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  1. I could basically be considered a complete beginner as well. I tried to start a challenge early summer, but what with the transition of moving off to college it got left in the dust. I'm home on break now and would be willing to have a meet up before I go back on the 7th/8th, but that's not much time to plan anything.
  2. Well howdy there y'all! I hail from the upper city limit of KC (to the liberty guy: about 20 min straight west on 152), but currently live off at college. I'll be home for break, though.
  3. Well, I actually started late b/c I just found NF two days ago. So, so far, I haven't done much lol
  4. Intro: I am 18 years old, and will be entering college this fall. I'm a Wood Elf, with some level of fitness currently. Most past training has been in the Assassin fields of study, though low level. Now working to be a Ranger as my personal goal. Main Quest: To complete the 300 workout in under 40 minutes. Quest 1: Exercise 1 hour a day, 5 days a week 2 days of weights, 1 day of cardio/endurance, 2 days of calisthenics per week (I might change this within 1 week if it's too intensive. Advice appreciated!) Measurement: A = 30 days, 1 hour; B = 25 days, 1 hour; C = 20 days, 1 hour Ques
  5. Hey folks, am I too late to join the party here? I'm looking for a group. I realize you already have 7, but could you sqeeze in 1 more newbie?
  6. You're fine, I understand! Thanks! I'll try to get my challenge page up ASAP, and then maybe see about starting another group.
  7. Am I too late to join the crew here? I'm a total newbie, I don't even have my challenge set up yet b/c I'm having a hard time setting a specific long-term goal.
  8. Newbie here, are there any NF folks active in KC?
  9. Thanks! Getting on it now. Next problem: I don't really know what my goals are. I've been exercising on and off for a while now, but I really don't have a clue what specific goals to head toward other than wanting more functional strength/stamina/flexibility. Who might I ask for advice on that? Current build: 6', 140lbs. Body fat % is very low, having at times dipped all the way down to 6 (though usually it's a little above 10). Basically, tall and skinny. I do have some strength(compared to friends who don't exercise), but not a lot.
  10. Hey everybody! I just found NF yesterday, and so far love what I see. I'm a wood elf, and my personal goals definitely fit with the Rangers. I also have a strong interest in the Assassin guild, but for now I'll just get into better shape all around before getting more specific. Now that I'm here, I don't really know much about where to start. Am I too late to start the current challenge?
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