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  1. it's going good guys! sorry i havnet really been around. i got a grown up job where i'm on a computer all day...so hanging out on web forums has lost some appeal. but i still get the email updates and such. how are you guys?

  2. hey, selling anything is all pretty much the same :) it's all about taking the time to learn your product inside and out (i worked at a shoe store years ago and i think i tried on every style of shoe we had...just so i could tell people about each one). after that, it's learning what your client looks for. put yourself in their shoes and anticipate their needs. don't be afraid to talk to people and ask lots of questions - people LOVE to talk about themselves and the more you know about them and the more you can build a repoire the better salesperson you'll be. sales is basically about linking features (what a product does/has) and benefits (why you would want a product to do that). so, for suits, an example of a feature might be "wrinkle free." the benefit is that you can travel in that suit or pack it in a suitcase and not have to worry about dry-cleaning. just a few thoughts but feel free to hit me up if you have any more specific questions - take care!

  3. i'm in midtown. grew up in the northern burbs (roswell/alpharetta area) but now i'm intown which i love. just starting to appreciate decatur after too many years of finding it to be a hassle. now that i'm close it doesn't seem so bad :)

  4. for real! are you new to the forum? what part of atlanta are you in?

  5. sounds great! i'm in the midtown area so let me know if you need any help!

  6. hello there - do you mind if i ask whereabouts in atlanta you are?

  7. hey thanks for the advice you gave on my post. so many people seem to speak in the voice of "you should do this or that" but i really appreciate your honest tangible advice.

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