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  1. Challenge Results: I'm not good at judging myself, I think I either mark myself too high or low. Oh well, here goes: Strength: B+ Skipped some days, but I did improve a bit, even if only by correcting my form. Kinda pissed off I haven't really been improving my chin ups and dips, but I'm naturally impatient. Diet: A- Generally went well, apart from the one or two days I forgot it was the start of a new week, so forgot I couldn't eat a certain food. I also ate chocolate once because I got freaked out by how jittery I was. Will try honey or somethi
  2. Will update final overall grade later on during the day, need to read back over my challenge first.
  3. Day 28: 15/4/17 Strength: Rest Diet: Done Education: 0/4 House: Yep, was still out of town so couldn't do it. I always have this problem whenever I leave my flat for a few days, I completely lose my habits or any progress I've made so far on NF. Thankfully it was only for the Easter weekend, though, would've been worse if it was any longer. And I did keep my diet for today too, so I kept one good habit I guess.
  4. Day 27: 14/4/17 Strength: Bulgarian Split Squat: 4x5. Getting a lot easier, more just tired than anything. A little wobbly though. One Arm Dummbell Row: 20kg, 4x8, but difficult. Will need to stay at this weight. Barbell Bench Press: 18kg 4x5, also difficult. Will need to stay at this as well. Hanging Scapular Retraction: 2x12. I could do it, but my hands kept slipping off the bar. I don't know whether that's because my (gloved) hands were sweaty, my grip is weak or I weigh too much lol. Maybe all of them. Diet: Done Education:
  5. Day 26: 13/4/17 Strength: Rest Diet: Done Education: 1/4 House: Erm... later? :/ Ugh, I hate cleaning. (If that wasn't self-explanatory ).
  6. Day 25: 12/4/17 Strength: One Arm Dumbbell Snatch: 14kg 3x3. Barbell Deadlift: 62.5kg deadlift 4x5. Assisted Dip: 4x5, 59kg again (I think, I forgot to record this one for some reason). Assisted Chin-up: 45kg, 4x3. I can't seem to improve this, I've even lowered the reps from 5 to 3. Gahh ughhh. And I think I'm cheating too, I'm bringing my legs up rather than my arms towards the end of each set. Maybe I just need to lose some weight first before I can better at chin-ups? Because I used to find them a lot easier when I did weigh less... Wall Slide: 2x10.
  7. That's true, thanks. I had some bananas but those didn't work. Maybe I'll try honey if it happens again? I know that has natural sugars in it... thanks for the suggestion. Thanks, that makes sense. I guess I was just following the program so I felt bad switching from what it said to do haha. Oh really? OK, might be time to stop jerking my arm then... Yeah I think it's because my right arm is my dominant one, I guess I just need to keep practising with my left arm at a lower weight. And thanks, I just need to make sure I don't procrastinate so that my 'day' off doesn't b
  8. Well done on completing the challenge!
  9. Nice work getting the extra exercise in and congratulations on finishing the challenge.
  10. True, but you gotta admit this was fun though: XD
  11. Day 24: 11/4/17 Strength: Rest Diet: Ended up having my leftover chocolate (I know, I should've thrown it out yesterday after I left the rest). It made me feel even more sick though so I definitely won't be having any more. Was tempted to get pizza because I'd already eaten chocolate, but stopped myself and had a proper dinner instead. So good on that front. Education: Felt sick from yesterday and chocolate I ate today, so I didn't get anything done. :/ House: Already getting a little dirty (I know, my carpet is weird), but
  12. Day 23: 10/4/17 Strength: Rest Diet: Errrrr, so guys I got kinda freaked out today. For some reason I started craving really badly, to the point I was literally jittery. I'm serious. My hands and head were twitching and I couldn't concentrate on any of my assignments. If anyone saw me they probably would've thought I was on crack - or psychotic, maybe both lol. I ended up having some chocolate because I was too freaked out by myself and basically wanted to cry with how much I was craving chocolate (haha embarrassing ). The shaking did stop, but I felt very sic
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