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  1. You will do great! Good moms worry about stuff like that. And she is adoooorrrbs.
  2. You two need to come over and help me through Kate's unbreakable body assessment! <3 I remember way back when selfies scared/embarrassed the crap put of you. Look at you go now!
  3. Yay for nerdsgiving inspired lifting and scale stealing! even if I did get payback on the nerdborhood inspired lifting. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED, I guess
  4. maigrey


    Aw, that Madi face. And don't guilt yourself for being sick, sometimes that just happens and you need to slow down. Xoxo, and follow @raptron's advice.
  5. Man that maigrey chick is such a taskmaster. ❤
  6. Are you going to spoil it and tell them the subject of the video?
  7. <3 you RP. Always good to see you! BREAK THE SCALE!! BREAK THE SCALE!!
  8. Oooh, so does that mean you've decided to do the meet in June? July?
  9. Are you gonna update this challenge or noooooo
  10. Knowing it and experiencing it are two vastly different things. But you've got new parameters now, and you will get to the best you that you can be, if anyone is know will.
  11. Hey pretty lady! You are back from Michigan now, and I think you are the bestest.
  12. oh haiiii! <3 I'm so flipping excited to be here! ... HAHAHAHAAAAAA SEE WHAT I DID THERE?
  13. Hi! So good to see you back! <3
  14. okay so WHAT days this week are you going to do PT and which days will you do yoga? *gets out alarm clocks*
  15. Soooo - I have also created a NF Madison FB page, which will be much easier to schedule events, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/NFMSN/ if you wish to join!
  16. Jem, she's truly outrageous! ... oh, wrong 80s cartoon. But you ARE truly outrageous!
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