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  1. I swear, pre-portioning snacks and tasks is a life hack I wish I'd recognized earlier in life, it makes it much easier for brain to see "ok, we're done now" or "ok, task not so big so I can start it now".
  2. Week 4 so far: Goal 1 : I've done 2 workouts so far, we have a "swole mate" challenge going on with QG right now so a coworker is doing workouts with me - and they convinced me to sign up for 1/day this week @.@ hopefully I survive this challenge Goal 2 : After last week's groceries being a fiasco of uncooked mess, Sunday this week was absolute BEAST MODE (between workout class 11-12 and going to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at 7pm) - did some back pocket recipes, make the list for what I needed(including 2 whole chickens, which turns out could have been 1 but I have extra meat this week I guess) , got the groceries and cooked 2 full sets of food (chicken & roast potatoes/zucchini, noodles and beef), took the carcass of 1 roast chicken and some assorted veggie scraps and left them on slow cook in the instant pot to make bone broth while going to the movie, and made chicken noodle soup with half of the other chicken when I got home. so I made 12 meals of food (4/recipe) in one day. Goal 3 - stopped in here today to check in at least ^^; now to keep it up and remember to actually check in from time to time
  3. Week 2 tally: Goal 1 : did 5 workous, 3/3 with 2 extra Goal 2 : had food prepped and ready to go Goal 3 : posted twice in this thread, and got to visit a few others. Week 3 Tally: Goal 1: got 3 workouts in, so 3/3 at least there Goal 2 : I did an a+ job on the planning side of the meal prepping, it was the actual meal prepping that wasn't well done did manage to get some food prepped, but also had some serious mental exhaustion and didn't prep all of the food I was supposed to, so wound up getting more fast food/convenience meals than I really wanted. Goal 3: I completely forgot to get on here last week the entire week.
  4. They did thankfully; I wound up working 12's Wednesday through Friday but had managed to prep just enough meals ahead to be able to pack 2 meals/shift for all 3 days. Did mean I had a mountain of dishes to catch up on today though ^^;
  5. That layout is a really smart idea! Looks like you've also been absolutely killing it
  6. I think this one sentence could sum up 90% of my life. And I know for me, that gets a lot worse during times of high stress like you're in now. I'm sorry to hear about your father in law, even when you know it's coming it isn't easy to lose the people we love. Escaping from zombie what now?!?!
  7. out of curiosity, what have you been using? I know for me, something with a higher protein/fat percentage will stick to me longer than something higher in carbs - peanut butter banana seems to do pretty ok, but nuts or a tuna salad snack (maybe chickpea salad instead if you're vegetarian) seem to hold me over better so I don't get eyes bigger than my stomach by dinner time.
  8. That's definitely a win. Consistency is one heck of a challenge by itself. Hope you're able to hop in the new challenge soon!
  9. Week 2 so far - had weights class yesterday morning, then kickboxing today. I'm signed up for upper body Thursday, then 2 classes this weekend. I had more brain power available this past weekend for grocery and meal prepping, so got the ingredients for 4 mealime recipes and got the first one made Sunday night (thai mushroom and chicken soup, not bad). I have that and some ravioli I got last week in the convenience food options ready to pack for lunches today and tomorrow. I think I'll try to get another one prepped tonight if I don't get held over at work to give me more options ready to go, I think I'll be working 12's tomorrow and Thursday so won't be up to making food those days.
  10. Week 1 checkin: Goal 1 - had a kickboxing class Tuesday, upper body workout Thursday, then a squats/lower body workout Saturday and Yoga Sunday. 4/3 workouts for week 1 Goal 2 - This was a bigger struggle last week; I wound up grabbing some convenient options at Aldi midweek (microwave soups and frozen dinners) but still also hit drive throughs more than I wanted to. (this is more on track this week, thankfully) Goal 3 - Did manage to post 2 times during the first week, counting the initial post. 2/2
  11. Right? Here's hoping. It sounds like it would be a great fit and vice versa, but all I can do on that front is hope at the moment. For the vertigo, the doc is getting me scheduled with a neurologist to do some deeper investigation on that, since that's outside his specialty. He said it might take a few months to get me in though. Before that, he's got me scheduled for an echo to screen some potential issues there and make sure that I don't have an underlying cause for concern there. That's all that he can do at the moment though I think, so might be a while before I get more info on that front.
