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  1. Asa Pond - Boot Camp

    HEY. It's me once again. BUT THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT. I got a new club membership for Christmas from my wonderful and thoughtful mother who noticed how much *not* working out has been impacting my mood overall and helped set me up for success by signing us both up for a dream place. And I also decided to give Rising Heroes another chance just to help me ramp back up to where I was before. No real theme this time because I can't think of a good one that will fit with my goals. That may change. NO 1 GOAL: FINISH THIS CHALLENGE #2 Training: Make it to the training grounds at least 4 times a week. Working out doesn't necessarily have to occur, but at the very least I need to spend 15 minutes stretching and can sit in the sauna or hot tub. I need to get back into being comfortable in a gym again. #3 Food: Track Everything. Keep it sort of healthy - think 60% clean. No alcohol. #4 Clean: Tidy up for at least 15 minutes a day. #5 Study: Generic but still important. I need to keep ahead of my classes and stay on top of the topics. I did a lot of last minute stuff last semester simply because I wasn't quite prepared mentally for the workload. This semester I am and am ready to step up to the challenge.
  2. Raptron: Business as Usual

    I am such a baby - I can't believe you still competed on bars! You're legit my hero. Hope you heal up soon and I am SO glad your ankle didn't keep you from celebrating.
  3. RogueLibrarian: there is no try

    Hey! So I know it's warm now, but just in case it snows again this is some good advice:
  4. Raptron: Business as Usual

  5. Asa Pond - Boot Camp

    Haha - well, when we get brunch the girls always talk about how they wish they could just stay in and go to bed early. When I ask why they don't no one has an answer. So, either people are getting old younger and younger (which is very possible ) or its the just not caring part. I'm thinking like, stretch for 15 minutes a day, swim twice a week, resistance work 3 times a week... that type of thing. Go in a more traditional challenge format instead of just do things.
  6. Asa Pond - Boot Camp

    Didn't make it to the gym on Wednesday because I was exhausted again. Need more sleep and iron pills maybe? But I did get a solid swim workout last night that went well. I do need to start printing off swim workouts so I can track growth instead of making stuff up on the fly. I don't have class today so I'm planning on getting some school work out of the way and then heading to the gym tonight. I'm looking forward to setting some more distinct goals for the next challenge. These have been a great way to start the year off, but I'm ready to get back into a planned groove.
  7. Asa Pond - Boot Camp

    I'm noticing this more and more. I skew towards the lower end of the older law school student crowd (does that make sense at all?), and have noticed that the people younger than me care so much more about how they appear to the people around them in terms of basically everything. Then there's me who is fully comfortable looking like a gunner and staying at home on weekend nights going to bed at 9pm and watching Criminal Minds. It's a good feeling to realize I can do what I want and it really doesn't matter what other people think.
  8. RogueLibrarian: there is no try

  9. The school I go to right now was the last team the quarterback played. It's bothered a lot of people around here and, I think, its making people rethink how they treat sports and the opposing teams. My heart goes out to him and his family - death is never easy, but suicide is so hard to wrap one's head around. <3
  10. Asa Pond - Boot Camp

    Yesterday I was supposed to go to the gym but I was SO TIRED. I literally went to bed at 8:30pm. Reevaluating my eating and super increase in activity made me realize that I need to eat more. I've been eating really well and now I just need to increase the good stuff I'm eating. It's crazy how much my attitude towards food and work improve just from simply having the option to work out again. I've really learned I'm an all or nothing person, which is probably something I should work on. Over the last 4 months, I've literally gone days not eating a vegetable. Now that I have the gym in my life again, I've eaten a vegetable in almost every meal I've had this month without even thinking about it. I need to work on developing that instinct even when I can't work out because I won't always be able to work out but I'll still need to stay healthy. Today is probably swimming and I don't know what I'm going to do for dinner... really need to find a time to go shopping.