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  1. Sunday: SQ 1 - no zoms because I walked with Mom and Dani, but we did go on a pretty decent walk SQ 2 - Think I just had toast for breakfast (mom got some fancy butter, so I tried one piece with just the fancy butter and one with that + cinnamon sugar). I made some sheet pan salmon and zucchini chunks with lime/cilantro rice, which Mom definitely liked. Dinner was tilapia and risotto in white wine sauce - my mom got my BIL Julia Child cookbooks for his christmas present, so he's been starting to experiment with french cooking. Monday (yesterday) SQ 1 - it was grey, gross and rainy all day, so I opted for a yoga w/Adrienne that was pretty easy on shoulders, and hooooo boy my hips definitely appreciated the stretch. SQ 2 - Had a late breakfast/brunch instead of lunch, I made a hash with the leftovers from steak&potatoes on Sunday and scrambled some eggs with it. Definitely a good use of leftovers, and a way faster hash than making it with fresh potatoes. Then last night I made two roast chickens with mashed red potatoes & gravy, which were a big hit - plus now I have enough chicken leftovers to do the rest of the thai peanut chicken and zoodles I have a recipe for. SQ 3 - (no unpacking / organizing, still on hold for visiting time) Mom heads back home today after lunch, and it's supposed to clear up here in early afternoon so I should be able to get a walk in today - lunch is either going to be some mashed sweet potatoes and chicken sausage or the zoodles, depending on which Mom & Rose prefer to eat while they're visiting, then I think I'm going to kill some of the leftovers from cooking the last couple of days for dinner. We'll see what happens the rest of today, but overall even with SQ 3 being put on pause, it's been a good visit this week. New job starts a week from yesterday.
  2. Glad you're feeling better, stomach bugs are no fun. Hopefully you'll be able to get a good gauge over the next few days or so for what you usually eat, and how to tweak it without taking away too much at once. It can definitely be a hard balance to strike.
  3. Perfectly reasonable response to getting sick mid-challenge. Bullet journaling definitely helps me sort my head out and feel like I have some sort of plan to deal with what's coming my way, hopefully it does the same for you. How are you feeling? Hope you're recovering well.
  4. When in doubt, git gud - but don't get upset at yourself for not being "gud" right out of the gate
  5. Wednesday: Mom got here SQ 1 - no zoms, but we did go for a short walk with Dani (Mom's doggo) after she got here SQ 2 - IIRC (cause I forgot to take any pics, and haven't picked back up with food tracking very well yet) I had a tropical smoothie for breakfast, picked up a Jimmy John's sandwich on the way back from a Chiropractor appointment for lunch, and made the turkey (well, chicken cause Mom no like turkey) meatballs with mashed sweet potatoes and carrot/apple slaw from the meal plan. Twas a very good meal, will definitely be doing mashed sweet potatoes again. SQ 3 - Didn't get any of the box unpacking done I wanted to, but I did get the floor vaccuumed, dishes caught up, and guest bedroom/living room/bathroom/kitchen neatened up before Mom got here between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Thursday: I had picked up a ticket to go to COSI to see the Marvel exhibit before I knew Mom was coming up SQ 1 - no walk this day, I did explore COSI a lot but there was a lot of stopping to say "What's this? WHAT'S THIS!" throughout the visit, COSI photos under the spoiler tag to save space. SQ 2 - Got lunch at COSI, which was expensive but a fairly healthy salad with chicken added. Mom and I had dinner at R&B's place, he made us some chicken masala, his favorite thing to make, with orzo. I don't remember what I did for breakfast before leaving for COSI though lol. SQ 3 - nada Friday: SQ 1 - no zoms again, but took a longer walk with Mom and Dani. SQ 2 - I made steaks and foil potatoes for dinner with everyone, I had the leftovers from the meatballs and sweet potatoes for lunch. (Rose & Brandon liked the new Cat and Mouth game I picked up... they were just a little competitive. We made Mom watch Encanto after dinner) Saturday (yesterday) SQ 1 - Mom went and hung out with the kids, so Dani and I went for a zombie walk ourselves. I think she enjoyed the walk, but she was tuckered out by the end of it. SQ 2 - Rose had invited me and Mom to a ladies tea even at her church while Mom was visiting, so that was breakfast. I had a leftover kale and pork cutlet salad with a couple of bacon slices chopped up into it for lunch, we had dinner out for the BIL's birthday at a fancy-ish place in downtown. Rose knows someone who drops off macaroons the coffee shop she works at sells, and asked if she could do a macaroon cake for his birthday... and y'all. SQ 3 - with Mom visiting, COSI trip and hanging out with R&B extra this week, the actual unpacking has been put on the back burner probably until Mom heads home this coming week, but I'm kinda ok with that right now cause the family time is nice, and it's been a really nice week off work ❤️ next week I'm still off (i think Mom's heading back on tuesday) so I'll be able to look at getting some unpacking/reorganizing maybe then, and getting up the shelves I bought etc then.
