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  1. Here is my home training routine It takes about 30 min with short rest between sets. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome! "J-mans Home training plan - using barbell 18kg and body weight - pyramide super set with - Row - hangclean with front squat. ( First one row and one hang clean with front squat, then two of each and so on. Up to 5 reps then down again. All without any rest.) Do this 2 times - Super set of - 5 hangcleans with overhead press - 10 lunges (5 on each leg) - 15 pushups Everything 2 times without rest. Then another double set of this. - declined pushups 2 x 10 - pullups. 5 sets of negative pullups. - 3x 30 sek plank"
  2. Summary of week one. Monday: supposed to be Grit-strenght group training but they decided to remove that one so instead monday is another strenght training day. Compound exercises. Felt strong! Tuesday: restday Wednesday: home training. (I will post my home training plan if someone else is interested) Thursday: rest Friday - sunday: away on a trip to friends in another city. Only did a short bodyweight circiute on saturday just to do something. So in all it was not a perfect start of the challenge. I missed one strenght training and the precious swimming. But I felt strong on both strenght sessions so thats positive. Hopefully this week will be back to routine!
  3. Ok. yesterday was home training. Went well. I was really tired afterwards but it felt great. The rest of this week however will not be as planned. We're going away on a trip friday till sunday without any training. Well I'll get nack at it next week!
  4. Great looking goals! Your combination of strenght training and Hiit cardio will be great I think. Its alittle bit the same as what Im aming for with this challenge. Well abit!
  5. Nice goals. I like the biking goals! When you say 100 pushups do you mean that you want to be able to do 100 pushups in one go??!
  6. Summary of the first day: A rough day! I had a bad day at work again. I work as a teacher and today was one of those days when I dont want to be a teacher anymore! Ungrateful students that dont appriciate the work you put down for them and stressfull days. I get these days more often now and it brings me down and not just me but also my wife and daughter. ( I think I have to add some kind of life quest to this challenge, something that will push me to get some change in my life.) so, that was the "perfect" start of the challenge. After work was over it was time for Grit strenght, I thought. Nope they decided to stop that class for some reason. Not a big deal though! I just get alittle more strenght training done instead. So training today was good! I felt stronger than last time!
  7. Ok, one day left. Tomorrow is Grit strenght day so I pack my bag and make my self ready! Lets do this everyone!!
  8. So a week will look something like this. Monday: Flexibility excercises as warm up then Grit Strenght Tuesday: Rest day Wednesday: Flexibility excercises as warm up then hometraning Thursday: Rest day Friday: Flexibility excercises as warm up. - Spinning and Running. - Strenght training Saturday: Rest day (maybe run ot bike outside) Sunday: Swimming
  9. Hi everybody! Ok I have done a challenge or two before but I feel like I want to start over this time. So here we go again. Main quest: Perform in a mini-tri race in august. Thats 600meters swim, 20km bicycle and 4km run. - My goal is to do it under 1h 20 min - Sub goal is to be able to do the whole swim with crawl and be able to do the whole swim without stopping. J-man goes Sylar - "Gathering the super powers Part 1" To complete this race within 1h 20min (or better) I need to gather some extra powers! So with the determination of Sylar its time to get what should be mine from some of our favorite!? super heroes! Watch out, here comes the finger! Aquaman: Goes without saying, swimming is the key here - I need to improve my crawl tecnuiqe so I can swim longer distances. Batman: I dont think there are any special needs for an extremely deep and dark voice in a triathlon (but what do I know? this will be my first one) No what I need from batman is his super speed from his extremely cool "bike"! The flash: Who would be a better choice to pay a little friendly!? visit to if you want to get some super speed for the running leg of the race? Superman: Ok, hes a though guy, it wont be easy to get into his head but for the super strenght of his it will be worth it. The stronger the better! Mr. Fantastic: Yes please! I can take some of that flexibility. Actually I think I will, please hold still! This wont hurt a bit! For this challenge I will work with all of my new super powers, but my main focus will be on getting the basics ready. That means focus on Aquaman, Mr Fantastic and Superman, for these weeks. Aquaman: Swim like a superhero! For these 6 weeks I will refine my tecnuiqe and aim for higher stammina. - I will vist the swimming pool atleast once every week. - At the end of the challenge I should be able to swim 200 meters crawl without stopping. Superman - lift like a super hero. Well... atleast build a stronger body. I feel like I need to be stronger not only in my legs but also in my core, back and shoulders. I believe a little more strenght will help me to be stronger in the swim and in the bicycle, and also help me avoid injuries. 1. I will build strenght by doing the big compound exercises (squat, deadlift, benchpress, military press, pullups and dips) once every week. 2. And to balance it and get some muscular endurance I will also do Grit strengt (or similair) once every week. (30min HIIT strenght training in group 3. Once every week I will do a bodyweight/barbell training set at home. Mr. Fantastic - Bend like a super hero So I've just started to lift things up an put them down(squats, deadlift and so on). I soon realized that I am more stiff like the hing than flexibel as Mr fantastic. So I need to work on this. - Before all training session I will follow a warmup plan involving several excercises to help get more movement. Actually I got two plans. I will do them both before each training session. I will also do some biking and running. Atleast one 20min spinning followed by 20min treadmill once every week at the gym. By the time of the next challenge I will shift focus to batman and flash!
  10. Hi Just wanted to drop by and give you all a good cheer. You've been doing great! I never finnished my last challenge and habe not really been around for a bunch of months, due to stuff and things :-( well I hope to be back for next challenge. I have a triathlon after this summer that I want to finnish with good time. So I need to get at it for real now! One of my earlier goals was to do a 10k run in less than an hour, yesterday I was out and my runkeeper stopped reporting distance halfway through, ended up doing a 9.5 k run in 51 minutes. I was ofcourse super thrilled, still abit of a bummer that I didnt get my real first 10k. Sorry for a long post but its always a good motivation to come by here!! J-man!
  11. Today: I had a day with orienteering for my students so quite abit of walkikg and running for me setting the course and so on. Also did a very short bodyweight training tonight. //j-man
  12. Hi everybody. Last week was no training except for a 5k run at saturday. Runkeeper messed up so I dont have a time or exakt distance but about 5k in 24-25 minutes. This week sofar has been slow to. Will try get some running done and some body weight training too. Cold is better.. knee is about the same. The swimming hasnt been :-) as I said in the first post just one or two swims during this challenge is ok. Focus on bike and run. Will get back it again now! //J
  13. Hi everybody! Nothing to worry about. Ive just been down with a cold. I have had it for more than a week now. Ive taken it really slow so I dont make it worse. Last week I didnt even take the bike to work. My classes are going well sofar, though. Even if Im abit nervous about instructing bodypump and all that but I think Ill manage it. The knee has been better for a while but the last two days Ive felt it again. I think Its because I need to get started with the training again. Thank you all for checking in, hopefully Ill be back in the end of the week with atleast a shorter run. Being sick sucks! //J-man
  14. Ok... the cold beat up with me again! So Im taking it easy for a couple of days. Instead Im focusing on my life quest. So today Ive started working with all my classes. Im not completely done but everything is planned for the comming months atleast. So Im happy! Hopefully I'll be feeling better by around thursday or friday so I can take a run and maybe something more.
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