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  1. Woot! we hit Rivendell! Only 318 miles (as of this posting to Bag End. Way to rock out those miles everyone.
  2. I missed a couple days walking this week due to bad shoes and low motivation. I did manage to get out at least 5 days though. I also did my first Qi Gong class this week which was very interesting. I plan to make it a regular thing.
  3. Below is the data for my walks this week. Missed a couple days and had some slow ones as well. Hope to do better next week. As far as the strength training all I managed this week was 1.5 to 2 hours of a Qi Gong class (with some Tai Chi and Yoga at the end). As tomorrow is the last day of the challenge (which means I will have been to another Qi Gong class and plan on doing a long walk too), I should probably do the grading. For the walking I am surprised how well I like it, and I think I qualify for the A grade. The strength training is an F. I did start Qi Gong which is good but I have a hard time motivating myself to do the strength training. I have also been successful with the Ketogenic diet and should be in ketosis. This would get an A. I think I am just short of the 4 weeks required for any stat changes, but what would you think the two successful quests would provide in terms of stats? Thank you for helping me along with this <3
  4. I will post the numbers tomorrow, but not so well. In an attempt to see what shoes I have that would work for running I tried a old pair of ASICS, but they were stability shoes and messed up my back some. That along with a new (low dose stimulant) drug means I have been having a hard time getting out. I did do my first class of QI Gong (with some Tai Chi and Yoga included as well) though on Sunday which is fun.
  5. Added myself to the sheet. Sounds like it will be a fun thing to do
  6. Actually he didn't give me that much information, so I did a lot of looking online to figure it out. I believe I have myfitnesspal set to 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.
  7. Created some tables to make it easier to display the information to you. So for this post there will be some enteries that were listed above. Walking: Strength Training (failing this one): Hope the tables make it easier for you.
  8. Created some tables to make it easier to display the information to you. So for this post there will be some entries that were listed above. Walking: Strength Training (failing this one): Hope the tables make it easier for you.
  9. Chat suggested I do both side and front as well as without a shirt on. So here we go
  10. Current activities/diet: Ketogenic Diet (Doctor Recommended)Walking 15 min at work and then longer walks/runs in the evening (Doctor suggested minimum of two 15 minute walks a day)Tai Chi/Qi Gong 15 minutes a day (Starting soon based on Doctor commendation)Strength TrainingAny other suggestions for things for me to work on let me know. Also in my signature is my battle log if you are interested in how I am doing. Thanks for checking this thread out <3
  11. I am in Cincinnati. Only been in Ohio for 4.5 years now, originally from Minnesota lol.
  12. Thanks for the information. After thinking about it I am thinking I am going for a Ranger/Assassin hybrid for class once I level. Basically a Hunter-Killer class. The primary stats I am going to try work for would be Strength, Stamina and Agility. Until I start to plateau at least I am going to be focusing on body weight strength training. For the stamina I am going to keep walking and building up to running long distances. Agility would probably come from the strength training but if you have suggestions for working on that, it would be awesome. <3
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates, this past week was busy with the holiday (we went out to St Louis to visit with some of her friends). As far as the Keto, I am doing really well. Since I am not actually tracking all the nutrients right now I am not sure I am at quite the right ratios. I am not worried about the number of carbs as I get pretty close to no net carbs as it is, I might be getting too much protein and not enough fat though. As far as the exercises, I have failed so far at doing the body weight training (though building a bench today hopefully so i can do the row). As far as walking I have done the following: 06/25 - 1.72 mi.06/26 - 0.65 mi.06/27 - 0.74 and 3.02 mi.06/30 - 0.61 and 5.38 mi.There was an occasional walk that I didn't turn RunKeeper on for, but they were short. Also I didn't walk on the first because of recovering for the 5.4 mile walk which was only supposed to be 4 miles and I did not bring near enough water. I think I actually passed out in the grass next to a church for ~30 minutes near the end of it even. Either way I am making progress even if I am not at the level I would like to be. Also I did create a battle log if you would like more details about the walks. Thank you for reminding me to update <3
  14. So I found this topic and decided I should make a thread for accountability and suggestions. Any tips would be great, thank you. Walk/run information taken from RunKeeper. Work walks are short walks I do before my eating window opens at noon. 06/25/2014: Walk - 1.72 miles, 28:36 minutes, 3.61 average MPH, 95' Altitude Climb 06/26/2014: Work Walk - 0.65 miles, 10:41 minutes, 3.64 average MPH, 25' Altitude Climb 06/27/2014: Work Walk - 0.74 miles, 12:03 minutes, 3.67 average MPH, 32' Altitude Climb 06/27/2014: Walk - 3.02 miles, 54:30 minutes, 3.33 average MPH, 227' Altitude Climb (With significant other who has issues with hills)
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