  12. Ok, need to work on posting here as one of my goals methinks. Updates from last challenge : a) I did not get the job, there were 2 spaces available and 3 candidates who were selected as good fits - I was candidate number 3. Will try again if another opportunity arises, but probably won't post about it here unless it pans out. b) I started working with QueerGym to help with accountability a couple of months ago. It's expensive as heck, but pairs you with a coach who will hold your feet to the coals when you need it - which I most definitely have needed at times. With their help, my meal prepping is doing great most weeks and I'm getting a minimum of 3 workouts with their trainers per week, which are definitely starting to show some results - I know my posture is getting better, and I am starting to feel stronger and less stiff. c) I had an MRI last week to investigate a weird incident that happened earlier this year. Health stuff in the spoiler: I'll be keeping the goals here fairly simple - Goal 1 : workout 3x/week (scheduling with QG) Goal 2 : plan meals ahead on the weekends (Mealime helps with this a lot btw) Goal 3 : remember to post on here min 2x/week
  13. Hanging on with a lot of help - I didn't get the job that time, but also did bite a bullet to start working with a coach online to help me with some of my fitness and life priorities. So, some days not great - but I have some help that can step in and get a little pushy when I need a nudge right now, which has been invaluable the last couple of months. I think I'm ready to start trying to track challenges on here again as well. Sorry for falling off the face of the earth there for a bit
  14. I know those days! That's the worst thing about a mind in chaos, it's hard to use tool to help tone down the chaos when you're already feeling overwhelmed. WOOT! Congrats, sounds like a nice spot
  15. Called the HR rep who proctored my entry tests at the potential new place, did find out a couple of things: - The HR software update definitely caused some serious delays in their hiring process, - He doesn't know for sure if any candidates have been selected or not for offers, but he does know that no one has actually been hired yet, - Even if I'm not selected for the position this time around, he's not only willing to have a conversation about what could make me a better candidate for a later try but seemed genuinely happy that I asked about that, so that's a positive thing 'cause I was afraid that would be something that would be seen as an inconvenience to them. He's going to ask some follow up questions to the folks who are in charge of the selection process and get back to me, he said to reach back out on Friday if I didn't hear back from him before then. So, hope isn't lost on this try. So, cautious optimism gets to hang out for a while longer at least. Non-identifying details of the current brick walls I'm banging my head against at the current place under a spoiler, but every time I think the place can't make itself worse they upgrade from a shovel to a backhoe.
  16. Definitely doesn't need to be perfect, it just has to be useful to *you* Your garden looks fantastic! I'm super jealous, I have all of like 5 plants in right now because that's all I have time/weeded area to care for - speaking of which, I need to weed them some this weekend
  17. They definitely always want to help me in whatever I'm doing, very involved little kitties. I haven't heard back yet, which is definitely not fun I was given a heads up that they would probably be running slow due to changing HR software etc so I haven't emailed to ask anyone anything yet (I don't want to come across as impatient by accident and screw myself out of the position if they haven't already made offers) but I'm definitely a raging ball of anxiety wondering right now.
  18. End of the week/weekend has definitely been much better. Friday was eh - I didn't have a whole lot to keep me busy at work (typical Friday issue) but had company from a couple of other techs who were working close by so we kept each other company. Yesterday I got a (very short) VR workout in - did a bit of BeatSaber as a warm-up, then picked the BoxVR class of the day because it was only 11 minutes - and tapped out like 3 minutes in because it was SO MANY SQUATS!!! I gotta build my leg strength back up, those kicked my butt fast. Then went to the comic shop/bar for wing night and got to hang out with some of my favorite humans -y baby sister and her husband were both able to make it, so we had a blast hanging out and chatting. Breakfast yesterday (Sauteed mushroom and scrambled egg breakfast tacos with salsa and queso, definitely making them again sometime) Today was also pretty chill; my D&D group had to cancel (we had one get sick, then another who got slammed at work today) so the time I was going to spend prepping the session got turned into exercise and groceries at Aldi - did some BeatSaber with no squats, then after a while went for a Zombies, Run! walk for the first time in a while - my foot hurt a bit, but it was nice to get outside and walk around for a bit. I'm making a refrigerated pizza from Aldi's quick-meal area for dinner tonight with some mushrooms added on 'cause they're my favorite pizza thing. I made some shrimp, avocado & salsa tacos for breakfast - I didn't have a lot on hand and kinda just threw things together, definitely highly recommend trying that though cause they were shockingly good! Anxiety is still pretty high about hearing back from the potential new job, tomorrow is the earliest day I was told I might hear back and I'm trying not to get too nervous about the fact that I'm hoping to hear back ASAP and also remind myself that if I may not hear back for a while after that/may not be the selected candidate, but that I've also done all that was within my control no matter what happens. Now if only I can get my anxiety to understand this fact... Also - supervised yoga from earlier this week, I figured folks might appreciate the "help" I was getting. Apparently my reachy towel is now Kiki's mat
