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  1. It's that time again, time to get to work.  

    It's been a hectic past few months for me and I'm ready for a new start. 


    Parkour Goals: 

    1. Work on my balance skills by adding balancing exercises to my parkour routine. 




    2. Work on my vaults. I can only really do three and I would like to improve those three and then expand upon them once I've really mastered them. Those vaults being; Step, Lazy, and Speed. 





    Strength Goals: 


    1. Be able to do a pull-up. I'll do this by using the NF pull-up guide. I would like to be able to do a pull-up by the end of the summer. This goal is a bit tentative but we'll see. 





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  2. My non-paleo opinion is nothing is going to kill you in a few days/weeks.  Carbs are typically favored for backpacking due to good calorie to weight ratio and ability to travel well.  There are different definitions of paleo so it's hard to tell whats on or off limits for you.  Swee potato flakes are not terrible.  A whole seet potato wrapped in foil cooks in a fire relatively quickly. Pouches of tuna, salmon, SPAM, chicken, or beef are heavier than jerky but ready to eat.  Fats are great calories to weight ratio.  Clarified butter is pretty stable for any length of time you are hiking.  lard or bacon grease is also stable to add calories.  Nut butters are plenty of calories.  They even make paleo MREs if you are made of money.

    Ha, you think I'd be hitchhiking if I were made of money? But yeah I saw those MREs they look pretty fucking good. 

  3. I will be going on a hitchhiking/ camping trip come June. And I've been trying to decide if there are ways to stay Paleo while camping without having to carry a cooler all the time.

    And if eating some grains like oats or beans is entirely bad. Because they are very easy to carry around.


  4. Week Two/Three: 


    Week 2: 

    Due to a wrist injury from a LARPing event, I was out for a week or so, essentially. 






    Week 2 Bodyweight training: I took a break for about half the week and did a bodyweight workout on the 16th. 



    Week 2 Parkour: Did some fairly successful training on the 15th. Successfully drilled the step and lazy vault. Though I did admittedly have problems with the speed vault. I'll get it next time. But some amazing news, while exploring I found an amazing spot for training. It's near a library and has all the buildering and parkour delights a tracuress could ask for.


    Week 2 Lightsaber: No work done, sadly. 



    Other: Went bouldering! As I usually do. Though I forgot to warm up and stretch so I was very very sore. 


    Summary: This week could have been better but I've been busy due to my LARP group. But some progress was made in many areas. Overall, not a terrible week. My eating habbits certainly were good this week that's a big bonus. 





    Week 3: 


    Well the good news is, my wrist is better. The bad, I was really sore from rock climbing. (It's better now.) Also my depression kind of kicked in this week so it was kind of an ill-fated week for me.  




    But we push on and we do better next time. After all there are six weeks in this challenge. 




    Week 3 Bodyweight Training: Did one workout on the 21st. 


    Week 3 Parkour: Tried to do some training on the 22nd but was not in the game. So i'm aiming for tomorrow. 


    Week 3 Lightsaber: Didn't do much training this week. BUT I ordered a lightsaber from a cool professional website and it came in the mail today (the 22nd) and I will be training with it from now on. Hope to do some more training next week. 


    Other: Did some Elemental Crystal fights (A sort of magic fight in our LARP group) which was a fun workout. Followed by some rock climbing on a wall which was pretty cool. I discovered I can climb barefoot pretty well. 


    Summary: This week was kind of a bummer. But I discovered some things. 1. I train in Parkour more efficently when I'm in a place that's far away from my house. Its easier to focus that way. 2. I really need to push myself more. I really hope to apply the second one to next week. And I hope to go running a bit more. I discovered that 3. I am running out of breath wayyy easier then I should.

    Anyway that's all for now.  

  5. rbZIuNs.gif


    Well said, Master Yoda. 


    Well I meant to do this the first day of the challenge but the website crashed (for me at least) so I couldn't post. But better late than never. 

    So for a few weeks now, my good friend and I have begun training in the art of the light-saber. More specifically Shii-Cho, otherwise known as Form 1. We have mastered it, movement wise. But now we have to train the next form and work on incorporating the forms into our fighting. (Some context, my friend and I run a LARPing group, and there is quite a bit of fighting so we like to be on top of our game as much as possible.) 


    Okay, enough dily-dalying, here's the goals. 


    Goal #1: Light-Saber Training



    My goal is to ensure that my Shii-Cho form is smooth and practical. That's why I'm going to drill the dulon (as it is called) at the end of each session of my Parkour training. I will also be fighting with my friend,whenever possible, to ensure that the dulon holds up.



