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  1. Ok, here goes the update for Friday and Saturday: Quest 1: two more stars added - yay Quest 2: What's on my mind: Quest 3: 6/10 points Quest 4: 7/5 horse training sessions - yay!
  2. ok, so here comes my update - the last one I posted was saturday and today's friday, so I'll make it short: Quest 1: yes, it's going rather good - I'll give myself 4 stars for 5 days because on one (can't remember which one ), I didn't do anything. Quest 2: Obviously I failed at this one for 5 days ... so, what's been going on beside the cold and me not being able to write long texts on the PC: Quest 3: hm, let me give myself for the 5 days overall 18/25 points Quest 4: I already worked with 3 of my horses 3/5
  3. yes, I still exist - and I'm still into this challenge but it's so freezing here, that I can't turn on the computer whenever I want. We live in a normally rather warm region and our house is not really equipped for low temperatures, especially if it's very windy. We have a small stove in the kitchen wich we need to light and warm the kitchen every morning and I don't want to risk my PC to be shocked by turning it on while still cold so, I have to wait .... yawn ... I hope I will find time to write more later
  4. So, for today's update: Quest 1: done - yay! Quest 2: What's on my mind? Quest 3: I give myself 3/4 Quest 4: yay, I found some time today ... our in the cold .., it was worth the freezing being around my horses is the best! 5/5
  5. Hello fellow rebels! I decided to jump in on this challenge today because I want to dedicate again some time to build habits. It's my 10th challenge but I'm sort of respawing after a break. Maybe I'll write more about everything in one of my updates. So, these are my quests: Get that housework done once and for all: 1 hour of household chores minimun DAILY!!! I've made lots of improvement to this already, now I want to build up a routine that I can make stick, so I don'i have to force myself so much daily. This should be a 100% no miss quest - if I miss one day, I'll do 2 hours the next one. Get that stuff out of my mind: I'll update daily in the forums and I will try to empty my mind and write down everything I'm thinking about concerning fitness and my body. I'll call it some "writing therapy". Have 5 healthy meals per day and weigh in every week at least once. This is just a bonus level and I would be happy to achieve a progress of about 50% for this month. I will work with each one of my horses at least once a week. In Winter it's sometimes hard to find the motivation to go outside - I've spent several weeks now with so much work inside that I definetely have to be around my horses a lot more!!! Rewards: over this month I will make that order on amazon for which I received a gift card, so it reaches me around end of the challenge - I packed in a lot of fitness gear like protein powder (very difficult to get where I am), a shaker and many utensils more. So, this is it for me - for today I have already fullfilled Quest 1 and 2 and for the healthy meals I had 4 of them, but one that I wasn't so proud of and one more is ahead, so I'll reward myself with 4 of 5 points today. Haven't been able to work my horses though You'll read me tomorrow - if not, write me a message Yours Elanor