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  1. Clouds all around except for right above my house. -_-

  2. Thank you Megawolf! I've been back from my vacation for about a week now and it's time to get going again.
  3. Did an hour and a half walk this morning with a friend. Feel great!
  4. Hey peeps! I've been gone for a few days. It wasn't just the holiday. I had a sick kitty. With the holiday it made it worse to find a vet since mine was closed the day before the 4th. Found one and she is doing much better! Meet Bidy Juice!
  5. And my friend had no scale. Ugh. I can't afford one until late August. I'll figure out something.
  6. Thank you! And yeah, when I was 18 I actually wanted to do Navy. My mom talked me out of it. Coffee is another weakness but I tend to give it up during the periods of time I do not have school.
  7. It's hard for my first quest since my scale broke and nobody told me. So, tomorrow I'm babysitting and I think she has one. I'm at her house enough to do at least weekly weigh ins. My water intake is doing great! I did have one soda today but it was to keep it awake. Clouds, thunderstorms, rain, all make me fall asleep really bad, and since we are expected more and worse thunderstorms tomorrow, I'm training myself to stay awake. (Don't want to fall asleep on a hyper 2 year old.) The side effects though are pretty bad, so I stocked up on headache meds and Earl Grey tea. Jogging or running has been a no-go lately. I want to change that. The only thing really slowing that down is the triple digit heat. I can jog at night, and that's what I plan to do.
  8. Good luck to you as well. It's hard when friends and family drink them as well.
  9. Time to run like a mad woman outside with the dogs. Now that the heat is somewhat tolerable.

  10. You know what's funny is, I've had this username for over 15 years back when AIM started to gain momentum. NEPA equals no. And don't worry, as long as I'm here and WoW is around, I'll be around!
  11. Too slippery if you ask me! I'm trying to reduce my mom's soda intake as well. We are working on that together. But it's true, they are addictive.
  12. To be honest, no clue. All I know is I want a job where I'm either outdoors most of the time or in a lab. I'm leaning towards a job in Geology mostly. Maybe work at the Los Alamos Lab here in New Mexico or something exciting. I just do not want to be a NEPA troll. That's when the job stops becoming exciting and is just a job. However, when you get your sazzy new computer (whenever that'll be) just let me know and maybe put a small group together. I own a guild in Area 52. It's really just me in it, but I also have my main server Wyrmrest Accord. I'm in a guild there.
  13. Alright, for today I had two full glasses of water. I went 8 months without a soda, until today. My cousin gave me one, and I was all, "One couldn't hurt." Next thing I knew, I had a Root Beer Float from Sonic. Ugh, my life. On a good note though, I'll be in bed before 11:30 pm rather than 1:30 am. I also worked a bit on my permanent notes. Those two goes towards my life level. I'll put that on my first post soon.
  14. I am! My main beasts are foxes. I also have the Ashtail fox.
  15. Woohoo! You can do it Spark! Time to get myself in gear!
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