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  1. Had surgery 2 weeks ago to fix a condition I had going on in my esophagus. The surgery was done laproscopically through my chest. Doctor told me I can't lift heavy weights for 6 months. This seriously is going to drive me crazy. I love weight lifting, I hate cardio. Looks like I am going to have to take up running (although not quite yet) and bodyweight workouts that don't put a ton of stress on my abs. Anyone have some good novice running plans or bodyweight routines? I have spent years developing a pretty solid base of muscle, really worried I am going to lose it all over the next few
  2. Why wouldn't you accept the good bits and the bad bits? Definitely not being accusatory here, just asking
  3. Of course this is a slippery slope discussion, but it doesn't need to be closed. People are finite. Religion is a belief system based in faith. Faith can not be proven, the definition of the word is believing in something without proof. So, we are discussing a topic that is bigger than us. If we can keep an open mind and not judge each other, we should be fine. Now, I'm a Christian. We tend to get a bad rap from the group of Christians who condemn people. Christianity is based in one thing, forgiveness. We are all forgiven of our sins through Christ. The people who condemn aren't foll
  4. Bulgarian Split Squats, Single Leg Squats. Both of these can work very well also
  5. Talking to your parent's first is a good idea, if anything for the respect it shows. As for the classes, no worries there. The classes are designed to make sure you ar ready to be married and explain the challenges you will face. You can accomplish the same task just finding some married couples to counsel with. Marriage is hard and challenging. Having a support network is key...much more important than the classes (at least in my opinion)
  6. I don't think there is anything wrong with that idea at all. Marriage is about the life long commitment you are about to make and the vows you are comitting to. Everything else is material. I think it's awesome that you want to be married before you move in together. And, properly saving for the wedding and not using credit is the Ramsey way, and I believe you are following that. Would you still do the classes now, or would you wait until your bigger ceremony? Also, you said that your family is expecting a big wedding, would you explain your plan to them up front?
  7. Sorry to hear about your loss. I've never dealt with your situation exactly but I have dealt with loss. My wife and I lost our second son at about 1.5 months old. It was devestating, it still is. First thing to know is that you will never be the same and that's okay. I look for opportunities to hep other people who are going through or went through what I did. Helping others is my best medicine. Keep your buddy in your heart and always remember him. Be grateful for the time you had with him. Appreciate that you are still around and that you can support his family and help them through
  8. I don't want to highjack the thread, but would a shoulder surgery do to your wrestling progress? I am guessing you are on kind of a set schedule. Asmodeus, let us know what your second MRI reveals
  9. Ours was about 5 different couple sharing stories of their marriages and some of their struggles. We were given a short essay question after each couple's presentation to answer and share with our future spouse. I can see where this part could bring up some sources of animosity/frustration. Really wasn't bad. My wife (fiancee at the time) and I were already very open with each other so there weren't a whole lot of surprises that came out of this.
  10. For anyone who has read my challenge, you know I am looking forward to dunking a basketball. I need to lose about 15-20 more pounds to be at an ideal weight for this (I think). Also, looking forward to crushing my lent commitment of Primal for the Lenten season and having those results finally push my wife over the Primal edge
  11. Grew up Catholic and have since become more non-denominational. One of the perks of leaving was Catholicism was that I could eat meat on Fridays. I did a lot of thinking about Lent this year and realized that I should be sacrificing for the Lord I love. Not because I have to (I hate being told I have to do anything, Jesus' sacrifice was a gift, not a threat), but because I want to. I am comitting to Primal (plus dairy) for Lent. Hardest part of this will be giving up diet pop and splenda in my coffee. No cheats for me outside of a birthday party I have planned for my wife in a couple of
  12. I'm real late to this party but definitely feel like adding my 2 cents. Loren is right, a husband's job is to lead. Of course the way a husband leads is what is most important. You lead through service. Marriage is a responsibility. A husband's job is to serve his wife and his family. At some point in time humility and compassion were characterized as 'weak.' Humilitiy, respect and compassion are the true measure of a man. A husband who leads his family in this manner sets his family up to live in the same manner. MirGSS, sounds like your husband may be letting his pride get in the w
  13. I think AJ was referring to how quickly you are looking for results. I would classify your recent mentality as 'hurried', when something like getting bigger takes time. I would spend that $100 supplement money on more food. Eating more will be your best way to get bigger
  14. Orange juice is just oranges, that is correct, but that is not why orange juice is bad. Take an orange and squeeze the juice out of it into a glass. Now, think about how big of a glass of orange juice you drink and how many oranges it would take to make that glass. That's where orange juice (or fruit juice in general) gets you in trouble.
  15. To everyone who does not like the Christianity in the book, just think of it as a principle. A Bible verse can still be good advice even if you don't believe in the source material.
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