    Goal #2: Parkour Training



    Recently decided to join a nearby gym and take a few classes. I started to feel as though I couldn't master even simple moves on my own. But I realized I can do only what my mind chooses to do. So I'm going to be in an essence "starting over". I've had slow progress since the beginning due to lack of physical ability but I think I'm to the point where I can really feel confident in my training. So I'm going to begin by:

    1. Learning and working on progressions for the three basic vaults; speed vault, step vault and lazy vault.  

    2. Working on my roll and landing. And learning to roll on my left side. 

    3. Progressing toward a handstand. 

    Training in Shii-Cho has taught me that learning in circuits is a VERY efficient form of learning. So I'm going to form a circuit for myself to follow so I can progress and master each move. 



    Goal #3: Life Stuff



    Get a drivers licences!!! I'm eighteen and just haven't had the time to get one. Also I have failed the written test three times.

    Also finish my book, which I started in November, and would like to begin editing.It's just getting the first draft out that gets tedious. 



    Alright that's it. Everyone have a good challenge!

    And may the force be with you!





    Thought I might link my LARPing group website because shameless plugs are fun. 




    (If anyone has any questions about message me!) 




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  6. I have been learning some new moves recently. (Admittedly I'm a bit slow but that's not the point.) I went to train and after some drills and warm ups I was completely baffled by how lost I felt. I couldn't think of anything to do. Here I was in a great training area and I wasn't using any of it. But I wanted to use it. I couldn't help but feel discouraged.

     How do you learn to make your moves flow? Does it come as you learn more moves? Using your environment is a thing I try to do often but finding the correct route and pattern to do is difficult. Some advice from my fellow tracuers would be appreciated. 


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  7. 9/5/15: 


    Parkour training day



    Warm up: 


    Step ups

    Sloth Rows

    Broad Jumps





    Step vault (Not a safety vault, not sure why I called it that.)

    Precision jumps






    Notes: Fell quite a bit today. This was definitely not a good training day for me.Of course you are not going to get it right each time and you are certainly not going to be perfect after a handful of attempts. I need to work on flow more. I am so awkward in my movements.I also need to work on landing because I jumped from a kiddie park (Lame I know) ledge today and landed terribly. I need to work on precision jump distance and simply being able to balance when I land on curbs. Also I need to work on balance. I cannot stress any of these points enough. I'm even going to make a list for next training day. 


    To work on: 


    - Step vaults: Work on being less awkward, try to keep movements smooth. 


    -Rolls: Work on rolling on pavement, and try using your left shoulder a few times. 


    -Balance, balance, balance: Use rails, use curbs. Find goof balance exercises


    -Precision jumps: Try the tapp brother jumping tutorial. Also let's backtrack for a little bit until you can learn to balance easier. Do this by jumping up onto steps and doing broad jumps. 

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  8. 2/5/15: 


    Training day today. Got up fairly early so no one would be at the park I train at. (I like my privacy.) 


    Warm up:

    Quadrupedal Crawl- back wards and forwards


    Crab walk - forward and back





    Glute Bridge (decline) - 10 


    Squats- 20


    Precision Jumps


    Safety Vault drills


    Roll practice



    Cool down




    So I did fairly well. I have been working on doing a precision jumps from a curb up to a bench, honestly I get freaked out trying for no reason. I worked on simply jumping upward which is an important thing to work on more. I have decided to try a more zen technique and imagine myself making the jump until my next training day. This should help me overcome this fear. 

    I need to work on flow for safety vaults. I tried a cat hang today, DEFINITELY need to work on that. Need to work on adapting my vault to the object I want to pass over. Also I need to work on dropping from higher places. 





    Tumbler technique Achievement: Rolled on a hard surface


    Moves like a ninja Achievement: Good safety vault over a bench. 

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  9. 29/4/15: 


    Played a good game of football/soccer in a class. I had a lot of work to do at home so I couldn't do much else. But it was fun so no regrets there. :P




    GOALLLL: Got a goal from long distance. 



    (note for next week: Make body weight work outs more of a priority aim for 3 times a week.)

    (2nd note: Try to get more than one training day in next week.)

  10. 28/9/14: 


    Feeling a bit discouraged. We had a fitness test in one of my classes. And I ended up not being able to do some of the things they asked me to do and felt my self being very frustrated. But I know if I work hard and keep on keeping on, I'll achieve my goals. And I shouldn't compare myself to other people, buts its hard not to, which is something I need to work on. 

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