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  1. The salad spinner is super helpful for prepping greens and lettuce - basically, it gives you a strainer to chop directly into, rinse in the sink, then put in the bowl of the spinner and pull the spin string & just dump the water out, it keeps the greens from getting slimy when you prep them and makes it so any dressing sticks and they're not just wet sitting in the bowl. For me it makes a huge difference I'm not great at BeatSaber, I can still only do Hard mode on the songs I like. But it's super fun and would definitely recommend trying it out if you get a chance sometime. Also, sassy cats are the best - my fuzzy overlords would like me to emphasize I am not saying this under duress, and do not require rescue from 2 sassy cats. Oh yeah, even on the hard when I'm trying a new song out I'll realize my hands are following the blocks and arrows almost better when I'm not trying as hard, go figure. Brains/bodies are weird miraculous things. Spur of the Moment seems to be having a lot of fun with it!
  2. Yay I'm glad he's out of the hospital! Outdoor church services are nice (though right now I'd imagine it feels more like a drive in theater, which is also nice but not exactly the same)
  3. No, the app's fine, it's my schedule that's broken. It's hard to go outside for a run/walk around second shift timing (the sidewalks here are in way too much disrepair to try going out at night), so I've been just doing in home stuff
  4. That does happen, I'm in the same range - it can be frustrating 😕 but you've also been dealing with a lot while trying to get things back under control. Glad you got to go hand out with Daisy though
  5. Those days happen, especially a couple of days after a really intense workout and sun-filled day. So just the big stuff 😛
  6. Yup, that's me. I saw the Seagulls song and went "No way!" This is my best attempt so far at FitBeats - Expert mode looks crazy!!! I get one heck of a workout on Hard mode.
  7. '...I'm definitely adding that "I am the one" song to my Zombies, Run! playlist for when I get a chance to go use that app again.
  8. Thanks! Thanks, I'm definitely happy with this week. And holy smokes getting good sleep last week was amazing! I'm actually starting this week to be able to wake up with my alarm without 20 snoozes or feeling like I wanna curl back into a ball. I "hung out" with my baby sister and brother in law on Memorial Day by chatting on Messenger while watching the last half of the final She-Ra season, which was to quote him "SOOOOO GOOD!!!!" I was poking around in Beat Saber and realized that the 90 degree option is very, VERY not what I thought it was! So that was fun Also, the FitBeat song is a lot of fun and I did not realize how sweaty this game could make me before I tried that.
  9. That's ok, strength training isn't a single line or curve trending upwards. Sometimes your muscles just say "Nope!" for today. They're still improving, even if it doesn't feel like it - though take care not to push past the pain and injure yourself in your frustration, I've done that more than once out of frustration
  10. Oooh, I haven't read any of her not-Tortall books yet, but of the cycles I've read from her Immortals is my favorite - there was a lot of really fascinating world building in it
  11. We're having similar issues with my dad right now, Mom's had to have him go to the hospital a few times over the last couple of months - going to the hospital is hard even in the best of times, but when you can't even go into the hospital with the person it's extra rough. I'll be praying for your father in law, and your family. Hopefully he recovers quickly and can go back home
  12. Ok, that's not entirely true, I regret losing what shreds of control I was gaining over my sleep schedule. Like it says in the title, this is basically take #2 on last challenge - Life went completely bonkers about a week in last challenge: So for the challenge parts, I'm basically going to copy/paste from last challenge and make the modifications needed from there: ...understatement much there? Quest 1 : Sleep management - 5 points/week Going to bed near the same time every night - With moving my schedule from 3-11:30 to 12-8:30 I'll be able to target earlier times, between late work and stress I've been going to bed between 4 and 6 am Getting up at the same time every morning, when my alarm goes off - this one is DEFINITELY going to be a struggle, I tend to snooze and I absolutely hate getting up in the morning. I think for now I'm going to target 9am Ok, so because I'm still on seconds there's no way to do the "work out 4-5 hours before sleep" thing unfortunately. Instead, I'll try to make sure I actually make the bed everyday and set a regular bedtime - probably 1-2 am ish Half a point for bed made, half a point for going to bed on time, aiming for 5 total points Quest 2 : Food tracking - 5 points/week I've gotten better at making sure I have food options and making food ahead again, now time to start tracking it. That plus I'm not entirely certain when work is going to happen again, potentially early April? It depends on both my company and Ohio's government, much as I'm not super happy about being off for longer I hope the governor keeps the state shut down because I don't want to see this thing explode and cause a massive health crisis. But it means I don't want to try to have a food prep design that expects shifts every week, or one that expects time Track food on Lifesum at least 5 days/week, 1 point/day I may also share some pics/recipes on here 'cause food Adding 1 item to this - 1 vegetarian meal/day, mostly because it's a really good way to get extra veggies and fiber in my diet - I started trying to do that a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be helping, even though I haven't gotten this perfectly by any means Quest 3 : Work on sticking to a schedule - 7 points/week Madness. Definitely madness. And using some advice from this CGP grey video - even though I'm still working, a lot of the advice is really helpful for me. Scheduling and sticking to said schedule for food prep, exercise and sleep. Keeping up with planning in my bullet journal, planning and executing such things as cleaning, project time, practicing guitar etc 1 point for each day I do a VR boxing workout (max 5 points/week) 1 point for each day I do guitar specifically (max 2 points/week) Me playing said boxing game - is fun, and makes me both sweaty and panty, so it's definitely getting me an actual workout on top of being fun Life quest : study Japanese - 2 points/week Use Duo min 5x/wk Study 1 lesson/wk from my text books, these have 12 lessons each and they should be plenty doable especially as a repeat course at a rate of 1/week. I completely dropped this last challenge due to general chaos 1 point for Duo 1 point for studying from the text books So um - yo ho, me hearties?