  19. Bit of a mixed bag, but definitely not horrible. Monday was off because of the 4th, which definitely made it a better day to begin with. Then I got to have dinner with my little sister & brother in law (we did burgers on my George Foreman grill then went out for froyo afterwards), then got to have a long-distance movie night with one of my best friends - we watched the 2019 Color out of Space with Nick Cage, which was surprisingly well done and also got some running commentary out of me for the first half before the *stuff* really starts happening. Tuesday was basically just a monday, nothing special nothing extremely terrible. I made some salads for lunches (this one) but changed the dressing to lemon based instead of vinegarette - definitely should have stuck with the vinegar, lemon was a bit too sour for this. Still not bad lunches though. Wednesday was... idek. Started tired but pretty good, had Dr apt, did some BeatSaber and BoxVR before work, then work came and HOOO BOY. There were several parts that I hadn't gotten before with no SOPs to run them, or with an outdated & WAY incorrect one, and also no indication that they have extra tests to run other than "other techs are supposed to tell you" so that got frustrating AF very quickly, then I also got mandated to stay over 4 hours till 3 am which made it soooo much better. On the plus side, definitely helps me remember that no, I'm not imagining it, this place really is just badly run and I need to get out ASAP - which also kicked up my anxiety about whether I'll get into the place that my mentor works. There's a tiny piece of me that wants to stay, gather info and update/write proper SOPs and methods behind all of the tests that are so badly lacking, but most of me knows dang well that they aren't interested in having things fixed so much as keeping everything quiet - not sure how they expect that to fly under audits, but that does seem to be the modus operandi here. Thursday (yesterday) - wound up calling in, since Wednesday wiped out any and all drive I had to try to prove myself at this place while I'm still here, and I was pretty exhausted from being tired before work, working over and having the massive stress of the issues that came up while I was working Wednesday... I was way too tired to punish myself for this place. Today - so far pretty ok, gotta go get changed for work shortly. I did make some burrito bowls - one's lunch that I'm eating now, one's dinner tonight, and one will probably get demolished this weekend along with the shrimp salads I haven't made yet. so, not a great or terrible week, but bit of a roller coaster.
  20. #relatable, for real. Overall looks like you had a good week last week from your tracking though! Sometimes you gotta relax & reset, and that's ok
  21. Sounds like an awesome 20 minute workout! ...wait, did you have to pay for the appointment with the doctor you never even saw?! If so, that's absolutely ridiculous. Sounds like whatever parent company bought out the clinic is pretty bad if they're having that much turnover, I'd definitely bail and find another clinic.
  22. I could definitely see you as one of those jets. You gotta fill your own tank to be able to fill anyone else's, and don't let anyone try to take your own fuel from you.
  23. That is definitely understandable; I'm glad you're feeling better and are ready to tackle things again, but I'm also super glad you don't feel guilty for not doing a lot
  24. Week 2 update: SQ1 - Did yoga Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday was my last PT appointment. Shoulder isn't 100% yet, but is way better and no longer screams at me for shrugging wrong. I didn't get any other workouts done the rest of the week due to stress though. 3/5 points SQ2 - This really didn't get done this past week, since playing Elden Ring for most of yesterday doesn't really count as self care. Fun, but kinda emotional junk food. About the only self care I can claim is that I did my nails yesterday around gaming, tried my home dip nail kit - we'll see if they're as durable as the ones I got at the salon. SQ3 - I did get dishes done at least 3 times this week, that is about it though. 3/5 points. LQ - I got duo in /M/T/W//F/Sa, 5/5 points! So yay there Total week 2 points : 11/15, same as last week numbers wise but felt a lot harder even though it was smaller things that got done. I'll take it for now though. Today was much better though - I did have some really bad issues sleeping last night, but once I got up I made some eggs & sausage patties, walked to Starbucks (it's the only coffee place close enough for a walk, 1.2 miles round trip apparently), got meal planning and groceries in, and then put my VR headset on for the first time in months and my shoulder let me play about 20 minutes of BeatSaber without seizing up on me overall a pretty decent day. I'm still a bit nervous, probably will be until I hear a definite yes/no back from the company, but I do feel better than I did last week.
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