  6. They definitely were! The mini pizzas were exceptionally good, though i think next time I'll brush the crust down with some oil to help keep them from burning cause they did get a little singed. Volleyball yesterday was fun, but I had to be a bit careful not to piss of my left shoulder - so playing mostly right handed. Miles wanted attention after I got home for movie night after volleyball, hence the extra catittude in the picture. Today (Tuesday): SQ 1 : Today was warmer, and not remotely as windy. The sun peeked out a bit but it was mostly cloudy. 10/10, nice day for walks. SQ 2 : Made another BLT/egg sandwich for breakfast before the walk, then made the kale salad from the meal plan up above - had one for lunch, and 2 are put away for later meals. I'm thinking maybe make the meatballs with sweet potatoes for dinner, but pizzas might win out for sheer ease and deliciousness. SQ 3 - now that I'm back from walks and doctor appointments, I'm going to work on getting the apartment sorted this afternoon... I probably won't get everything done, but I can' at least get it to the point where I'm not super anxious about Mom walking in tomorrow.
  7. Yesterday (Sunday) SQ 1 - Did zombies, run!, and made it about 2 k in the time I had the run set for. It was pretty out, and not too cold, but still windy as heck. SQ 2 - I did a grocery run after the zombies, then made some mini naan-pizzas for late lunch and the zucchini/carrot noodle dish from the meal plan I posted above - had to substitute pork cutlets for the chicken due to shortages (it's what the store had) but overall it worked well, so no complaints. The smoothie was breakfast. SQ 3 - #$&%. Week 1 totals (no actual goals for this one, but still tracking what's going on) Today (monday) SQ 1 - No zoms today because Volleyball starts back up tonight (I'm actually headed there in about 10 minutes from writing this) SQ 2 - Made a BLT + scrambled egg for breakfast before dentist appointment, then had leftovers from the veggie noodles last night and a lorge salad with homemade lemon dressing - which was a little too heavy on the lemon, next time I'll add more of something else to the mix to help mellow it out. It was pretty darn good though. SQ 3 - wound up playing phone tag with insurance company and former employer trying to sort out COBRA coverage for this month, since my next job's insurance starts April 1st & I have doctor appointments both tomorrow and Wednesday, so this did not get as much attention as it deserved. I did get the list actually started today though, so that's a plus.
  8. They have a couch to 5K as well as the base game, just as a heads up in case that might be something you'd also be interested in. If you do the C25K part you get extra story that takes place between the first and second run in the base game, but if you don't you don't really miss anything important to the main storyline. I've definitely been enjoying the time outside though, my body and brain both agree they've been beyond starved for nature time and more getting outside is needed
  9. Yuck, I hope your case is mild and heals quickly and completely
  10. You did manage to cook for yourself and eat though (maybe not your ideal meal, but dear lord even the best cooks sometimes can't be bothered to do more than throw pasta in water then put sauce on it and call it good). You're still doing a lot, and you're also dealing with a crap load of stress from **other** factors that take a ton of your emotional and mental energy, which are finite resources themselves.
  11. I use a lot of soundtrack music, like from Mass Effect or The Dark Knight, anything John Williams etc if I'm looking for something without lyrics that will keep my brain going.
  12. So, about Thursday: Between the weather, the interview I had in the early afternoon, and the game of phone tag I was playing all morning, and getting off work at 11:15 pm the night before - I wound up not having the spoons to pick up groceries or do any real exercise. 😕 So not a useless day, but no "points" for the day either. Today: SQ1 - It was pretty outside but the wind was super cold, so I didn't spend much extra time out there. SQ2 - I've got a meal plan made up, just need to get the groceries - probably tomorrow (I had some leftover soup for lunch, and have a movie night with dinner provided with friends tonight, so food is covered for today) SQ3 - Still need to make this list. Mom's coming up Wednesday this coming week though, so that's definitely going to have to happen fairly quickly. Yaaaay external deadlines.
