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  1. Last challenge got a little rough about halfway through, but I got a solid framework built to work on I think. Explanation on the proposal I submitted, TL;DR I asked for more help in the team at work So, that's staying exactly the same. SQ1 - Doing yoga before work (4/week) I'm going to try to get this more consistent this round, basically. I had about a 50% rate on this one last challenge, but on the days i've done it I have definitely noticed a difference. SQ2 - Food prep on days off (2/wk) Prepping a lunch to go with me to work for the
  2. Right there with you on the mayhem front with a bit of jumbled mess happening partway through last challenge, but you still did a lot - and you're working towards your goals still, and hey - woot for devotion habit!
  3. Challenge totals: 31/48 SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :13/24 This was the part I struggled with getting the most consistency on this challenge, but also one of the things I noticed had the biggest impact on my day at work when I managed to get this in. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 9/12 This got tough at some points with OT and trying to fit things in around a schedule that did not want to flex much some weeks, but I think I got some extra help and pointers towards the end of the challenge that may help with this part moving forward. SQ3 - Getting
  4. Belated Week 4 check in: SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :2 /4 Did really well for the first half of the week, then the second half of the week kinda went up in smoke SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 2/2 I managed to prep ahead at least. I also talked to my health coach through work on monday of this week, and got some helpful tips when I told her about how my overtime can explode - and often with little warning. So now, I have some frozen soups and dinners stashed for emergencies where I wind up having to spend extra time at work so I don't wind up eating dinner
  5. Week 3 check in: A lot of overtime and general hecticness happened last week, so kinda got knocked on my tail a bit as far as goals went : SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :2 /4 I managed to get yoga in before work Tue and Thu, but was struggling against the urge to sleep in a lot of the week due to 12+hr shifts and getting to bed later than I wanted to. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 1 /2 I prepped for the second half of the week, the first half of the week was pretty crap though. SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR : 1/2 I got this in saturday (and
  6. Week 2 : end of week check in This week honestly kinda sucked from a food & workout perspective; I wound up working a bunch of OT, didn't get my food prepped for the second half of the week like I should have on my normal day off that I worked a half day on, and didn't do my yoga before work the last half of the week either 😕 SQ1 - Doing yoga before work : 2/4 I got this in the first half of the week, but not the second. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 1/2 I got food prepped for the first half of the week Monday night, but wound up working a half day Thursday
  7. I'm in love with that tiger painting! The two cat paintings sound cool too, and look like they have a solid start with the lineart.
  8. I would try not to be too self conscious about it; he's probably had a few other folks with a similar issue crop up, and may not have to manipulate anything too close for comfort at all if it's hip related. And he might just have some stretches he can recommend without him doing anything to it. (Mine's had to basically reassemble me a couple of times at this point) That does tend to affect mood a bit 😕 I've had days go from ok to wanting to bawl my eyes out over nothing and usually those 2 are the culprits. Also, I hear you on the coffee calories - why does coffee need
  9. I usually use NIV for mine Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. This, but also it reminds us that we'll never have it all figured out either - it's a journey, not a destination, and we're all a
  10. At least the orders were from folks you know in person! Online customer service is a massive pain in the butt, and unfortunately internet strangers can be absolutely rude even when things go well with a sale. Hopefully the underboob cream helps; I had a rash under mine last time I went to my gyno and he recommended an anti-fungal cream for mine that cleared up whatever the issue was (which... will probably be back in the summer, because boobs are annoying)
  11. The other thing I'd pay attention to while you're limiting yourself to 1400/day is how your body feels - if you're starting to feel super fatigued and not doing so great, that's when you definitely want to re-evaluate where you're at.
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