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  1. C&J 1RM in 20 min For time - Partner wod 50 C&J @ 135# 50 Ring dips 30/30 10/10 Then 5 mile run
  2. 5x3 full cleans work up to AHAP (185#) 5x5 Romanian deadlifts @ weight from cleans (185#) 12min AMRAP 1 mile run buy in Bear complex @ 115#
  3. Front squat - 5 reps at each 55%, 65%, 75%, then ME at 85% 3x10 Pistols or a pistol drill 10 min partner amrap 10 Trusters @ 95# 10 pullups
  4. Bench press 5x50%, 5x60%, 5x70%, ME @ 80% 30 ft suicide drills ME 5x30 seconds For time; 40, 30, 20, 10 burpees with 60 second rest between each set.
  5. "Blake" 4 rounds for time 100' walking lunge 45# plate 30 24" box jumps 20 walk balls 20# 10 HSPU (box mod) Then bc that wasn't enough 1.5 miles
  6. Is there a 20-400 club? I'm so in that one! I've almost got the 400# squat too. I've been doing something crazy lately, mostly the month leading up to the Spartan (two weeks ago) and will be continuing since I just signed up for the Tough Mudder at the end of June. But I do all my heavy lifting, then do a HIIT workout usually involving a mix of mildly heavy complex lifts (ie snatches c&j) and body weight exercises, then I go run 2 miles at my HM pace. Its hard but I've found my end of workout endurance has gone through the roof lately. I've always run negative splits but the margin is getting bigger and bigger as I'm used to pumping out mileage tired. I think the next two weeks I'm going to bump it up to 3 miles then back down the 2 weeks before the tough mudder.
  7. Today we did Murph. 54:45. I assume a lot are doing it this weekend, I know all of the local boxes are.
  8. We have Saturday classes . I've only been Monday to get my 1RM back squat and today. I can hardly wear shoes from some nasty blisters after a spartan race. Today was rough in so many ways Clean & Jerk 2x2 @ 70%, 3x2 @ 80% (125 & 135#) Bear complex 5x1 @ 135# 15 min partner amrap 10 push ups 5 snatches @ 95
  9. Little post race advice for you. Pay attention to your mouth piece. Mine kept getting pulled off in various places and I'd have to stop and pick it up. The pack was a blessing in some places just to be able to clean the mud out of my eyes or from my hands so I could adjust my socks which kept slipping inside my shoe. I used probably half of it cleaning my face and some others after an underwater wall so I did have to refill. Not sure how much I would have had left, lost my mouth piece for good during the barb wire crawl and it was empty.
  10. We use these for half marathons, I'm going to be using it for one this weekend. I typically don't go through all of it for a half and only take cups of Gatorade on the stops.
  11. Hang cleans 6x2 AHAP from mid thigh Jerk Complex 5x 1 Power clean + 1 front squat + 2 Jerks AHAP Randy, 75 snatches @ 75/55# We didn't have the 6 min time cap that regionals will have.
  12. 6x3 Bench press 5 rounds for time 10 toes to bar (scale as needed) 15 push press 95/75# 20 KB swings 53/35##
  13. I just ran a crazy hilly half, I'm not really worried about the running part. I'm worried about any of the upper body stuff, that's where I'm lacking. If there is a rope climb I know I'm doing burpees
  14. Just got my starting time for next Saturday's sprint...I'll take any advice you can give, besides get good at burpees.
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