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  1. I'm mostly writing short stories at the moment, because it's easier to fit into a working day. I've written several novels, but have only 3 as commercial properties. The others were for "fun". Short answer: I'm delaying this challenge to a later time. I was doing great with diet and exercise, and then... appendicitis. Doctor said no restrictive diet while healing from surgery. And, the appendicitis turned up another problem, where I'll have to have more surgery in about 3 weeks. So, with all the surgeries, healing, etc. I've got to focus on that. Bum
  2. THE CHALLENGE IS ON! I'm reading my ketosis guidebook that will help me through "boot camp". Phase 1 takes ~8 weeks, but it's measured by ketones, so I'll see if I enter Ph 2 sooner. I'm needing to adjust all of my lifestyle during this 2-3 month period, which includes: Diet: Category 1 + supplements, periodic fasting, boosting emunctories Exercise: Blend endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance - moderate aerobic level, no HIIT at this time. Great choices are swimming, walking/hiking, biking, and yoga. Rejuvenate: Fol
  3. Pre-challenge update: My initial ketone reading Weds. this week was 0.5. All alcohol still stopped, but enjoyed a last delicious cup of decaf this morning. Lost 11 pounds in the last month-- I'm pretty sure that's a record. The Category 1 phase starts tomorrow. I will get more instructions from the dr. on Tuesday. This is what I'll be eating until my ketones are consistently over 1.0: Greens: Alfalfa sprouts, arugula, bok choy, cabbage, chard, cilantro, lettuce, radicchio, radishes, sauerkraut, spinach, watercress Fats: Avocado, butter/ghee,
  4. Thanks, Evicious! I didn't intend to start keto -- it evolved out of the discussions we had regarding my symptoms and diet plan. It really feels like the right way to go, and I'm eager to get started! But I can't really being until my discussion, scheduled for Tuesday next week. So I'm still in prep mode, but "accidentally"- stopped drinking coffee and alcohol stopped eating all junk The question is how many starchy foods I can still eat (like rice or certain veggies) because he wants me to enter keto slowly. My kit arrived tonight! I look forward to reading the 4 separat
  5. This challenge will build on my previous one. In the last challenge, my goal was to stabilize my emotional and physical state. Check! Now, we get down to business. Under a doctor's supervision, I'm going to start a 2-3 month keto-adaptive boot camp. I have already ordered the blood-testing kit and keto strips. I wanted to start last week, but the doc has some extra steps he wants me to take before I go full bore. He was worried I didn't have sufficient ketones built up to withstand the initial diet. I take my first blood test Tues-Weds when the kit arrives, and I also have bl
  6. They are! I feel headed in the right direction. Dr. said I wasn't physically ready to start full-on ketosis-- I don't have enough ketones built up to sustain it. Obviously the change in eating style really helped, and I've been backing out of my coffee crutch pretty well, although I still allow myself some decaf if I'm really missing it. So when I go full no coffee in maybe a week, I'll have eased into it. The "shock" part of the switch is already over.
  7. progris riport 4 - Week 4 status It turns out this month was the setup-- I'm going full-bore ketosis soon. Looking forward to it! Proceeding under doctor's care. Diet: Pathetic B- with 4 outright failures. Challenges included entertaining out-of-town guests, writing workshop, and blood prep work that led to a 16-hour (intentional) fast. So the big lunch/small dinner thing only happened once this week. Total pounds lost this challenge = 9 Exercise: I barely met the new A goal once again (10+ all and 7K steps), so it's
  8. Primarily weight loss, but also helping to control stress, which got me into this mess. I will geek out on keytone levels for probably the next 6 months. So good about the therapist. I think she'll have the objectivity to look at your case independently of b/f, although agree it will be WAY better for him to see someone else. Therapists are only human; they can't help but pick favorites or be influenced (as I discovered when I went with my ex-- who was the favorite.) Best wishes to you!
  9. I'm so glad! It's amazing, once I got started, I started feeling better... which encouraged me to do more... a positive cycle! Please let me know how your session goes. I'm still trying to find a therapist. One is in China, another is leaving soon for a month, so no new patients-- I'll keep looking! The dr. visit was great. He tweaked and modified my diet all over the place, into a keytone-burning wonder system. I'm getting a blood test tomorrow so we have a baseline of 3 pertinent markers, and I'm getting a self-test kit so I can actually track my keytones. This is the geekie
  10. progris riport 3 - Week 3 status Coming in a little late, because I was on vacation. Whahoo! I really needed it. Diet: A wimpy B. I only had 3 outright failures (pasta, pizza and dessert), but my traveling routine is Big Breakfast, little or no lunch due to sightseeing, and largish early dinner. So the light dinner plan failed. Total pounds lost =5 Exercise: I barely met the new A goal (10+ all and 7K steps), so it's working: Tai Chi x2, yoga x2, biking x1, step goal x4 (+4-mile hike) Refresh: I'm going with A because of al
  11. progris riport 2 - Week 2 status Week 2 of better habits. Thank you, Rebellion! Diet: More solid A this week-- still had 3 failures, but 2 of those were planned celebrations, so improving. Total pounds lost =4 Exercise: I beat up my A, so I moved the goal posts to be harder next week (10+ all and 7K steps): Tai Chi x3, yoga x2, biking x0, step goal x4 Refresh: B, but overtime at work interfered. Activism x0, mental health x3 (research, talk, and meditation). Slept 9.5 hours one night, big yay! Something with
  12. I'm still in the research phase. The 3 rec'd therapists are in Boulder (where my doc is); I won't drive more than 40 minutes. Too much time to work into a full schedule. I have on my list to look them all up and pick one. These give a free short interview to figure out if you're a match. You're right, the wrong therapist is worse than none! NF kept me on track this week, that's for sure. It's easy to blow off good practices when no one's looking. I'll aim for "above bare minimum" next week, but the fact that I could barely squeak it out makes me feel I'm in the right ballpark.
  13. progris riport 1- (borrowed from Flowers for Algernon) - Week 1 status Thank goodness for the Rebellion, is all I can say. I wouldn't have made nearly this much progress without it. Diet: Barely squeaked out an A-- but to be fair, I hadn't signed up yet on Sunday. Pounds lost =1 Exercise: Barely squeaked out an A: Tai Chi x3, yoga x2, biking x1, step goal x2 Refresh: Another barely A. Activism x1, mental health x3 (research, talk, and meditation). Slept 7 hours last night, yay! Something with Fiction:
  14. "Do something kind for someone else" IS the best advice. I do help out sporadically, but I think I need an ongoing gig, like healing animals, so I can see tangible results. I help out with cash, but I think I need to roll my sleeves up. Best of luck finding a good therapist. I found my divorce one through a group class; she was _awesome_ (the previous counselors were awful). I'm starting the investigation. None of the recs I got from the doctor are on my insurance; oh well! A good person is worth it. Next step is to check them out and make appts. One step at a time.
  15. Thanks, Kareesh. I decided that my slump was not a fluke and had to be addressed. Just the act of addressing it has helped my attitude-- but I fear this victory will be short-lived. I am putting together a local support system (sisters and friends) as well as following doctor's orders and looking for a therapist. I had therapy before, after my divorce, and it really helped (once I found the right counselor). I'm hoping I can find another person who can bring me out of this current space. So, I'm hitting: - lifestyle - diet - mental and physical health T
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