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  1. Think OLD school... what code uses A and B? (although currently the page goes NOWHERE )
  2. You will do great! Good moms worry about stuff like that. And she is adoooorrrbs.
  3. You two need to come over and help me through Kate's unbreakable body assessment! <3 I remember way back when selfies scared/embarrassed the crap put of you. Look at you go now!
  4. Yay for nerdsgiving inspired lifting and scale stealing! even if I did get payback on the nerdborhood inspired lifting. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED, I guess
  5. maigrey


    Aw, that Madi face. And don't guilt yourself for being sick, sometimes that just happens and you need to slow down. Xoxo, and follow @raptron's advice.
  6. Man that maigrey chick is such a taskmaster. ❤
  7. Are you going to spoil it and tell them the subject of the video?
  8. <3 you RP. Always good to see you! BREAK THE SCALE!! BREAK THE SCALE!!
  9. Oooh, so does that mean you've decided to do the meet in June? July?
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