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  1. Checking in again. Still on track with P90X but very VERY much looking forward to tomorrow's rest/stretch day. We decided to do the cardio instead of the kenpo workout, and turns out the cardio has plyometrics and kenpo in it, so... ow. And I biked to work on Thursday on top of the leg day. Double ow? I missed meditating yesterday and I haven't done so today yet either, but I'm going to as soon as I sign off here before I go to bed. At any rate, reset counter to one for today. Kept a food log for last two days: Thurs: Breakfast salami and a brownie. Lunch: Leftover pasta with fish sauce. Snack: 3 snickers bars. Dinner: Bowl of sweet potato chips with salmon spread. Fri: Breakfast: Toast, sweet potato chips, raspberries. Lunch: Salad. Snack: Two pieces of toast. Dinner: Salad
  2. Last two days have been busy, but I managed to get the P90X in, albeit late last night. I've also meditated every day, although only a few minutes yesterday. Yesterday food was leftover pasta for breakfast, a pastrami reuben and arugula salad for lunch, hot chocolate for snack and salmon dip with sweet potato chips for dinner. Today I had instant oatmeal for breakfast, leftover pasta for lunch, and more sweet potato chips and salmon dip for dinner. And now I go pass out. Sleep!
  3. And when his legs give up, then you can get a weights workout carrying him home!
  4. The pain is real, but more so than chest and back, those plyometrics today... kicked my ass. Holy hell. Meditated for 10 min today at work when I was feeling panicky about all the databases blowing up. Happy month-end everyone! Breakfast: Prosciutto and tea. Lunch: Leftover squash nachos. Afternoon snack: Prosciutto, two hershey kisses, and a nacho. Dinner: Whole wheat and edamame pasta with fish and lentil sauce.
  5. Checking in for 10/30: - P90X: Chest and Back, Abs done. - Daily Calm from Calm app - Food - Breakfast: Prosciutto and dried apricots Lunch/snack: Toast with herring, Toast with strawberry spread, Modelo negra. Dinner: Homemade squash nachos with beans, chile, tomato, sauteed onions, and cheese.
  6. I'll be jotting it down in my bullet journal throughout the day, because that's the only thing I keep with me all day (except my phone and I don't like my phone). I'll probably type a summary when I post here as well. Regarding 100%, That's the end goal and I don't expect to be there this month, but I'm setting the expectation to cultivate a habit. I fall into the trap of, "I don't need to, I can just do it tomorrow" if I have a grace day. My plan to stay motivated through missed days is that if i make it 7 days in a row without missing, I get to buy myself lunch at work one day.
  7. 1) Log my food every day. 2) Post here at least every other day 3) Stick with P90x every day 4) Meditate daily. 99% hasn't been working for me, so I'm going to try 100% for a month.
  8. I didn't post earlier because I'm having trouble with the "Won't set me back hundreds of dollars". When my old hand-me-downs-from-when-I-was-a-kid rain gear stopped being sufficient, I went with a Columbia jacket for ~100$. The jacket works just fine, but between the jacket and pants you'd be in the hundreds of dollars range. It looks like you could pick it up on sale for less, but I don't have any experience with the pants. Good luck!
  9. Does anyone have any experience with trekking poles on trail run-hikes? I am signed up for 25ish mile mountain trail race promising +7000 feet of elevation at the end of September. Last year I hiked it with my husband and we had to pick up walking sticks on the way. There were points where they were absolutely necessary. I am going to try to run it this year (Husband is staying at base camp drinking cocktails), but there are certainly points where you cannot run and trekking poles would be incredibly helpful. Do any of you have experience with trail running/hiking and using trekking poles? Stowing them and running when you don't need them (there will be some sections of this)? Recommend using them for bouldering sections? Etc? Thanks!
  10. ...but waiting for the next one feels too much like an excuse to slack off for another month even if I don't get official credit for this. I used to race triathlons, but got out of shape over the last two years and want to get back into real shape and get my life together. Rewards are based on a system I put together for myself where I pick a few things I want to change, then give myself points for doing them. When I get to 100 points, I can by a new book/game/entertainment whatever. Once I get into a habit of doing them every day (~6 weeks, whodathunk?) I drop them off the list and replace them. Main Quest: Lose ~5 lbs, get back into shape for a triathlon (haven't picked one yet.) Quest 1: Do at least five workouts per week that meets the following minimum criteria, including at least one from each discipline: - 1200m swim - 3 mile run - 10 mile bike Reward: 1 life point per workout, to a max of 16 (I'm starting late, and that's how many I can get in between now and then end of this challenge) Quest 2: Do the beginners bodyweight workout 2-3 times a week. Reward: 1 life point per workout, to a max of 8 points. Quest 3: Eat only healthy food that I cook from scratch at least three days per week. Reward: 3 life points per day (potential of 22 days, or 66 points, but this one has proved to be a bit harder and more time consuming for me than the workouts) Life quest: Do these chores every day. Reward is one life point per habit per day. - Scoop the cat litter - Kitchen clean before going to bed, no dishes anywhere else in the house - Sort and file the mail - Meditate before bed - Stretch when I wake up.
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