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  1. Overall challenge check in: SQ1 - Back to Firelink - Home is where the... well, everything is. 15/20 points SQ2 - Into the painting - virtual is still reality 11/15 points SQ3 - Refill your estus flask 17/25 LQ - Keep working on Japanese 25/25
  2. Thanks, the second half of this challenge went a bit bonkers on me time-wise but was not terrible to keep up with in and of itself. I feel like I did a lot better until the end on my work schedule, and was more consistent with the food prep and VR workouts I'm pretty happy with it
  3. Week 5 check in: SQ1 - Back to Firelink - Home is where the... well, everything is. 2/4 points ^^ that's about what I've looked like at work for the past couple of weeks. Oops. SQ2 - Into the painting - virtual is still reality 2/3 points I got on Tuesday and Friday last week SQ3 - Refill your estus flask 4/5 I *think* I had four packed lunches last week, my trackers switched in September and I didn't make a new one for packing lunches. LQ - Keep working on Japanese 5/5
  4. Week 4 check in: SQ1 - Back to Firelink - Home is where the... well, everything is. 3*/4 points I actually took vacation for Thursday and Friday of this week; of the days I worked I only got off on time for one. SQ2 - Into the painting - virtual is still reality 2/3 points SQ3 - Refill your estus flask 2*/5 I packed for Monday and Tuesday, didn't pack Wednesday LQ - Keep working on Japanese 5/5 I think this was the week I fell off my WaniKani wagon for a bit, I'll work on picking that back up here a bit - Duo was easier to keep up
  5. It actually went pretty well, I had a bit of a time getting on here though 😅 Week 3 check in: SQ1 - Back to Firelink - Home is where the... well, everything is. 4/4 points Woot! (This one got worse later on though) SQ2 - Into the painting - virtual is still reality 3/3 points I actually got on the VR 4 times this week, which may have had something to do with the Linkin Park music pack on Beat Saber. SQ3 - Refill your estus flask 4/5 I didn't pack for Friday, since I was planning to get out of work a bit early that day, but otherwis
  6. I totally got the new song pack soon as I got home from work when it dropped 😅 They picked some dang good songs, not that you can go wrong with Linkin Park. 10 days of vacation will do that to you, but hopefully it gave you a good break and some time to relax. Yoga is... challenging but rewarding, but for me very hard to keep in a routine for some reason. How is it almost Friday already?!?! This week has gone by insanely fast. So far it's been pretty good, but busy. There are still some stressors that pop up at work here and there, but nothing like it was a bit ago and I think most
  7. I may hunt around for some variety on Youtube, but I'm definitely going to need to do some mobility / restrengthening work, especially in my hips and shoulders apparently. Today and yesterday were pretty good - after the yoga I got some dishes and cleaning done, caught up laundry etc - then had our Star Wars game last night that we'd all been really anxious about (escaping the Geonosian palace where we were "guests", having a massive chase from speeder bikes and a ruthless merc, then my character had the surgery to remove the bomb implanted in her as a baby due to her enslavement t
  8. Hope you're having a good trip / return to home life!
  9. What did your manager say? Because telling her to go to her manager (who likely SHOULD be the person helping her figure it out) rather than you sounds like the proper approach when you don't have the time to spare to fix her mistakes for her, or teach her yourself - which likely falls outside of your job description.
  10. I don't even want to know how many times I've said that about stuff this year... but babysitting teachers by telling them they need to be in the classroom when no one else is is definitely a few more levels of "what the heck?!"
  11. Aw maaaan I haven't done any of the virtual races yet, but that's still really annoying.
  12. I'm soooo awful at DDR but it's a lot of fun, and definitely a good workout (one of my friends in college lost over 100 lbs with that as his exercise). And yay for good rides with Daisy, the heat can definitely throw the rhythm off for a canter... or ya know, really anything.
  13. Good, you should be proud - doing emotional work on yourself is a lot of very hard, but often hard to see work. Yay! Also, performative eating sounds extremely unpleasant and awkward edited to add: Echoing all the hugs in here, you're dealing with a L O T
  14. Also, I tried a guided yoga this morning from Audible (you can get some stuff like that with your subscription, so figured I'd try it out) and holy SMOKES I am stiff as heck. I still have a few issues I had from last time I did some yoga - left shoulder can't hold downward dog pose very long, can't sit on my feet for very long before something falls asleep - but I was not this stiiiiiff and I hate it. I did cut the session basically in half 'cause I hit a point where my shoulder was just done, but overall the stretching felt really good. I may rewind and restart this one a few times this week,
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