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  1. Oh hi! I'm still here! It was my first full week in my apartment and at my job so it's been a crazy week! I haven't been tracking my goals but I have been focusing on improving in all the areas so I've been drinking more water daily, I've done a few quick body weight workouts to get back on track, and have been focusing on eating more vegetables. I'm going to be a bit more specific on keeping track this week.
  2. Hey all! I'm back and better than ever. Since I last did a challenge (at some point in the last three years ???) I: 1) Graduated law school; 2) Got back surgery to fix a 13 year long back injury; 3) Took the Bar; 4) Moved(-ish) to a new city (I'm in the process); 5) Got a cat (named Catticus Finch); and 6) (Almost) started a job (I start on the first day of the challenge!). During Covid (and let's be real - law school), I've also gained 20 pounds and due to stress and pain (from the previously mentioned injury that is now GONE!) I haven't really had any sort of physical fitness plan. Now that I have time and ability - I need to start up again. Let's see if I can remember how to get back on this bike. Let's take it back to the basics for this one: 1) Veggies and/or fruit at every meal. 2) Water - all of it (okay 75 ounces). (Yes it's coffee, I don't have a better option) 3) At least 15 minutes of activity a day (walking, yoga, stretching, body weight, etc). I *do* have access to a gym at my new apartment so I may have biking, elliptical, etc to this BUT I don't know how busy it is and I'm not about to risk getting or spreading covid for a workout. *Note: This may or may not end up being Torchwood themed. I don't have an active fandom right now 😮 which means I needed to fall back on an old one. AKA: Please don't expect any organization. : |