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  1. So I had my first ride the other day, on bike paths, not in the bush yet. But for me, a 20km ride is no joke, so yay me.
  2. Hey sorry Ive been out of action. I have been in Bali, having a laid back family time, with a LOT of hiking thrown in! I bough an Aldi mountain bike, but it had pretty good components (I am told), so it is a brilliant way to dip my toes into the whole mountain bike thing without dropping too much money. Where I live has a lot of mountain biking around me, so I am looking forward to doing more of it. I also bought a Fenix 5, they were over 50% off, so I thought why not. I love it so far, eeven though I think I use about 10% of it. Youll hear more from me th
  3. Hi all, after getting into this a bit more in the last few months, I think maybe the druids is my place. I have been enjoying the meditation/yoga thing, both physically and mentally. But.... I am well aware that my fitness levels have affected so much of my life experience. I am quite string, but I have zero endurance. So this is the time! I have bought myself a mountain bike, and a new fitness tracker. So this month I want to ride/row/walk and swim myself into a few better metrics. This thing measures Vo2 max, so maybe I will hope to see a slightly better number there
  4. As we cpome to the end of this, I didn't loose as much as I wanted, but I did loose some. I am still active, I am happy and my life and body are headed into a nice direction. So what is there to dislike. I am super proud of myself for taking the wins and keeping on moving. That's not something I would have done a few months ago, so freaking go me.
  5. It really was a great day, and with some of our kids, not losing any was quite a win too.
  6. So yesterday was a blast. I am a cub leader, and we took 39 kids to the snow. The day before had been horrid, gale force winds and record low temperatures, with LOTS of snow. But yesterday the sun came out, the wind died off, and we had an amazing day with LOTS of fresh snow. The kids had a blast, and we didn't loose any! More importantly for me, I did more stuff. In the past I would have said I will do the food or something, but I did tobogganing, made snow men, had snow fights and went for a big hike up the hill. That was no small feat, as the snow was soft and at least knee deep
  7. Plenty of walking, yoga, meditation, so I have pretty chill. I have lost a kilo, so I am pretty happy there too. Really nothing at all to report, but I thought I would touch base anyway.
  8. So today I was planning on swimming, but goodness it is cold (well for here anyway). I just couldn't convince myself to get into the water. Now in the past, that would have been the end of me doing anything at all, but I loaded up darebee and got it done. I am actually quite proud of myself for that. Yes I know it is a tiny thing, but I have this feeling that my world is going to be won by a series of small wins. By being kind to myself, and by making choices that better serve who I want to be! I will do some yoga today, and meditate as well, so all in all a good day.
  9. Opps, a bit late, but you know, better late than never and all. Long time lurker, and finally did my first challenge last month. Found that I needed to work on my insides before my outsides, and find some of my self worth and happiness! So last one was all meditation and get started moving, this time around its a bit more about food and movement (and starting to drop some kilos). Thanks for having me and the lovely support I have had so far.
  10. Yesterday wasn't the best of days. I did do my 16 hour fast (yay), and 20m mins of meditating, and I reached my steps goal (10,000), but I didn't do any specific exercise, and I ate junk food for dinner in a rush going from work to cubs. But reading over that, I think I did a lot better than I would have in the past. I need to find ways to be more kind to myself (lets be honest, enough people in this world will be unkind to me without me adding to the problem). Today is another day, and I will kick it! Thank you goes to darkfoxx, I had never heard of dareb
  11. Since you asked, here it is https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/114489-time-to-loose-some/
  12. Hey all, I finished the last challenge, and have really noticed a change in my stress levels and happiness. I was mostly focused on meditation and doing some yoga in the last month. Its been a long story, but I have not had a lot of self love for a long time, and I thought it might be a great time to cut that out. That's why I choose the monks, despite the fact that I need to get a lot fitter and loose some weight, I think I need to focus firstly on myself, then my appearance. So in a total switch up on that, this month I plan to focus on diet and try to loose some weig
  13. Can I be kinda dumb, and ask what are the difference between table rows and table chin ups?
  14. Hey Yall, I am back at home. I was due to stay another day, but it was raining and was forecast to rain HEAVY for the next few days, so I came home. I really enjoyed taking some time for myself, and having a bit of a break, and most importantly, prioritising myself and my own wellbeing first. Its not a normal thing for me, and it felt pretty amazing. I also didn't workout that hard, but I ate a lot better too, so surprisingly, I have dropped 2 kg! Back to some more challenging workouts from tomorrow, but keeping the yoga and meditation going!
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