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  1. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

  2. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    This is good to know. Okay - because it worked so well last time, here's the plan for the rest of the weekend: Today - Flexibility and Meditation Saturday - Gym, Flexibility, Barrister's Ball, Meditation Which should give me a solid 2/3 on my goals. Meditation is hard this round. I think I need to start scheduling it on my calendar just to get in the habit.
  3. I just realized I haven't been keeping up with your challenge! Parkour sounds like so much fun! It's something I've always wanted to try. Maybe once I get out of school...
  4. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    This thread may or may not dissolve into me just gushing about my new Cat. #SorryNotSorry about it. Little guy is SUCH a cuddler. I even got him to start purring this morning. He's still pretty unsure of everything but that makes sense. Hopefully he just needs time to adjust. He's so gosh darn cute though!
  5. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    Bad picture because he's still a nervous little guy but !!!
  6. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    Today was such a great day. Meditated, had a midterm, went to the gym, went shopping for my kitten, and now I'm about to go stretch before going to bed. I have work tomorrow and then I'm picking up my Catticus! Meditate: 1/6 Flexibility: 1/3 Workout: 1/2
  7. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    Thank you thank you! Other options were Barack Opawma, Marty Ginspurr (honestly still in the running if he ends up being more of a Marty), and Kit Cat.
  8. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    Putting this here so I don't back out: I will go to the gym after I'm done with my classes today. I also get to go shopping for all of Catticus's things today and then I bring him home tomorrow! Meditate: 1/6 Flexibility: 0/3 Workout: 0/2
  9. Asa Pond

    karinajean self loves like LIZZO

    Oh no! As someone who has experienced that same thing I feel for him. It sucks being young and feeling like an 80 year old. Good thoughts sent his way!
  10. Asa Pond

    Asa Pond Escapes the Dungeon

    I wasn't going to do a challenge this month but I think I need it even more now. I'm feeling a bit lost. I also injured my back and can't work out as much or as hard as I'd like to during this period. So, instead, here are my goals for this week: Stretch 3 x's weekly. 2 Visits to the Gym (Elliptical or Swimming only) Meditate Daily
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    The Rebel Cantina

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    The Rebel Cantina

    It isn't letting me add a ship?