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  1. For anyone who has read my challenge, you know I am looking forward to dunking a basketball. I need to lose about 15-20 more pounds to be at an ideal weight for this (I think). Also, looking forward to crushing my lent commitment of Primal for the Lenten season and having those results finally push my wife over the Primal edge
  2. Orange juice is just oranges, that is correct, but that is not why orange juice is bad. Take an orange and squeeze the juice out of it into a glass. Now, think about how big of a glass of orange juice you drink and how many oranges it would take to make that glass. That's where orange juice (or fruit juice in general) gets you in trouble.
  3. Ehh...the desk job doesn't mean too much...you still need more calories. You can start by adding 250-500 more a day and see where that gets yah
  4. You aren't eating enough actually. A quick calculation of your daily calorie expenditure (BMR * activity level) puts you at 2866 calories burnt a day. You are eating 2156 calories a day. You need to be eating at a surplus or at least maintenance if you want to gain strength. Start adding about 800 calories to your day and see where your workouts/energy levels go.
  5. You could have fun with RFL. It incorporates some cheats and reloads (you know, in case you want to binge). But, you will definitely have a couple of days in the week that you don't have a ton of energy. It is a very aggressive crash diet. Lyle even says so in the book.
  6. Age? height? weight? This will help a lot with the responses. A quick glance tells me you aren't eating near enough
  7. My best advice is be okay with a failure. Don't let one failure mushroom into 20. You are going to struggle and have moments of weakness....that's okay, just come back strong. Make short term and long term goals. You have been on the board for a while now and have working your way into becoming the healthy, fit person you desire. It is going to be hard and the temptations will be numerous. Just focus on becoming the best you can. I saw a quote, "great sailors aren't made in calm waters." It's the struggle, and overcoming that struggle that makes us great. Don't let your struggle get the best of you, figure out how to beat it and go beat it.
  8. My guess.....you go into this convinced you are going to fail and find the first excuse to jump off the bus. You then surround yourself in short term highs (pizza) only to find yourself very low (where you are at today). Sounds awful right? Welcome to what 90% of the population experiences when they try to change their lives. You are trying to break years of bad habits....it is going to take time. Pick yourself up and start over. Don't aim for perfection, aim for progress that leads to change. You can do it
  9. Are squats your first exercise?
  10. Glad that Wednesday went well. Your focus is impressive. Do you know anyone around who deadlifts? Maybe get them a guest pass to your gym one day so they can watch your form? You know, just to make sure you don't hurt yourself. That would completely derail your wrestling dreams
  11. Wow...it has been over a week since I posted in here. Not good. Went to the gym today for the first time in a long time. Got a solid lift in and lifted heavy to get back into the swing of things. Highlights of the workout included Benching 235 for 2 reps (most I have tried in a very long time), getting 3 sets of at least 3 reps of clean and press with 135 lbs in. Other than that, workout included, chin ups, deadlifts, overhead press, close grip bench, curls, dips, push ups and shrugs.
  12. Okay....Week 1 was a complete success for me. Week 2 and 3, not so much. Made all of my workouts but that is pretty much it. Getting back on track this week
  13. What Carjack said. You could benefit from gaining about 20 pounds through compound hevay lifting and actually eating.
  14. Thanks. The easy thing to do in his situation would be to quit, but marriage is a commitment and nothing something you can quit. I was worried about my workout today but it actually turned out well. I increased my weight or reps in all of my exercises. I banged out a few clean and presses with 135 pounds as well....I love doing that
  15. Finished my workout this afternoon and am glad that my strength continues to climb while I am trying to lose fat. Also finding out that I have strange love of the clean and press. I am always doing a couple reps of these whenever I get the chance. I am worried that I am going to get myself into trouble if I try and increase weight too much so I am actually working on just exploding through the rep quicker with the same weight.
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