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  1. Let's try this again. So.... I tried on the last challenge, and I mostly achieved what little goals I had but now I actually want to document that success (and keep up with you guys because I miss you all). So here is round 2 or the remix. I'm doing PT for my back finally so I'll be back into tip top shape soon! My PT is awesome (and a sexy, silver fox Scottish man which always makes things more fun) and is really going into detail to finally FIX the issue instead of just masking it, so I'm super stoked. I also really miss running and since my back is feeling better I'm going to try to put that back into my routine. I think it will also help my anxiety a ton. I'm also trying to convince my mother to join a gym, so if I can I'll throw swimming in too. Finally - eating better needs to get in there and law school stuff should probs be included somewhere too. Goal 1: Physical Therapy - 2 times a week. - Don't Cancel - Do the homework Goal 2: Cardio (is hardio) (*On hold pending approval from my PT*) - Run or other cardio workout 2 times a week - If back is painful - don't do. Goal 3: Eat a vegetable twice a day - Start drinking smoothies for breakfast again - Keep up the good dinner work Goal 4: Law School - Write EVERYTHING down - Get Outlines completed - Purchase study aids - Start studying for finals
  2. Atomic Justice the Remix- Asa Pond

    ONE of these days I will once again complete a successful challenge. Today is not that day. Updates: PT is going fabulously. Still not 100% - I'd say I'm at about 70% but I'm calling that a win from the 30% I was when I started. Law school is hard but satisfying. (If I know you guys as well as I think I know you then get your minds out of the gutters. If it's just me then #awk.) The next two months are no longer known as November and December but rather Finals Prep and Finals so I'm probs not going to be doing much that doesn't involve my head in my books. I really want to catch up with everyone though so I'll likely be sticking my nose into your challenges soooooooon! Miss you boos.