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  1. Eyeing up Rising Heroes... I find it hard to keep motivated, and tk go to different places to keep checking in. And I do respond well to a game. Might be a good fit for me. Hmmmmmmm *exaggerated beard stroke* Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. Despite Christmas, the hurting back which is much better, and some horrible sleep, I'm still here! Out for walk after work tonight. And yes there was extra food and some chocolate but that was Christmas, so back to cutting the sugar out! I can join a gym again soon too, though I'll be extra careful of my back - nothing too heavy till I build up the support muscles again. But it'll be nice to go do again Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. Hoo boy, so I overdid things a bit. After workout the other day I had the expected doms, including in my lower back. But after a day of rest then a long walk with fiancee, which culminated in carrying some food shopping home, I've been in a lot of pain across my lower back. So I need to step it back again. Drop the weights and do walking and kinect games and rebuild those muscles down there! Better stuff tho, there was pizza the other night to celebrate fiancee finishing training at new job, but otherwise I have eaten well. No other junk food, avoiding sugary drinks, no chocolate or
  4. Phew. First proper workout - bodyweight and some weights - last night since well before the top surgery. So first of all, ow. And second of all, getting to do that with my new chest is amazing Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  5. Nice walk yesterday, managed to avoid the rain and everything Fiancee made mince pies, so I have eaten a couple but otherwise no sugar as planned. Next exercise is tomorrow! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  6. Well, after a week of sleeping 4hrs a night then working 9hrs shifts, today mostly involved sleep. Insomnia is dumb [emoji14] But never mind, weather was rubbish anyway so there couldn't have been park so I did house cleaning instead. Boring, but necessary! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  7. Hey Goals look good and structured, I'm in to support! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  8. Hey, thank you I have a supportive partner and I can tell you how amazingly helpful that is, yours is a lucky one to have you! Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  9. Feeling better today after 10hrs sleep and no more exploding face headache. Shopping done, so nice walk, half of it carrying a backpack full of heavy stuff. Yay. Have asked fiance to stop giving me sad puppy eyes when I turn down chocolate because...super unhelpful. She is currently making Christmas decorations, and telling me all the reasons why she loves Christmas. It's very adorable but the cat is going to attack...everything. Especially when we get the tree this weekend Anyways, work again tomorrow and then Saturday if its not raining, going to explore local parks on the hunt for a) d
  10. I was pretty amazed at how much better it was, doesn't live up to all the hype but enough to be very useful for games, and for Skype. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  11. Oooookay, 5 hours sleep, a sinus headache, and a 9 and a half hour shift says...exercise will be done tomorrow! Which is fine by me, means I can toddle off to do the food shopping when I wake up. But first task is to get to 8.30pm without my head exploding! Nrgh...
  12. While I'm here let's do the before photos. This is me today. Let's work on me getting rid of some of that belly pudge, eh?
  13. Hi darkfoxx, coming over to say...well that, pretty much Can I pet the doggy? Pleeeease?
  14. Hey darkfoxx! I tried the EA Sports Active one with the 360 and it couldn't track me worth a damn - fortunately the Xbox One Kinect is WAAAAAAAY better at tracking than the 360 one, and it doesn't need as much space either. Even tho it wants, like, studio lights before it stops whining about that, it still works pretty damn well. Wouldn't have bought it full price tho, it's extortionte, but second hnd at £30 and I'm happy. Have tried Sports Rivals which is fun, with others or the campaign, and Shape Up which is super, super cheesy (and therefore also fun).
  15. First night: check.Got off work at 8.30, prepped food, then amused the fiance by testing out Shape Up on the kinect...and stopping when I was strugglng to go on. I'll be very happy when my asthma improves again cos I do get blown out super easily atm, and I needed my reliever like 3 times last night. Next exercise is due tomorrow so goal for today is just no junky/sugary snack food.
