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  1. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond and the Tri(wizard) Training

    Update: Not much workout stuff so far this week. Sunday and Monday were taken up by working on rebuilding my bench and that was a lot of time outside and hard work so I gave myself a break. This week is what are called On Campus Interviews (OCI for short) which is a horrible law student torture technique where a bunch of the top firms around the area come in and give certain students interviews for summer associate positions for 2019. I had two yesterday and planned horribly. I had my first at 9:00am and then my second at 3pm and intended on going to the gym between the two or after but didn't bring any of my stuff so instead I went home and caught up with a friend I haven't spoken to in almost a year. I'll take it. Today the plan is to head to the gym after work, pick up some metal spray paint from the store, and vacuum the downstairs. Dreaming Big here. Here's Monday's work on the bench just for fun.
  2. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond and the Tri(wizard) Training

    Yup! Definitely doable! I don't think swimming in a small lake will be hard - I just really hate fish and seaweed. I grew up on Lake Superior which is gigantic and super cold and I loved it because it was crystal clear and you could see all the fish and stay away. But the small lakes around here are murky and gross. The good news is the water is generally pretty warm in the summer.
  3. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond and the Tri(wizard) Training

    Bench Pics: I'm sore enough after working on this that I'm pretty sure I could sub it in for a strength workout. Ripping those boards off was hard.
  4. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond and the Tri(wizard) Training

    I'll start with a sprint and then I want to do an olympic distance at some point. We'll see how much I can stand open water swimming in small lakes though. Sprint 0.5mi (750m) 12.4mi (20km) 3.1mi (5km) Olympic / 5150 0.93mi (1.5km) 24.8mi (40km) 6.2mi (10km)
  5. In honor of the mini and that I'm listening to the Potterless podcast - I'm headed full in on training for a tri-(wizard)-athlon. I've set my sights on an indoor one in February and then continuing on to outdoor races in summer of 2019. Starting now will give me flexibility in my training and room for unexpected challenges. Goals: Stretch Everyday Week 1: S: Y M: Y T: N W: Th: F: S: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Keep up with training plan (mostly) Week 1: S: X M: X T: X W: Th: F: S: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Work on Progress towards one of the goals listed below Week 1: S: Bench M: Bench T: X W: Th: F: S: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Do something to keep the house clean once a day: Week 1: S: Y M: Y W: Y Th: F: S: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Goals: Finish rebuilding bench Clean Basement Finish Redoing Room Clean Porch