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  1. So I did get my ass to the gym last night. It wasn't too busy, my workout was 20 mins of cardio and some light weightlifting. At the time I was tired and grumpy and it was raining. But afterwards I felt great, I'm going to look into my workout for next week as this week I'm off for a walk with my friends in the hill. Let's see what happens next.
  2. So I used Nerd Fitness for a bit a few years ago but stopped after a while when Uni became all consuming. In that time I've put on more weight and my willpower has decreased, I've tried multiple times to lose weight but it's never stuck. I feel like a hamster stuck in a wheel, just going around and around, doing the same things and nothing working. Thinking back to when I had my largest and most stable weight loss, it was here, on Nerd Fitness. So I'm going to try again and I'm going to start now. I'm off to the gym in a few minutes, I've got a slight plan in my head
  3. Right so I started my journey over a month ago after I had enough with my growing waist line and general fitness. I cut out all fizz drinks (which were a big problem), I started to go to the gym with a friend and managed to lose about 6lbs and a few inches of my waist in just over two weeks, but then life got in the way. I'm in my last year of uni so there's a lot of stress with coursework, I had a slight falling out with friend (it was a miscommunication) and I had a death in the family. All this stress hit in the same week and I broke. I forgot to eat one day and ended up drinking a fiz
  4. Week 12-18 One week down, was busy most nights so I forgot to update the log, oops, Also didn't go to the gym this week, double oops. But I went swimming - so points to me, Ended up doing 50 laps in 50mins, could have gone quicker but didn't want to push it. I hadn't gone swimming in a while so I took a few breaks every now and again. Still haven't had any sugary drinks so far, it seem to becoming slightly more difficult at times - when the cravings hit it's so difficult just to walk past. Taking into account that in my work space a lot of people seem to drink fizzy juice I've starte
  5. Sunday 11/10/15 So one week without any fizz juice, yay. I'm feeling a lot better for it, my skin is clearing up and my energy levels feel more stable. I weighted and measured myself today and I've lost 3lbs (weight is now 13st)2inches of my waist (now 33 inches)1 inch of my hips (43 inches)I'm really happy with that, slightly worried it just because its the first week and it's just water weight. This has been the biggest loss in inches I've had, which I'm putting down to mainly not going to grab a can of juice every time I'm thirsty. I think the next area that I want to think about now
  6. Wednesday 07/10/15 Feeling a lot better in comparison to Tuesday, think I just needed have a proper sleep. Also the first day that I didn't crave sugary drinks which I didn't realize until now. Went for a half a hour walk to make up for not going swimming which included going up an extremely steep hill, which killed my calf muscles.
  7. Tuesday 06/10/15 Really tired today, I think some of it is from not having the same levels of sugar as I normally have. On top of which I think the a game jam I attended over the weekend - with a lot of fizz juice which I'd rather not think about - and the gym yesterday really knocked me out. Napped for over 3 hours but feeling better now, still haven't had any sugary drinks keeping to the water, so on track.
  8. Monday 5/10/15 ​So the beginning of the week, Sugar Free: Didn't drink any fizz juice today, it was tough though. I mainly drink during lunch and late at night, so I was having major cravings at these times, managed to work through it though by drinking a lot of water. Ended up going to the pictures with my friends to see the Martian, (it was really good) there was so much temptation. I had to almost run passed the popcorn and drinks instead of waiting for my friends. ​Exercise: Headed to the gym in the afternoon, didn't spend too much on cardio apart from warming up. I really hate
  9. So I've started this journey about a year ago and did alright for a bit but then my uni started up again. As such my health got put to onside without releasing it. This is my last year at uni and I would like to leave healthy for the next stage for my life. I also have a secondary goal of cosplaying at a local event next year as FemShep from Mass Effect, the main problem right now is that I'm not built like a space marine. How am I suppose to keep up with Turians and battle Geths if I can't even do a press up. Battle Plan: Halloween is this month so I'm aiming to try and lose some weight
  10. Sorry meant to update before now but I've been up in the Scottish Highlands visiting family and well the internet connection has never been good up there. Main Goal: Lose 4 lbs Haven't weighted myself planing on doing it tomorrow but I'm going to be too busy to update. I've got a sword tournament to watch before heading home for myself and my brother's birthday (no we are not twins my mother just has excellent timing). Go to the gym/swimming pool once a week Haven't been up to the gym the past week but I've been walking up and down hills for most of it and I've been running
  11. So I've moved into my flat and the internet is working as is the gas and electricity. Achievement Unlocked: Life Goals (yay ). Haven't really had time to think about diet or exercise but moving everything up and down those stairs might qualify as a workout. However since I'm only half way through is challenge I'm planning to add an extra section onto the life goal which is Clean and Fix. As the previous tenets only left the night before and the place is grimy, I know the batcave or any dark hideout is used to a few cobwebs but this is more than a few, I've already gotten some clean products
  12. Good Luck, I'm exactly the same when it comes to strength, to the point that I've become the butt of everyone's jokes in my family. You've got some great goals for you to work towards and I hope everything goes well.
  13. Main Goal: Lose 4 lbs So I've lost a pound so I must doing something right, I probably would have lost more if it wasn't for those baked goodies. I'm happy though and I just feel better, I don't feel as bloated anymore and I'm not hungry all the time. Go to the gym/swimming pool once a week Went to the gym on Sat for a 45 mins for cardio and my arm workout. Came home and did my leg and core workout partly because there was a group of people in from the mirror and I'm still working on my bodyweight squats before I start using a bar. I'm still trying to workout what I can do and how t
  14. So this week turned out a lot busier than I planned, I've had one birthday party, two leaving parties, one Game of Thrones night, a Midsummer barbecue and the family came to visit. The plan did go out the window to an extend while I was running around but I don't think it was a complete loss. Main Goal: Lose 4 lbs I haven't checked my weight this week, will most likely do it once this week is done. I used to have the problem of stepping on the scales almost everyday which didn't help at all and neither did checking once a week. So I've moved it to once a fortnight. Go to the gym/swimmin
  15. So today is actually going quite well, firstly went for the weekly shop and didn't even look at the sweets or crisp. I only got real food and also swapped my normal milk for the almond type because why not, it wasn't until I was on my way home that I realize I hadn't even bought any fizz juice so haven't had any of that today. Also been to the gym, only stayed for 45 mins and tried to make the best of it. Today was also the first time I ventured into the free weights part of the gym only to discover no one was there, everybody else in the gym was working on the machines and I had the entire
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