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  1. I added more variety to my lift program this past Sunday and I love it! Also, while I am not losing weight my pants are a bit looser. So win there! Still working on the socializing thing. The next meetup is a chili cook off on the 4th so we will see if I can make that. I was able to start a conversation at the gym on Sunday in the elevator. That was... different
  2. Awesome! Following
  3. Awesome job! That is really incredible! Keep up the good work.
  4. If any of you followed my last challenge, thanks! I haven't lost any weight since then, but I have started weight lifting so I don't expect too for a few months since I am building muscles. This time around I am looking more to dropping inches as a minor goal. My main goal this challenge is to socialize. Which is a big challenge for me as an introvert. I have become more active in our chat room, but I want something more than that. Totally clueless on how to do that. I tried social Apps, even dating Apps with more of a networking feel, I got scared and deleted all my accounts. May
  5. I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted 0-0 Okay bad news first, I got sick for a few days this week so I had to stop activity for a while. Good news! I am back now and, as of a weigh in this morning, I am 300 lbs. Which means 9 lbs lost for this challenge. I also managed to keep my goal of going to the game at least once a week. I have mostly been going twice a week though. Protein shakes have been my friend, but the nerd fitness group has been by best friend. Yay IRC chat! \o/
  6. Okay so I know I said that I wasn't going to weigh myself before the challenge was over, but.....I did. I lost 2.4lbs!!!!!! That is the fastest I have ever lost weight! Woo hoo for me!
  7. I missed swimming yesterday so I could spend some quality time with my family. I am going to be swimming on Wednesday instead and will be lifting today. Also, making sure I log my food today and me my step goals. Thanks for checking up on me!
  8. Fell out of my routine yesterday :-( Didn't eat every two hours or log my meals. I felt horrible! We were busy running errands and then we went poke hunting. I definitely need to plan better next time.
  9. Progress!!!!!!! My 2 hour challenge is working! I had half of a bison burger and half of a side caesar salad and I was full! I am also eating slower which I believe is helping. I haven't been 100% on my meal log, but I know I can improve on that. Friday 2PM, Mettwurst with mustard 4:20PM Greek Yogurt, Cherry 6:30PM 2 celery stalks with peanut butter and a veggie burger with mustard 8:30PM two celery stalks with peanut butter and Greek Yogurt, cherry
  10. Hi NF! I am looking for a small group of people for more individualized accountability. Daily check ins and stuff like that. Would anyone be interested?
  11. Update on my challenge. I haven't caved and the two hour eating plan is really effective! I just need to make sure I include protein in each meal. Also, I am making sure I work out every day in some way. I am going to weigh in only at the end of the challenge. Hopefully I see some results.
  12. Midway through my first week and I am already feeling better about myself. I haven't caved on my new diet and I am exercising in some way every day. I took overtime today so I can't go to the gym (I really wish it was 24 hours). But I am going to complete curls all through my shift with my 8lb free weights. I have thought about when I want to weigh in and I think the month mark would be a good time. So we will see my progress then :-)
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