  13. Thanks! Good to be back It's useful for me - stories are the main reason I'm as much of a gamer as I am, so the story of the game keeps me coming back for more (even if it is years later than when I started playing the game now).
  14. Hey all, long time no see! Work went completely sideways on me, and I think I knew after last year I'd either have to wait to pick this back up until I either moved up in the company and got a normal M-F schedule, or left the company. The last 3+ years have been an educational experience - but it's time to leave the job that's been eating my life and making it difficult for me to develop routines in my life that didn't involve eating fast food. The experience I gained while there has opened a couple of doors for me, and I will be leaving my current company this Friday. Which is both really exciting, and really scary. I have learned a lot for my career, but my health (both mental and physical) has taken a hit - I am tired, stressed, and my breathing issues have gotten worse which I think is largely due to lack of exercise the last few years, but working in a powder production / chemical factory while also having a sensitive respiratory system to begin with probably also didn't help. I was getting my RHR lower most of last year but added stress currently have it hovering in the mid 80's, which... is not great. I'm giving myself a couple of weeks between ending this job and beginning the new one, for a couple of reasons - one is to give myself some time to decompress and process after leaving my current job, and the other is to give myself a chance to start developing some habits before getting to the new job. Main quest - reclaiming my health bar 1 - Flee the zoms: Picking back up with Zombies, Run! as a training program, going for walk/runs on a nearby trail when weather allows, and doing indoor training when it doesn't. Week 1 plan - Train today (Monday), Thursday and Saturday. 2 - Food planning - I'm actually doing a lot better on this than I had been when I still lived in nowheresville, but right now I'm having trouble with the actual food planning part - thankfully I have some back pocket recipes that are easy to throw together (I have some chicken noodle soup cooking in the Instant Pot right now due to lack of planning/executive disfunction issues) but I would like to get more to the point of actually having a set menu for the next week, get the list together, and get what I need for that. Mealime has been super helpful getting me partway there, so my goal is to get better at planning ahead for food. Week 1 plan - I have smoothie stuff for tomorrow morning, and ingredients for soup/salad lunches and shepherd's pie dinners Tue and Wed (work days), I'll have to go get groceries Thursday for the rest of the week. 3 - Unpack and reset apartment: I moved early last year, but never unpacked all the way - I would like to get the clutter dealt with, get some new shelves and other items I picked up put up, and generally just reset my home base to be a place that helps make my life easier and less stressful. I think step 1 of this is going to be making a list, since it's been too big of a thing to tackle on its own and needs to be broken down. Week 1 plan - take stock of what needs to be done, and write it down as a list. I'll reassess after the first week a bit and try to determine whether I need to adjust anything or not. I'll also try to post on here at least twice a week to help keep up motivation.
  15. Last challenge got a little rough about halfway through, but I got a solid framework built to work on I think. Explanation on the proposal I submitted, TL;DR I asked for more help in the team at work So, that's staying exactly the same. SQ1 - Doing yoga before work (4/week) I'm going to try to get this more consistent this round, basically. I had about a 50% rate on this one last challenge, but on the days i've done it I have definitely noticed a difference. SQ2 - Food prep on days off (2/wk) Prepping a lunch to go with me to work for the following 2 days basically so that I don't have to worry about that the days I'm working, since the last thing I feel like doing after 10-12 hr shifts is typically prepping food for the next day. SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR/AR (2/wk) With the fact that Ohio is no longer a frozen waste land, I'm adding Zombies, Run! and Pokemon, Go! into the mix here. (Zombies, Run! is only walking right now, with chases turned off since my knees are in no mood for running more than a few yards yet) Just like last time, I'm counting week 0 (this week) for the challenge, so the totals will be out of 6 weeks.
  16. Right there with you on the mayhem front with a bit of jumbled mess happening partway through last challenge, but you still did a lot - and you're working towards your goals still, and hey - woot for devotion habit!
