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  1. I'm in! But I thought today was the start date... Just got home from teaching off-site for a week, so I couldn't have weighed in last week anyway. I am up just shy of six pounds from the last challenge. I got lazy and hungry (and, I guess, thirsty) over the holidays. Glad to be back at it.
  2. Sounds good. I'm in again. Could we do choose your own adventure, weight or bf?
  3. I've hovered within three pounds of the ending weight. Need another challenge! Happy new year nerds.
  4. Behave today nerds. I think I'm going to eat little and drink a lot of Christmas ale as the in-laws are in the house.
  5. I wish I could say I did it saving children in peril. I was walking down the stairs carrying the dog and tripped because she started trying to squirm out of my arms. Slammed the foot on two steps on the way down. Dasein in peril.
  6. Nailed it! Woke up a little over so I taped the toe and kicked out five miles. Feels good to get there.
  7. Also: broken toe was meant to be descriptive, not some dumb ass excuse. Be well.
  8. Thanks caolan! No big thing. And we had friendsgiving tonight as well! If i don't make the 20 it was well worth it! Pretty good run! This challenge has changed everything. Lightest I have been for nearly a decade. I'm nothing but thankful (except a little buzzed). And very nice work!
  9. Not sure if I'm going to make it. I did an impromptu weigh-in yesterday an I was actually up a bit. Bad time to have my worst week! Actually broke my toe so cardiovascular was lacking. Food and drink weren't terrible. Hoping I had a big water weight or something yesterday. Even if I don't hit the 20, I am pretty satisfied with the weight loss. We will see tomorrow. Nice work everybody. People planning on staying on this thread to continue or will we start a new one? I would love the accountability to maintain or maybe lose .25 lbs per week.
  10. I've got .9 lbs to go. Strangely, the airport bartender started pouring me free shots... #conspiracy
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