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  1. *Ahem* Testing, Testing. Is this thing still on? So, been a while since I've logged onto the forums. Sorry Big Show, I missed your post back in June. At least we got to chat at Camp. I'm trying to cut back on Social Media at the moment, so I will probably continue to use the forums only sparingly. However, for the purposes of giving myself some accountability, I figure I'll post my goals for the next (at minimum) 4 weeks! I will likely join in on the next 4-week challenge, but I suspect that my goals will be about the same. I've noticed that I fall apart when I focu
  2. Big Show! Yep, you can definitely do both on the same day. That's what I'm doing at the moment while following a stronglifts program. Also, I second Romanian Deadlifts. They'll tax your grip strength like nothing else, but damn do they work your hamstrings.
  3. Heeeeeeeeeeey Raxie! BOXING!? Do it do it do it do it!
  4. Haha, of course I was, dude! I'm just being facetious. I appreciate the call out. It makes me feel welcome - which, as I believe I've mentioned before, you've got a talent for doing. Consider my ass back in the monks. Besides, I need to read people's post-camp write ups and keep the feels train going.
  5. *Grumble Grumble* Damn Nerds. Always dragging me into their circles of fun and friendship.
  6. Hey Ya'll. After much deliberation, I hereby declare my Rest-of-Month Challenges! Workouts, Yoga, Food-Curfew: Continue as usual. These are all working well. No modifications needed. 1) Sleep: 6/7 nights per week, go to bed between 10:30 and 11. All Mornings: Get up by 7:00 (even on weekends) 2) Diet: Limit "healthy treats" to 2/day. A "healthy treat" = piece of hand fruit (or bowl of berries) with some yogurt or nuts, a cup of yogurt with chocolate protein powder, or a cup of nuts/seeds/trailmix. 3) Diet: No Sugar (other than fruit) or grains in normal m
  7. It probably changes things a bit. It didn't feel any different to me (other than being heavier), but it's possible that it shifts the load on slightly different muscle groups. I didn't do a ton of research around it, but I don't feel any unusual strain and I think that as long as the weight is fairly light, it should be fine. I'll probably upgrade to a belt once I get up to 30 or 40 lbs. The day after, I noticed that some of the deeper muscles in my shoulders and back were slightly sore. They were muscles that I don't usually feel after a workout. It might be that having the w
  8. YEAH BICEPS Your warm-up sets for the deadlifts look fine to me. Personally, I'd skip the bar-only set and jump straight into the 45s on each side of the bar. But do what's comfortable for you. Also, EGAD, 231 lbs already! Is it getting hard yet for you?
  9. Errr, "my third pillar", I mean. Man, talk about a Freudian slip. Hahaha. I wish. For now I'm just using a backpack with some plates in it. If I get up to higher weights, I'll consider a weight belt. I don't know what the weight threshold of my backpack is, but it's probably not more than 30-40 lbs.
  10. Week of 5/1: Workouts: 3/3 Squat Yoga: 4/7 7-8 hrs Sleep: 4/7 Primal Diet: 3/7 Fast after 8PM: 5/7 French: 2/7 Ehhh... Not too great. I think that sleep is a really big problem for me. Thursday night was the roughest night this past week. I got three hours of sleep that night and went through Friday mostly in a fog. The good news is, I'm taking some action. I bought a couple books on Sleep, but the one I'm working through right now is "Sleep Smarter" by Shawn Stevenson. I found the book through a podcast which Jonathan Mead posted on Facebook rat
  11. I'd certainly be up for that! There are some fun 5Ks in the area.
  12. Or regrow that beard and post pictures of that for the ladies.
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