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  1. I'm not nearly at most of your fitness levels but this looks like fun so I'll dip my toe in. I'm Asa - head of the Kingsman. Looking forward to working against you.
  2. Welcome to the Assassins!! This looks like an awesome challenge - excited to follow along!
  3. Went to Krav Maga yesterday but my partner was very new and not able to hold the pads right or do a lot of the moves. It was not what I needed although I used to opportunity to really work on form since I couldn't work on power. Then ended up going to the gym for a weight lifting chest sesh. I was super self-conscious since it was crawling with dude bros but I managed to shove my way in and grab the benches/weights/machines that I needed. It felt great and was exactly what I needed. Workout under the spoiler - nothing impressive weight wise, but I'm not disappointed as it was a solid workout overall. Tonight is spin class and then tomorrow will be a run or bodyweight workout because I'll be (maybe) going somewhere...? for the weekend. Idk - we aren't great with plans in my family.
  4. HOW HAVE I NOT THOUGHT ABOUT THIS. I literally code name EVERYTHING. Now opening up to suggestions.
  5. Glad your day got better! And way to kill it by going to Kickboxing!!
  6. Countdown is up! And because I like being super shady I've just put some weird labels on it and if anyone asks I'm just going to be vague about it.
  7. Basically what I keep telling myself. My teammates are all really pissed off too and don't understand why they've come down on me and only me this hard. It's a little nice because I'm getting some validation from that. I need to put a countdown to quit day somewhere...
  8. Just had a super fun meeting with my lovely bosses where I've been put on (unofficial) probation for ridiculously stupid stuff. God - the atmosphere here is so incredibly toxic and I am 100% ready to GTFO. I can't wait to tell them that I'm peacing out and headed off to be a badass lawyer. I just wish I could do it earlier rather than later. BUT I finally stood up for myself and said my piece and told them that I've had 0 mentoring, I've been learning through only making mistakes, and that it's creating a hostile environment. One of them was pretty receptive but the other was still super defensive and tried to blame the fact that he hasn't been a good boss on me. So tonight's workout is going to be Krav because I need to punch something and that will feel great. Also going to get handstand work in, and a flexibility sesh. ^^^ Me leaving this job
  9. I've always wanted to lock pick. I should get on that. (Also I'm following you but hopefully we don't get caught.)
  10. Thank you! That gif is amazing. I don't understand and I don't want to.
  11. I'd 100% play this.
  12. Following!! Ugh - what a way to start a challenge but way to stay strong!
  13. Went to Krav Maga yesterday and had to cancel my contract starting in August. It was bittersweet because I'm going to miss the gym a ton but it also makes it real! I'm leaving in 60 days! Then I got home, made a smoothie with a ton of spinach which was important because I'm pretty sure the only thing keeping me from getting scurvy over the weekend was the orange juice in my mimosa. (Celebrating - ya feel?) Did a bit of headstand work in order to test my core strength for handstands and.... it wasn't great. I'm getting more comfortable kicking up into a headstand but I don't have the core strength to get off the wall. Then I did a couple wall walk holds. Not a ton of time practicing but I'm going more for a little bit every day rather than a couple long sessions per week. Was supposed to go to spin this morning but I didn't. Going to check out (hopefully) my mother's (and my!) new house this afternoon so no workout today. Tuesday: House Viewing Wednesday: Spin Class 5:30am, Coworker Happy Hour Thursday: Krav Maga Friday: Spin Saturday: Home for the long weekend?
  14. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS My all time favorite Disney song ever. Who wouldn't want to have it stuck in their head????
  15. After a very stressful (AND SUCCESSFUL - HELL YEAH THIS ASSASSIN IS GOING TO LAW SCHOOL) last challenge, I'm going to try to keep this one simple and relatively easy to follow. Here it goes: 8 sessions of Krav Maga (2/8) 10 Spin Classes/Runs (0/10) 8 Body Weight/Weight Lifting Sessions (2/8) 25 Handstand Sessions (2/25) 25 Meals made at home (3/25) 30 Meditation Sessions (3/30) 25 Flexibility Sessions (0/25) Go through closet and donate clothes (0/1) Start packing to move (0/1) Notable Dates: June 17th: SKYDIVING (#QuarterLifeCrisis that I'm panicking about)