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  1. So I like rock climbing, but I find that going to my local gym tends to be expensive. Are there any tips on going climbing for cheap?
  2. I wish I could get those! But I get the feeling they'd be a little long on me, I'm 5'2 (157 cm).
  3. So practice jumping into it? Do you think form would be better by doing that?
  4. Second post today, woops. Anyway I have been relearning the parkour roll and discovered that I am not very good at it. Meaning it turns into a barrel roll consistently every. single. time. I have leaned my head inward, needled my arm through the shoulder area. And it does not seem to work. I think I have a hard time bringing my legs in and getting into a ball. It's getting a tad frustrating, so if anybody has any tips on what to do it would be appreciated
  5. So I've been "attempting" cat hangs lately. And found that I have difficulty hanging on to the ledge. I know there must be an issue of strength but I think grip is an issue as well. Is there a good way to grip when doing a cat hang? (I looked at Ryan Ford's tutorial for them, but I was curious how other people did it.)
  6. I got some pajama pants that aren't super big but baggy enough and light enough that they make the perfect tracuer pants. Also I can never understand people who run in skinny jeans, you can't move!
  7. Going to make this for dinner tonight! Thanks for the recipe.
  8. UPDATE: Working out better, though it should be far more frequently. Started wearing Vibrams around. And am currently working on sprinting. New goal: Pull-ups, I have more motivation than ever to do them so I will be pushing a bit more now.
  9. I think I'll buy the ollos next time I have the money, thanks! I think i'll start wearing my vibrams until then.
  10. Mesquite garlic grilled salmon sounds good!
  11. Is it sad that the meditation video made me laugh hysterically?
  12. So I watched a video by ryan ford talking about wearing minimalist shoes. I've been doing interval training barefoot and can do precision jumps barefoot but I'm not sure if I should get specialty shoes like Feiyue, Dunlop Volleys, or nike freeruns. I do have a pair of vibrams but I thought being a rookie and training with them wouldn't provide enough support for my feet, as my feet might not be accustomed to that kind of pressure. I want to buy shoes but I don't have a lot of money to spare. What should I do?
  13. 30-45 degree angle slope most of the way. Rocky terrain with uneven trails and of course rain (else it wouldn't be fun.)
  14. I love Lord of the RIngs, Star Trek, Star wars, Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock and a bunch of other thing. And above all, Doctor Who. Classic and New, I've seen both. I currently cosplay as BBC Sherlock but want to cosplay as lieutenant commander Data from star trek TNG.
  15. Would love to talk to my fellow cosplayers.
  16. Pretty well, worked out consistently so far, went on a 9 mile hike today so pretty exhausted.
  17. I think paleo brownies ect, can be fun sometimes but only some times. Paleo bread is where I draw the line though haha
  18. I usually consistently stick to the diet. The only forseeable "cheat days" I see coming is today, my birthday. Which I am breaking to have indian food (rice, naan, yogurt ect.) The next time will be in march when I go to London and Paris, I am breaking it so I can try new foods but will be sticking to paleo when I'm not trying these new foods.
  19. I'm that way with peanut butter too. Though haven't had it in ages.
  20. Is it bad to take a break from Paleo for certain things? Of course doing it often is not a good idea but is every once in awhile okay?
  21. I am trying to have a better mental approach to getting out and exercising five to six times a week, which need's discipline especially when you're busy and don't really want to workout. And I have accomplished goals 1 and 3 so far so hopefully I can keep it up for the next six weeks. And six weeks is more than enough time to reset the working out habit that I lost a month ago.
  22. Love your challenge! And drinking water is hard so I understand as well, heck maybe I should add that to my challenge.
  23. Just thought I would share this recipe because it is pretty good. Basically it's like Paleo cobbler without the very non-paleo crust. Here we go: Ingredients: 3-4 Nectarines (or however many you feel like serving.) Cinnamon Honey Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then wash your nectarines and cut them in half. Make sure to take out the seed/pit. Put cinnamon and honey on the nectarines. How much you put on is up to you. (admittedly I am not one to use measuring cups or spoons) Put the nectarines in a pan, a baking pan works best, and let it cook for about 25-30 minutes. And there you have it! Enjoy
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