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  1. I realize this challenge doesn't end for another 2 days but obviously I haven't been super active so I'm wrapping up here. I love my Peloton and I'm already on workout 3 of this week and have 2 more planned. I missed cardio and enjoying physical workouts so much. In fact, I already did a workout this morning and see many more morning workouts ahead of me. I'm drinking a ton of water and sticking with my goal. Also am eating a lot more mindfully and trying to make *better* choices if not the best. Overall, I'm feeling like I've made a great dive back into the world of fitness and I'm excited to see where I go from here.
  2. Ya'll I got a peloton over the weekend and it's amazing. I've missed cardio so bad but don't feel comfortable going to the gym in my apartment or public gyms just yet. So I splurged and am considering it a graduation/congrats on my new job gift for myself. Anyways - expect lot's of spin updates.
  3. You are just flying through those belts. (Or maybe the past 3 years have just gone really fast.) Either way - badass.
  4. I'm really proud of my lizard brain lately because weirdly enough, it is the part of me that is keeping me working out. My conscious brain keeps telling me I don't have to and then I'll find myself queuing up a workout and doing it anyway. Last night was 45 minutes of easy yoga followed by a 10 minute meditation session. Lunch was pad cashew with tofu and was 90% vegetables and delicious. Breakfast was avocado toast with eggs. And dinner was just a piece of rustic bread because I wasn't actually hungry and I wasn't going to force myself to eat when I didn't want to. I'm also doing really well with my water goal. I constantly just have bottles of water with me and refill them whenever they are empty. Having the Plant Nanny app is helpful too because those plants are too cute. Finally - I'm completely unpacked in my apartment! I've got all of my clothes and those random boxes/bags of stuff unpacked and put away and I'm thrilled. I won't have a couch for another month and a half so I need to go get a bean bag chair or something but until then my bed will do.
  5. Lollll Fair. Metrics for new goal: Work out 3 times a week. Drink more water than coffee. Be more conscientious about eating? (I don't like counting calories because I can get unhealthy while doing so or let going over really upset me so I don't want to make that a goal. But taking pictures doesn't seem appealing either. I think I just want to be more mindful about what I'm eating/drinking and can move towards a more specific goal later?)
  6. Check in time: I'm getting my feet back under me with working out a bit more. I met my goal of three workouts last week and worked out last night (cardio and barre) even though I really didn't want to. Water goal is going well and increasing veggies/fruit intake is improving as well. I don't know if I'm progressing in the weight/measurements area because I didn't record those but that's for later. Catticus is home and mostly doing well! He doesn't like when I leave in the mornings and I suspect he hides under the bed all day but that'll change. He was playing last night and purrs up a storm at bedtime so I'll say we are doing ok. I think he misses his brother though. At this point, I think I'm dropping my goals and they are now just - "get healthier." 😂
  7. Thank you!! It's so tough though. Omg thank you - I may have done this to my mom's a few times and I'm so glad I'm not the only one. 😂
  8. Wednesday happy hour went long and working out was not happening. But yesterday I killed it. Got home from working late and finishing up a few projects, talked myself into working out and then stretching after. Then I had homemade chicken salad and tea before finishing unpacking the last of my kitchen boxes and meditating before bed. Basically, it was just a really good day. Then this morning I accidentally set off my and my neighbor's fire alarms while making toast (It wasn't even that burnt - no smoke or anything!) and they wouldn't turn off, so that was fun. But it's Friday! And I'm going home to pick up my cat this weekend and I'm so happy because my apartment is lonely without him.
  9. It took me far too long to realize this was about a tattoo and I definitely thought you were getting an ant as a pet?
  10. Was planning on working out yesterday but emotionally and physically I was just drained after work. Nothing in particular happened but I'm still trying to adjust to working 5 days a week at an office from not doing anything, barely seeing anyone except my mom, and being able to nap every day whenever I wanted during quarantine. I'm sure I'll adjust soon enough - I actually really enjoy my job and being able to sit at my desk without any back pain is new and exciting too (one day I will stop talking about how much the surgery helped me but today is not that day). I sort of started with the "wake up early and stretch" goal today. I didn't actually leave my bed but I did stretch and feel a lot better this morning. I also made avocado toast with eggs and coffee in my french press (I haven't gotten a coffee maker for my apartment yet but I don't think I will). I was a little later to work than I would have liked, but the slower morning was SO worth it. I definitely need to start waking up earlier - which also means going to bed earlier. 😐 Today I have a happy hour with a few of the associates at my firm so I don't think a workout is going to happen but maybe some easy yoga? Lunch today is literally just whatever fruit and veggies I could round up from my kitchen because I was too lazy to throw something real together last night. AND finally - I re-downloaded Plant Nanny on my phone which is helping me keep track of my water intake by requiring me to water little plants every time I drink water. I need to keep reminding myself that a slow transition back into a serious fitness routine is more than ok - it's necessary.
  11. Could you do a little bit of the excel training in the morning and the rest at night? That way it isn't such a big chore post-work? Are you just stretching on your own or are you using a program?
  12. Here's a vague-goal for this challenge - every morning at my office I am so stiff and keep popping tylenol like it's my day job. So by the end of this challenge, I'd *like* to be waking up early enough to do a yoga or stretching session. It doesn't even have to be that long - just 15 minutes or so.
  13. I was one of the very last people to leave my office today and thank god because I swear it took me 2 minutes to get down the single flight of stairs and thank god for railings and hand sanitizer. 😂 I felt pathetic. Came home and did some easy yoga and stretching. I still need to eat a fruit or veggie tonight (unless wine counts? Yes? oh NO? No. ok.) (OH! And I had a backup chicken noodle soup for lunch that I brought to my office for just an occasion but I was really hoping it would have lasted longer than the first day of my second week.😒)
  14. I just had to come complain about the DOMS. It's been awhile and ow. Walking is hard but walking in heels is pain.
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