. Tomorrow's workout looks promising though so I'm excited! On the nutrition side I've been doing pretty good, I feel like Im eating constantly to get that calorie goal, I didn't realize how much (quality) food 3000 calor
  9. how long/how many reps for each exercise or stretch should I be doing? Just a ballpark to get started I guess
  10. I just did bodyweight level 1 yesterday and I didn't feel it challenging, do you guys suggest any modifications to make it a little more challenging? I don't wanna rush to level just yet but wanna keep challenging myself
  11. HANDSTANDS!!!! So stoked about these mini challenges!
  12. New day, new workout!

  13. Thanks a lot!! I actually had seen the Assassins Guild and just posted on the Den! Im so happy to start my challenge and would love for you to come by and keep me in check every once in a while haha
  14. Hey Assassins! Im a complete newbie to the website and Im just starting a a new 6 week Challenge and just wanna see if you guys can give me some pointers and support seeing as its my first time and all! As soon as I read about the Assassins i knew IMMEDIATELY that I this was the guild for me I really wanna get into parkour and gymnastics but haven't had that push to start and I hope that buy the end of this challenge I'll have the strength and motivation to start in a class
  15. Im almost at 2000 calories! I need just 1000 more for today :)

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