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  1. To update, we're 2 weeks in now, and having pretty good results so far. Repeating meals actually makes things easier sometimes -- and will definitely make life easy during the school year (wife and I are both teachers). We've never eaten beans very much, but they do seem to do the trick for making us feel full. The hard part -- not now, but when school starts back in -- is gonna be breakfast. Omelets have been our go-to, but ain't nobody got time for that during the work week. Cheat day is our saving grace, haha -- but cheats or not, both of us are down about five pound
  2. So I've just read Tim Ferriss's The Four Hour Body (well, skimmed it really -- that thing is a brick) and I am really intrigued. I am just wondering if any of the lovely NF members here have any experience with it, or any pointers for anybody thinking of trying the diet out. What's easy about it? What's hard about it? Is it easy to stick to or does the novelty burn off too quick? If you have tried it, I'd love to hear more.
  3. It's surprisingly effective, and super easy to make. Highly recommended.
  4. Upon further review, this month is not the month for me to be taking on a challenge. I'm stuffing this one into the trunk for next month. Substitute challenge: Don't be a total sloth during my vacation.
  5. The sprout insisted upon it, lol.
  6. Sooooo about a year ago -- almost exactly! -- my wife and I were getting ready to move house. We packed our entire home into boxes, got ready to sign the papers, and ... delay. A few weeks passed ... more delays. As frustration and stress built up, I started missing strength workouts, and, well ... Two months later we finally moved, and the summer was gone, along with my entire will to live, let alone to work out. And somehow, falling off the wagon (or the horse, or whatever, choose your metaphor) stuck and I didn't get any consistency with my workouts for the ensuing year. But, we
  7. Benefits of running on a treadmill: crazy consistent pace crazy accurate distance monitoring probably air-conditioned (particularly relevant given the season Drawbacks of running on a treadmill: may make you want to commit suicide guaranteed to make you a little crazy gets you used to the idea of air conditioning on your runs FWIW, there's no automatic cutoff -- "below x pace is walking, above y pace is running." Running starts when you can no longer keep up by walking, whatever pace that happens to be. That being said, a 3-4 mph walk and calling 4.5
  8. If your playlist doesn't feature Will Smith's "Boom Shake The Room", you are doing it wrong.
  9. Right on! Advice I read is to start with something like 10% of your body weight (which is all I used for this challenge) and work up from there as your body adjusts. Chucking water bottles in the bag was a pretty easy way to increase the load, and yeah, if you're walking with others, it becomes plausible and useful, too. Go get it! It's simple to do, and it feels great!
  11. I'm back in something like a groove this week. Maybe more a ditch. Or a divot. Novel edits are progressing, but it's *sloooooow*. Way too many of my daily fucks are being used up on work stuff and my brain is shot. BUT I'M DOING IT DAMMIT. Will ruck tomorrow. (Repeat after me, self, YOU WILL RUCK TOMORROW, I don't care how cold it is.) MovNat -- well, damn. It may just be some bear crawls and stretches in between all the other stuff I have going on, because there was no escaping my bed yesterday morning. The word of the week is SALVAGE.
  12. Brothers. Sisters. How we haven't managed 300 minutes of cleaning amongst our ranks is ... well, it's a little bit appalling. Clean your rooms!
  13. Cleaning?? Saturday is my cleaning day anyway! BRO DO YOU EVEN SWIFFER
  14. Step 1: Buy ninja knives on Amazon for mad cheap Step 2: Build target and paint smiley face on it cuz why can't ninjas be happy Step 3: Giggle inwardly like a maniac as neighbors literally come rushing out of their houses to see what all the clanging is about Step 4: ???? Step 5: Become ninja Seriously. If you're looking for something a little different, this investment cost me about 20 bucks ($8 for the knives, $12 for some 2x4's and screws). The knives make a shockingly loud TANG when you miss, but the THOK when they stick
  15. Very much appreciating the motivation to bust out my rings and do some push-ups on those. (They hurt so good.)
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