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  1. So for the one lovely soul thats following my challenge (thanks!! <3 ), I'll update. My workout classes start this week and so far I'm terrible In rock climbing yesterday, I only made it 10 or 15 feet off the ground... Which puts me easily at worst in the class. My fingers and hands are way too weak to get a good grip on most of the holds, my arms are too weak to pull myself up very far, and my fear of falling makes my legs shake like crazy & makes it hard to use them to stand up on the holds. So now after that class, I'm thoroughly embarrassed, reluctant to keep going, and my fingers
  2. Better in some areas than others. My diet is going the best so far - I haven't been doing all my replacement workouts for the classes that havent started yet :/ ã„ã„ãˆã€‚。。毎日ã˜ã‚ƒãªã„ã§ã™ã€‚ã§ã‚‚ã€å¤šå°‘。
  3. Introduction Hello, I'm ElfiKay! Although this is my third or fourth challenge, I feel like it's my first. I broke my foot a while back, and it's finally healed! I'm still not allowed to run, but I should be running again by partway through the challenge. Since there's no point in just holding my breath until I'm running again, I'm moving my focus up - literally. This challenge will be mostly about weight loss through diet, climbing, and aerial exercise (my friends and I found a pole dancing fitness studio, and I'm stoked. Won't need a good foot for that! Plus it'll be the closest to dance I'v
  4. Week 5 PT: 80% Strength: 60% Diet: 68% Total: 69.33% Life Quest: 100% Week 6 PT: 72% Strength: 30% Diet: 85% Total: 62.33% Life Quest: 100% So I forgot to post after last week, so here's the past two weeks. ... Not too great. But on the bright side, I finally got my boot off!!! & I'm home with my family for the holidays! I still can't run... Not allowed to do that until I've had a full week pain-free, but... it's something So, final score for the challenge: 65.74% plus 5% for completing my Life Quest: 70.74% Well... that is just barely a pass, & only with the he
  5. Week 4 PT: 50% Strength: 66% Diet: 50% Total: 55.33% Life Quest: 100% I lived! This past week was hell... I stayed sick until Wednesday, & I had all of my projects and papers due throughout the week. I didn't sleep at all Wednesday night to stay up and finish a paper, and barely slept Thursday night to finish my Japanese portfolio. Ugh. But it's over! Now all I've got is two finals and I'm done with the semester ^-^ But on the fitness side, I failed so hard... I'm going to have to do REALLY awesome now that classes are over if I want to end the challenge well... >.< Past
  6. Thanks, guys I think I'm on the mend... I say that tentatively, because although my voice sounds vaguely female again, I don't feel the need to chug Dayquil all day, and didn't need Nyquil to sleep last night, my fever doesn't want to leave me in peace. Maybe it'll be gone by tomorrow?
  7. Week 2 PT: 100% Strength: 50% Diet: 80% Total: 76.67% Life Quest: 100% So the stress got to me - I've been really sick since about Wednesday. So the grading on this week (except for life quest. school doesnt stop for illness) is based off of the few days I wasn't dying gracelessly. Past Weeks: Week 1 PT: 78% Strength: 60% Diet: 72% Total: 70% Life Quest: 57% Week 2 PT: 50% Strength: 60% Diet: 72.5% Total: 60.8% Life Quest: 100%
  8. Week 2 PT: 50% Strength: 60% Diet: 72.5% Total: 60.8% Life Quest: 100% Wow, so I actually failed this week. Last week was close, but this time it's actually a fail. But at least I'm studying every day... Let's see if it's enough to get me through the semester. :/ There's this week (which is just today and tuesday, the rest is thanksgiving break) & then next week, & then finals & thats it. Hopefully I'll get everything done... I'm actually already finished with one class - no final & my group was the first to present our final project, so thats one down at least... I re
  9. 11/19 PT: 50% Strength: 100% Diet: 70% Life Quest: 100% I'm so stressed out right now... even making sure that I do at least an hour every day (it's been more like all the hours every day this week though), I feel like I'm just not going to make deadlines... I'm going to bed at like 4am, and then lying awake too stressed to fall asleep. Last night I only managed to actually sleep for a single hour. I've been skipping meals and ordering delivery for others, and PLEASE DEAR GOD LET CLASSES END. I am about one more tight deadline away from just breaking down and crying. Also, I may as well ca
  10. 11/17 PT: 100% Strength: 0% Diet: 80% Life Quest: 100% 11/18 PT: 0% (oops) Strength: 0% (dammit) Diet: 100% Life Quest: 100%
  11. 11/16 Report PT: 50% Diet: 40% Life Quest: 100% Oops. I forgot to go get groceries, so I had two meals out, and just skipped the third. Basically, I only got points for calories... Going grocery shopping today instead. Also, I don't workout Sundays, so I didn't list strength. My 5 workouts a week SHOULD be all the weekdays, but I can do one on Saturday instead of one of the other days if I want. As for PT... I did the thing where I kept putting it off until suddenly I was going to bed and only had time for one. I really need to stop doing that. But I did finish my part of a big group proje
  12. Hello then, new fellows. I'm ElfiKay and I'm in recovery after breaking my foot. Until I get my peg off and my foot back, I'm pretty limited, but I'll be puttin as much effort into me work on the ship as I can! If ya would like to keep a weather eye on me progress, the thread is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/56457-elfikay-recovers/
  13. OMG GYRADOS!!! That's one of my favorites ^-^ Other top faves are Jolteon and Rapidash <3 <3 <3 Lol, glad to see I'm not the only Pokemon cross-stitcher. You should message/email/text/smoke signal me when you're working on it to motivate me to pick up mine, haha. As for the depression, you're not alone in it. I don't know how bad mine is, and how much is me just being self-absorbed and stuck in my own head, because I refuse to go to a doctor and get diagnosed (If it's not official, it's not real, right?), but I can commiserate with you on at least some level. (And support you on all
  14. A wooden thunk startles the crew and breaks the tense atmosphere. A battered little rowboat had knocked up against the side of the ship, manned by a weary, peg-legged lass. "Ahoy there! The sea didn't like the taste of me and has spat me back out! Permission to come back aboard?" She scanned the strange faces on the ship, only recognizing a few of her old mates. "Seems I've got an introduction to make if you'll take me."
  15. So this week wasn't so great and I can definitely point fingers at one of the biggest reasons... New WoW expansion dropped I went from playing a few times a month to EVERY DAY. I need some way to manage how much time I spend geeking out on all the new stuff in it, because clearly I don't have the self control right now. In a few weeks, I'll be over how exciting the new content is and be back to my normal habits on it, but in a few weeks finals will already be over. I don't want to straight up cancel my subscription until class ends... any other ideas? Week 1 PT: 78% Strength: 60% Diet: 72%
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