  17. Challenge totals: 31/48 SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :13/24 This was the part I struggled with getting the most consistency on this challenge, but also one of the things I noticed had the biggest impact on my day at work when I managed to get this in. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 9/12 This got tough at some points with OT and trying to fit things in around a schedule that did not want to flex much some weeks, but I think I got some extra help and pointers towards the end of the challenge that may help with this part moving forward. SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR : 9/12 This part of the challenge was definitely the one I wanted to do the most, normally the easiest to get to when I wasn't tied up at work till 8pm (or sore like I was the last week of the challenge). Overall, not the worst - but plenty o'room for improvement. And I also put in a proposal this week to my manager that he took favorably and I already have another team member very much on board that if it gets approved, will move my position and add another person to our team to help balance out the time issues (I'll give more info on the next challenge posting once I get that up.)
  18. Belated Week 4 check in: SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :2 /4 Did really well for the first half of the week, then the second half of the week kinda went up in smoke SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 2/2 I managed to prep ahead at least. I also talked to my health coach through work on monday of this week, and got some helpful tips when I told her about how my overtime can explode - and often with little warning. So now, I have some frozen soups and dinners stashed for emergencies where I wind up having to spend extra time at work so I don't wind up eating dinner at 10 pm Dinner for the earlier part of the week that just turned out really good: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMLmFPEJkED/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR : 2/2 There were some Swordsman updates and stuff going on, so I was fighting bosses and having a ton of fun on there. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Week 5 check in: SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :1/4 I managed to hurt myself somehow (not sure what I did actually, other than inventory day - which I mean I was on my feet walking the whole time, but that shouldn't have hurt my back) so wound up sleeping and resting a bit extra to let my lower back ease up for most of the week. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 2/2 I. Got. SOOOOOO much food made on Wednesday - chicken noodle (which is what I froze on my health coach's suggestion), shrimp scampi with spaghetti squash for the base - which was kinda meh, but that was more the sauce than the squash, and corned beef brisket from Aldi that I divided up after dinner with some mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts into basically TV dinners, which were ridiculously good. (also turned one into corned beef hash that Saturday, 10/10 - highly recommend) ALL the food preps: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMi3Gdbp0JH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Corned beef hash: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMpVUM1pUKg/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link The one-pot chicken thighs & veggies I made for the first half of the week https://www.instagram.com/p/CMa6Ax7pmUy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR : 0/2 I don't have any tracked on my Fitbit, and the last couple of weeks are a bit of a blur so I'm not entirely certain if I did one and didn't track it or if that was all the previous week.
  19. Week 3 check in: A lot of overtime and general hecticness happened last week, so kinda got knocked on my tail a bit as far as goals went : SQ1 - Doing yoga before work :2 /4 I managed to get yoga in before work Tue and Thu, but was struggling against the urge to sleep in a lot of the week due to 12+hr shifts and getting to bed later than I wanted to. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 1 /2 I prepped for the second half of the week, the first half of the week was pretty crap though. SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR : 1/2 I got this in saturday (and was on for quite a bit) Thankfully, last weekend was my weekend off - normally I'd be off today as well for a 3 day weekend, but I have a course I'm taking online for work that's today through Wednesday that's 11-7 my time (the course is on PST) so I have a nice laid-back morning and just 8ish hours of actual work for the next few days + homework, so much more laid back than the last couple of weeks. I also used the weekend to get my feet back under me for food prep, and should have a decent time getting yoga in before work with a late start for week 4.
  20. Week 2 : end of week check in This week honestly kinda sucked from a food & workout perspective; I wound up working a bunch of OT, didn't get my food prepped for the second half of the week like I should have on my normal day off that I worked a half day on, and didn't do my yoga before work the last half of the week either 😕 SQ1 - Doing yoga before work : 2/4 I got this in the first half of the week, but not the second. SQ2 - Food prep on days off : 1/2 I got food prepped for the first half of the week Monday night, but wound up working a half day Thursday (which would normally have been my day off this week) after doing some errands earlier in the day, and just did NOT feel like making food ahead. Which wound up with me eating terribly Friday and Saturday, including way too much fast food SQ3 - Getting cardio in VR :2/2 Managed to get this in today and Monday, so barely bookended the week with it. Which... y'all have to see this glitch from Swordsman's event right now, added bonus - you get to hear me completely loose it laughing at this ridiculousness. @Starpuck, if you haven't gotten this game yet you so totally should try it btw if you like sword fighting shenanigans
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