  16. Oh boy it's been...a while. Most of this year, in fact. I lost all my momentum and didn't get it back. Between moving house twice, travelling 3 days a weke to my partner then home for work,gender dysphoria connected to y chest keeping me away from the gym when it got rea bad before surgery, and a bunch of other stuff, I got lazy and unheathy again. Now? Well I'm engaged and living with my fiance. I've had top surgery and am all recovered. And it's time to start this again! I've fought for the right to have my body the way I need it to be, and I'm not letting that go cos I let mysel
  17. It's been a while...so I'm just gonna quietly edge my way back in here. Since I was in last, I've gotten engaged, adopted a cat, moved house twice - second time to Liverpool with fiance, and had top surgery. Also gained weight, lost the progress I made, and started feeing pretty rubbish again. Getting through the top surgery has been epic, and removed th dysphoria which makes me hide but I've gotten into the habit of being lazy and eating too much crap again. I'm alo hving back problems from being at a desk all day, which is super unhelpful and caused by a combo of my weight and la
  18. Picked up my bike today (yay). Did a ride/walk thing to get home. I haz a tired now.
  19. True! Tiredess= fun was had. Still feeling fairly rubbish though, having to take extra inhalers. Attempting to get more sleep before I get properly sick but having insomnia. I wont go back to gym till I'm not risking an asthma attack, but at least it's pretty here to go for a walk when it's occasionally not raining
  20. Walks are currently the thing. Got a bad chest atm, waking up not breathing right, so not risking asthma attacks by pushing it. S'cool, walks are good Will see about gym on Thursday, but if not there shall be more walking! The weekend was also good! Fun time, and total exhaustion when I got home - pretty much crashed and didn't move for the rest of the day, heh. Worth it
  21. Workout today got slightly undercut by working late followed by the ever popular bus-that-doesn't-turn-up, gym was closed by the time I got there so I did a long walk instead. S'cool, I have Monday off so I'll go wreck myself then
  22. I always go in optimistic, expecting good people, but prepared to shield myself i necessary aginst less good ones. I'm aware that a lot of the people I'll meet (for the first time or after not havin seen for some years) will be Christians, as I am myself, and therefore a little extra aware of the good/bad I mght encounter. But it's cool. I'll put my standard safe limit on what I'm allowed to drink, and have me some fun! My bike has sadly been delayed as it's on backorder - and as they're about to get hit with ll the Christmas orders, I have told them to prioritise the ones that need doing b
  23. I am looking forward to my new shiny bike I tend to stumble onto adventures anyway, so I'm sure a bike will help with that That is true about the bar, I should add that on. I'll check with someone there next time, but internet suggests about 20kg which gives me 25. That's much better I eyed the pullup machine for a week or so, and did a bit of reading online, before giving it a go. I am determined that there will be pullups! I switched off with someone doing dips the other day - which I may also have to have a go at. Looks like fun. For my legs, I'm sticking with cross trainer and row
  24. Helloooooo! Totally neglected to post, oopsie. Was feeling fairly run down last week so I switched a workout for a rest instead, till I felt better. But I have returbed to the gym since. And I have been playing on two new toys: the bench press and the pullup machine. Bench pressing a faiely rubbish 5kg atm, partially cos the bar is all over the place so smaller is safer while I built up them stabilisers for balance! But it's fun Pullup machine, I'm at weight -110,last sets were 15 then 10 reps. Both of these things have muscles hurting in new and wonderful ways, hah! In other news, I shal
  25. Nerd heaven is a wondrous place, especially when combined with storytelling heaven. I'm considering never coming back... Seriously though, this is so much fun. Breaking things down and assigning dice and skills to everything. And planning ways to annoy the crap out of my beta testers, of course, hehehehe. But yeah, my game wiki is growing line by line as I prepare for a test run Drumming should be on the list if it's not. It's a good hobby I spent a few years on a stick and crutches and heavy pain meds after a motorbike accident, but strap my 26inch, hand-carved wooden djembe to me on a Su
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