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  1. I'm dying. New challenge theme???
  2. Thanks guys! You're making me blush. I... honestly have no clue? My coworker said it made me look more innocent? Maybe they soften my Resting Bitch Face. I guess I still have my killer glare though, so there's that. It's... going to take getting used to. I like the house overall, but it's so different than what we are coming from that it's just going to take adjusting. And I'm a bit nervous about moving back in with my mother. We are really close - which is great, but it can also cause us to clash on some of the silliest stuff. So we'll see. Adjustments all around.
  3. I've never seen Archer before and don't plan too, but that was surprisingly hilarious. Get it, girl.
  4. Thanks guys! So close!!! We are moving our stuff into the house tomorrow and I'll officially be all moved in from my place next week! Thank you!!! <3 I was told I look friendlier with bangs and I was just like... It's an aesthetic in progress.
  5. Sleeping on the floor, trying to wrap up my stuff at job despite battling hardcore apathy, not working out, and just all around annoyed at life. Then this comes out: Excuse the language, but I can't fucking wait.
  6. In 5 weeks I will be heading into a new mission phase and it's time to start preparing. My handler sent me the key skills he wants me to brush up on: Hand to hand: Krav Maga (0/6 sessions) Increase Endurance: HIIT Sessions (2/28) Study Up: Finish Pre-law school books and assignments (0/6) Get Flexy and Handstands: Handstand Drills (0/25) Flexibility Sessions (2/25) Nutrition: Calorie Counting (3/25) Internal Peace: Meditation (2/25)