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  1. Hey thanks for the tip, that looks perfect for me!
  2. The nutrition portion of this challenge for me will probably be the one I focus on the most. See, I love food, and I love cooking. So sometimes I like to try different challenges and types of cooking. I think doing Paleo for six weeks will be really fun and eye opening. I'm planning on going hard, not really easing into it because I think I'm up to the challenge. The hardest part will be remembering to pack lunches every day, I've been slacking lately. The exercise will be harder for me. I stil haven't found a form of exercise I really enjoy. I want to but I've focused too much on cardio in
  3. I actually do! I'm planning on putting my pull up bar and exercise ball to good work. I've been doing ok, about 3-4 times a week. But I'm moving to a place with a yard and another dog so exercise for my pooch won't be as high on my list and I really don't like running, lol. (To be fair, I have bunions. I've had surgery for it but it still aches sometimes and I end up limping around)
  4. Wow it has been a while since my last post, I haven't been on my computer much. I haven't been doing great, I've ran some, not really improving my speed. I just need to push through and do these last couple weeks well. Cooking and dog training are going great, and maybe what I've learned here is that running really just isn't for me.
  5. Back on the bandwagon! This week has been weird, guys. Ever end up with 100 pounds of deer bones with no place to store them and immediately have to make them into broth (for me) and dehydrated scraps (for the puppers)? Its rough. It takes a lot of effort, and it's totally worth it. Especially if you got the bones for free! Today was my first run back at my house, outside. Timed at 11:02, not great, not terrible, and you would think I had a boy dog from the number of times she stopped to pee.
  6. Woof. Been a few days. Definitely some ups, most certainly some downs. The 14th my time was 9:55, the 15th my time was 10:05... it was starting to even out some! However, I haven't ran since. I think a large part of that is no longer having easy access to a treadmill, being uncertain about the neighborhood I live in, and the damn weather being too cold for me to want to. Those are my inhibitors, my dog is still my motivator. Too bad shes been lazy lately too and not bugging me to go running. Anyways, B- for this week, with the hope that I get off my bum and get out there tomorrow. For cooki
  7. I didn't complete the first mini but my second ties into my new years resolution. Basically, I resolved to update my wardrobe. To not hold onto pieces just because of how much I spent or whatever nostalgia I feel towards it. I resolved to stop limiting my style for fear of becoming too "girly" and to stop caring what other people think about my looks, and instead to wear what makes me happy. So for the second mini I went through all of my clothes and threw out what I really don't wear, and was brutally honest with myself about it. Very eye opening! I actually loved this mini though and have wr
  8. Woah! Great job for the first week! Keep it up and you will really kick this challege in the butt.
  9. Hey! You're doing great. I really should have sleeping max 8 hours as one of my challenges but I'm afraid I'll fail it real hard since... well I love my sleep/ Keep up the good work!
  10. Hey Mojobee! How's it going? I know change can be hard and sometimes it's hard to see the reason why you want to stick with something when all you're craving is something terrible for you. Stick with it though! It get's better.
  11. I actually have normally done a short walk/jog before really getting going. Normally I incorporate it into the mile but today I messed up the treadmill and it reset on me so I just rolled with that. And holy crap, I got in at 9:45. I wouldn't have ever thought that possible with my original start time. I think now that I'm really getting in the swing of things I'm pushing myself harder and competing against past times. Today there was also someone else in the (tiny) hotel gym so I think I pushed harder because I dont like exercising around people. Also when I hit my mile I turn back down to a
  12. Hey hey druidy folks. This is my seond first challenge but I feel like I'm pretty druidic at heart and love the mini challenge you guys have going so I hope you don't mind me joining in. My goals: 1. Run a mile every day. 2. Cut out preprocessed foods while cooking. 3. Work with my dog on obedience and training every day. What is the impediment? I really really hate exercise. Cooking with all fresh ingredients just takes more time than grabbing some premade thing. Sometimes I just forget or think more about the time commitment than the end goal. How does it impede goal accomplishments? I'm
  13. Today I finished at 10:32. I guess I'm pleased since that's 2 minutes faster than exactly a week ago, woah! But it's hard to really measure from just how inconsistent my timing has been. It will be nice to get back home and be running the same area again. I've decided to stick with the treadmill here because of the weather and not knowing the area.
  14. What a great mini! I'm in a hotel for this week so this might be difficult, I'll try to get it done Saturday/Sunday when I get home. Still pretty conflicted about which room to work on. Maybe I'll make it a personal mini and choose one room each week until they all have had a good deep clean!
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