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  1. Sorry to hear about everything that has happened. Though I hope the meet up this weekend will help, so enjoy! (also, well done on the videos!)
  2. So last day of the week update! I went to the gym today. I thought I would try midday again just to see if it was any quieter (I can't wait until I have space/ money for a home gym). It wasn't too bad. Apart from the personal trainer who was there at the beginning. He pretty much took over the entire weights section with his two clients (and not even doing anything) he then just left with them and didn't tidy away the weights. Then there was a guy curling in the rack and not even with the barbell! Who then later claimed two benches (my gym only has three). Otherwise I had a good wo
  3. Personally, I just go ahead with it. Granted, I don't spend too much time in social settings so that helps me, I guess. Maybe limit portion sizes too. Or eat something before you go so you don't feel too hungry or tempted to eat more?
  4. So I haven't updated in a few days. Oops. I am still challenging away but having laptop issues (despite it being only a couple of months old). But nothing exciting has been happening. Mostly because I have been at work. Thursday: I was back to work. So most of my activity came from walking: 16,187 steps in total. I ate my premade lunch which was nice and everything else was pretty healthy too. Fitbit thinks I under ate but I ate as much as I felt hungry. Also, as last day before payday there was no unrequired spending. This would be an unremarkable thing to say if I didn't men
  5. Feeling a bit better today. Possibly to do with the fact that I got a task out the way that I have been putting off. A sort of morning walk today. We had a house viewing so we walked to that. It was a lovely day but I had to walk faster than was comfortable for me. Still only walked 5.5k steps today so I could have done better. Though according to my fitbit it got my heart going enough. I also didn't get any yoga done because I still felt a little rubbish in the morning. Not the best start to the challenge but at least I can only improve! I don't even feel too sore from the gym yes
  6. It looks awesome. I only wish I could make it this time (hoping for next time!) have fun everyone!
  7. Having recently discovered what a bullet journal is I am seriously excited to start one. I love lists and I love notebooks. I'm definitely going to be working on this.
  8. So I am going to do an update for yesterday. Mostly because I have a cup of tea to hand and I want to feel a little productive. Yesterday I was at work so I managed to get a few steps in. Nearly 20,000 in total missing by only 300 steps according to my fitbit. If I cared more I would have taken a short walk outside but I was too tired. Overall, fitness wise I couldn't have done much more so I am happy with that. My fitbit considers me to have consumed fewer calories than I burnt also so I am happy with that. I was only a couple of hundred calories over my MFP target but still under
  9. That is true. I just feel late to the party when people have already started and have four pages of replies so far, just glad I found it in time to start! Definitely a reboot after ignoring and then slowly clawing back some habits. At least here I can be more accountable for what I do!
  10. Sorry to hear you are still dealing with the pain. Though glad you got a good doctor who listened to you. Hope you get some answers soon. Good luck with work in the mean time!
  11. Week One Days at the gym: Two! PASSED Days walked 10,000+ steps: Four. COULD DO BETTER Days yoga done: 0. NEXT WEEK IS A NEW WEEK Made lunch for work: Yes. PASSED Days food tracked: 5. NEXT WEEK WILL BE HIGHER Days eaten at least one vegetable: 7. PASSED Days I haven't spent money I don't have: 0. PASSED Days I have written something: I'm going to give myself a 6. NEXT WEEK 7 Days I have felt productive: 7. Some days more than others but every day I have done something. PASSED 5/9 Overall a good week. Some areas
  12. Following you again after being absent for quite a few challenges! I love the journal/ planning/ schedule idea. I may have to steal that idea at some point. I love writing things down and may actually give one of my notebooks a use. Hope the pain goes away though!
  13. Following you again after being absent for quite a few challenges! I love the journal/ planning/ schedule idea. I may have to steal that idea at some point. I love writing things down and may actually give one of my notebooks a use. Hope the pain goes away though!
  14. As stated, this challenge is about starting again. Albeit a little late to the party compared to most people. I have neglected my health and fitness to focus on being lazy and eating a lot of rubbish, if not delicious, food. It has been a while since my last challenge and I have a habit of doing some challenges and then not doing any for a while. I think this just suits my life. As it stands, I was planning to get back into the swing of things tomorrow (26th) so this challenge is well timed. So today doesn't really count though my partner and I did do a meal plan for the next few nights (until
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