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  1. Asa Pond and the end of 1L of a year

    Week 1 Tracking: Workouts: Dog walking: 3/7 Yoga: 0/1 Gym: 0/1 Meals Cooked: 1/3 Studying: 4/10 - need to step up Staying Alive: Still here
  2. Asa Pond and the end of 1L of a year

    Thank you! I remember wondering how people had a hard time getting to the gym while in grad school because I managed it easily with a full time job - and in school you have more "free time" (as in actual time where you aren't required to be somewhere). BOY DID I GET SCHOOLED. A lot of it is just needing to schedule in advance and make myself go even though I feel like I should be studying. Working out isn't just about keeping weight down - it's about keeping mentally healthy too and that's something I need to remember. Those guys are awesome. That is a fantastic costume.
  3. RogueLibrarian: Space Scoundrel

    Hi Friend! Following. P.S. That coat is dope.
  4. Asa Pond and the end of 1L of a year

    Yesterday was my LAST 1L CLASS. I STG I just started school last month. This has been quite the ride. I am ending the year (pre-finals) riding a major high because I: 1) Won 2nd in my class for an oral advocacy competition; 2) Got into one of the only Trial Practicum certificate programs in the country; and 3) Am so, so excited to be on a path that I actually feel like I'm doing the right thing for me. On the other hand I've: 1) Gained 20 pounds and 2) Really lost the gym habit. While I love what I've accomplished - I need to be able to do balance my health better or I won't be able to do awesome stuff for, like, the next 80 years. This week my goal is to go to the gym once, bring my dog on a walk everyday, and do a session of yoga.
  5. Asa Pond and the end of 1L of a year

    I am working at a Legal Services office for sure. I am also volunteering at a mediation office a few hours a week (the .5). And finally I need a paying job - I have an interview to be a clerk for a local judge and if I don't get that hopefully I'll get a coffee shop job or something. It's going to be a fun summer but it's going to be crazy busy.
  6. Asa Pond and the end of 1L of a year

    YUP. Only taking 5 online credits but I'm also working 2.5 jobs so it'll be fun!!! (That's what I keep telling myself anyway and if I say it enough it'll be true, right?)
  7. 1) 3 workouts a week - 1 must be a session of yoga because stress relief. 2) Study allllll the time. 3) Cook at least 3 meals a week. (Thanks HelloFresh!) 4) (OH BTW HIIIIII Guys. I haven't died yet.)