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  1. i don't post here terribly often lately (though i still <3 you guys!) but i'm dealing with something and i could really use some advice. there are people in real life i could talk to, maybe, but since the person i'm concerned about also knows these folks, i don't want to risk spreading gossip around/etc. so here we go. i'm concerned that someone i care about alot may be developing a drinking problem. he doesn't have any of the tell-tale signs (trouble at work or in relationships because of drinking, etc.) but i definitely find he's getting to a point of excess much more frequently lately.
  2. hey kids...long time no see. i used to post here alot towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. i graduated in december and then life changed alot (got a grownup job, moved) and i kinda fell off the nerdfitness bandwagon. not that i wasn't a huge fan of the site...i just really kinda moved away from using the computer when i wasn't at work. so here i am now, though, and i feel like life is going really well in alot of ways (job, boyfriend, finances) but other areas have taken a hit recently and it's bringing me down...and i need to find some help. so i've decided to rea
  3. Oh, there you are! Glad all's well. I know what you mean by not wanting be on a computer after a full day of it at work.

  4. i saw that on netflix the other day and it sounded interesting and entertaining. now that i've heard someone's seen it and liked it, i'll definitely check it out!
  5. i did the ballet/jazz/tap thing as a kid/teen but really want to get back into dance again. i'd like to try ballet again. the thing for me was, when i was a teenager, i felt outta place because, although i wasn't awful, i didn't have the tall/skinny dancers body like so many girls in my classes. it would be really nice to find a place to take classes where women who look like women go.
  6. it's going good guys! sorry i havnet really been around. i got a grown up job where i'm on a computer all day...so hanging out on web forums has lost some appeal. but i still get the email updates and such. how are you guys?

  7. Lachy apparently we were thinking the same. How goes it ebm?

  8. Hi ebm, I haven't seen your name on the forum lately, thought I'd pop in and see how you're doin'! :)

  9. my boyfriend and i moved in together almost a year ago and set up a joint bank account for shared expenses like rent and groceries. we each put in about the same amount each month. we've each kept our own separate accounts of course for things that are more individual expenses. now that i'm done with school and my temp job is over, i am job hunting again and expecting to be employed in the next 1-2 weeks. my boyfriend really hates his job and we have discussed him leaving once i get situated so that he can find something he likes better. he's been looking some already but his job is such t
  10. ok so i just got back to sl after being out of town. dropped the weight on my squats down a bit to work on form. i'm not really tech-savy and i have only a mildly bright phone instead of a smart one so i'm not sure if videos are possible...though i'll look into it. what i found is: no, i'm not going all the way down in my weighted squats. i get to about parallel or a little above and then come back up. partially because i'm afraid of going off balance and falling but partially because it's sorta uncomfortable down there. after about parallel i feel like i get some body resistance (perhaps
  11. congrats on giving this a shot! it's a really great experiment to see how you feel and how your body reacts. even if you don't stick with it (i didn't) you'll learn tons about listening to your body and your own emotional food triggers and such. oh, and don' t worry too much about the fruit for weight loss thing. i ate 2-3 servings of fruit a day and lost about 5-10 lbs in the 30 day period. others will disagree but that's my personal opinion.
  12. congrats on all this! i'm working on my 5k so that is a super awesome accomplishment. also, kudos to your wife - sounds like you two are supporting each other really well!
  13. i can't believe none of ya'll have mentioned that men tend to get better (more distinguished) looking as they get older...while women tend to peak and fade. i'm so jealous of ya'll for that.
  14. alot of men have a hard time just listening to someone's problems...they have it built into them that they have to "fix" everything. it can be hard to do (there's an episode of modern family that explains this so well) but you have to know the difference between when your wife wants you to offer advice...and when she justs wants you to listen to her bitch.
  15. hey all, some friends and i are getting together on april 14th in piedmont park for a picnic and play-day. it's an open invite and everyone is encouraged to bring friends...so i'm inviting my nerdfitness friends! we will be grilling out, drinking margaritas, playing frisbee, and just generally having a chill saturday. festivities start at about 1pm and we will likely be on the large field near the park tavern restaurant (across from the grady high school football field). if you'd like to join us (and feel free to spread the invite), just send me a private message and i'll give you my phone nu
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