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  1. UPDATE:My energy levels are rising because of the workouts and the biking every morning - it's the best thing that happened to me in a long time! Weather will be good the next days and maybe I'll even hop on my mountainbike and go for a ride outside!The mealplanning experiences are mixed - I still struggle with planning everything ahead and doing the shopping at the right moment. But I feel that when it's challenging this means that I'll expand my knowledge - next week I will report how it turned out.AND: there was a huge level up in my life: I bought myself a laptop again so I'll be able to work from everywhere. Especially because I tend to eat when I'm bored and sitting around. Now I have my own workspace with me and can do something else.It also helps me decrease stress and pressure around my worktime as I'm not longer tied to my desktop PC at home for my freelancing work but I can take most of the things to other places - outside even!MY QUESTION OF THE WEEK:On your fitness journey, what changes did you make to your environment be it workspace, gym or household? Were there specific items you purchased that helped you stay on track on the long run?As always, I would be delighted to read any answers or inspiration on this topic.Now for last weeks question, where I was asking, how to deal with the expectations of others and the fear of letting them down.I'm so happy I adressed this question as I was able to reflect on everything and was pointed into the direction. Was it a coincidence that this week I saw a new video of both ModernHealthMonk and ObesetoBeast talking about this topic? John Glaude from ObesetoBeast mentioned in his video, that his family and friends saw a "beacon of hope" in him, as he was losing weight and that he would stress out about not letting them down too, ordering salad in the Restaurant when he was with them, to show them, that he was eating healthy, even if he would be binging alone at home afterwards. Wow, that was so well described and really struck me but also made me understand, that I'm not alone with my thoughts and that others have been through this and have made it and so he'S some kind of "Beacon of Hope" also for me.And then there was the nice reply of lynneta here in the forums: Thank you so much for this! I will see if I can get that book!This made me realize that all of this comes down to one thing: SELF CONFIDENCE and this is something I have to work on on my own. If I don't trust myself and if I permit myself to let myself down, I will of course be afraid of being judged.Alexander Heyne of ModernHealthMonk opened his video in saying that and it really makes the point I think. How should others look up to you or me when we don't even have faith in ourselves and in what we are doing? If we aren't strong enough to stand up for our beliefs and are not proud to talk to someone else about it? We should look forward to those bullys and want our journey to be challenging and not too much straight forward! But to walk ahead, we have to train and know where on the path we are standing. Working out, even though it's more cardio I'm doing at the moment, helps me a lot to gain self assurance. Let's see how this adventure unfolds! Thank you so much for reading! Yours, Elanor
  2. Hello everyone! As you can see in my signature, I've been around here for quite some time already (in September I'll be member of the Academy for 2 years). I'm building my character and already had many ups and downs. I love doing the challenges, but I had to stop them as I had to organize my scedule differently and couldn't start and end appropriatly. I've started to write a independent blog about my journey, but I really want to be around this forum too because this community and it's support is so awesome!!!! I will post here some small News more frequently I think (but not daily ). And I (re)discovered my love for making videos - as an art and design Nerd I started a channel on YouTube because there I can do whatever I want (yes, also Rainbow video thumbnails ) and try out things without any pressure. And I noticed, that even with having to edit everything, it's easier for me to talk into the camera - I'm more focused and the things just come out and then it's done and I can concentrate on uploading everything and not thinking about corrections for hours. Yesterday I updated my Journey and today I want to do the same here! Thank you for reading - all about my weight loss is in the video: Yours, Elanor aka Jaana