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  1. Thanks!! It's been a chaotic couple of weeks, but also super awesome Told my team I was leaving last week (had to wait until I signed paperwork in case something didn't go through), got well wishes from the whole team of folks I work with but did it late enough that I didn't have to deal with the management team being... themselves. (My "termination" letter did show up yesterday, with the envelope entirely unsealed unsurprising but mildly amusing) After that, had a con I'd promised to go to this past weekend - to help my oldest friend promote his new book. So that took ALL of my energy and time Friday through Sunday. But it was a lot of fun, we didn't get as many sales as he was hoping but I think he got what he needed out of the weekend - made connections, enough sales for a small profit, and got his name out there at least a little bit with cards and posters. Got back from that Sunday night at about 9pm, grabbed some ready-to-go soups, salads and calzones from WM before showering and crashing to get up early yesterday - honestly, even having had so much chaos over the weekend and a ton of stress the last few weeks (mix of good and bad stress), both of the last two days I've actually woken up fairly easily - I'm crediting my current exercise levels with making it possible for me to do that, earlier this year even that was way harder on my body than it seems to be currently. There was a lot more that happened the last couple of weeks (including some ^$#& stealing my bike), but overall things are going pretty well and I'm happy with the direction things are going. I've only had 2 days at the new job so far, and all orientation stuff so I can't speak to how I'll like the work flow (although it seems like a bumped-up version of the job I last winter with better work-life balance), but I like the culture a lot more based on what I've seen and heard, and the raise is nothing to sneeze at either.
  2. That is a great rate, and very sustainable 1-2 lbs/week is like the absolute fastest rate that is remotely healthy, so half a pound per week is great progress - and if it's consistent it's all movement in the direction you were wanting to go, so please don't feel like this is bad at all
  3. Week 4 tally: Goal 1: worked out every day thanks largely to Z. Probably a bit overkill, but didn't feel too terrible after it, just a bit sore/stiff. Goal 2: had those 12 meals ready to go, and didn't feel the need to hit drive thrus or anything really all week - think I got a couple of drinks at work for caffeine, but that's about it. Goal 3 : Checked in early in the week, but didn't remember to come back in to check in. 1/2 overall goal wise, only missed out on 1 check in and did fantastic in the exercise/food area, but something else also happened during the week: on Thursday, I got a call. Called the number back before workout time, and it was someone from the company I'd applied with - with an offer!!! I start on the 5th, so I've been extremely stoked about that for the last week and change now. Week 5 tally: Goal 1: Had workouts with the gym on Monday and Tuesday, but due to holiday travel and the coaches also needing a holiday I didn't have any other classes until today, so 3 total there and 2 yoga classes with Adrienne on YouTube while I was down in Tennessee visiting family. Goal 2: Food was a bit odd to plan around, since I was only actually home monday, tuesday and today - wednesday through yesterday were all travel or holiday food, which my older brother-in-law did all the cooking for (with some help from my sister, but he's kinda got a military precision to his holiday prep) and was fantastic. Mom and i went to grab groceries for the next few days today. Goal 3 : I guess technically I posted earlier today and again now?
  4. Yeah, it was ridiculously good. I got a whole chicken to make it again this week
  5. I swear, pre-portioning snacks and tasks is a life hack I wish I'd recognized earlier in life, it makes it much easier for brain to see "ok, we're done now" or "ok, task not so big so I can start it now".
  6. Week 4 so far: Goal 1 : I've done 2 workouts so far, we have a "swole mate" challenge going on with QG right now so a coworker is doing workouts with me - and they convinced me to sign up for 1/day this week @.@ hopefully I survive this challenge Goal 2 : After last week's groceries being a fiasco of uncooked mess, Sunday this week was absolute BEAST MODE (between workout class 11-12 and going to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at 7pm) - did some back pocket recipes, make the list for what I needed(including 2 whole chickens, which turns out could have been 1 but I have extra meat this week I guess) , got the groceries and cooked 2 full sets of food (chicken & roast potatoes/zucchini, noodles and beef), took the carcass of 1 roast chicken and some assorted veggie scraps and left them on slow cook in the instant pot to make bone broth while going to the movie, and made chicken noodle soup with half of the other chicken when I got home. so I made 12 meals of food (4/recipe) in one day. Goal 3 - stopped in here today to check in at least ^^; now to keep it up and remember to actually check in from time to time
  7. Week 2 tally: Goal 1 : did 5 workous, 3/3 with 2 extra Goal 2 : had food prepped and ready to go Goal 3 : posted twice in this thread, and got to visit a few others. Week 3 Tally: Goal 1: got 3 workouts in, so 3/3 at least there Goal 2 : I did an a+ job on the planning side of the meal prepping, it was the actual meal prepping that wasn't well done did manage to get some food prepped, but also had some serious mental exhaustion and didn't prep all of the food I was supposed to, so wound up getting more fast food/convenience meals than I really wanted. Goal 3: I completely forgot to get on here last week the entire week.
  8. They did thankfully; I wound up working 12's Wednesday through Friday but had managed to prep just enough meals ahead to be able to pack 2 meals/shift for all 3 days. Did mean I had a mountain of dishes to catch up on today though ^^;
  9. That layout is a really smart idea! Looks like you've also been absolutely killing it
  10. I think this one sentence could sum up 90% of my life. And I know for me, that gets a lot worse during times of high stress like you're in now. I'm sorry to hear about your father in law, even when you know it's coming it isn't easy to lose the people we love. Escaping from zombie what now?!?!
  11. out of curiosity, what have you been using? I know for me, something with a higher protein/fat percentage will stick to me longer than something higher in carbs - peanut butter banana seems to do pretty ok, but nuts or a tuna salad snack (maybe chickpea salad instead if you're vegetarian) seem to hold me over better so I don't get eyes bigger than my stomach by dinner time.
  12. That's definitely a win. Consistency is one heck of a challenge by itself. Hope you're able to hop in the new challenge soon!
  13. Week 2 so far - had weights class yesterday morning, then kickboxing today. I'm signed up for upper body Thursday, then 2 classes this weekend. I had more brain power available this past weekend for grocery and meal prepping, so got the ingredients for 4 mealime recipes and got the first one made Sunday night (thai mushroom and chicken soup, not bad). I have that and some ravioli I got last week in the convenience food options ready to pack for lunches today and tomorrow. I think I'll try to get another one prepped tonight if I don't get held over at work to give me more options ready to go, I think I'll be working 12's tomorrow and Thursday so won't be up to making food those days.
  14. Week 1 checkin: Goal 1 - had a kickboxing class Tuesday, upper body workout Thursday, then a squats/lower body workout Saturday and Yoga Sunday. 4/3 workouts for week 1 Goal 2 - This was a bigger struggle last week; I wound up grabbing some convenient options at Aldi midweek (microwave soups and frozen dinners) but still also hit drive throughs more than I wanted to. (this is more on track this week, thankfully) Goal 3 - Did manage to post 2 times during the first week, counting the initial post. 2/2
  15. Right? Here's hoping. It sounds like it would be a great fit and vice versa, but all I can do on that front is hope at the moment. For the vertigo, the doc is getting me scheduled with a neurologist to do some deeper investigation on that, since that's outside his specialty. He said it might take a few months to get me in though. Before that, he's got me scheduled for an echo to screen some potential issues there and make sure that I don't have an underlying cause for concern there. That's all that he can do at the moment though I think, so might be a while before I get more info on that front.
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