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  1. Thanks, Will! It's great to be here. Already I feel that, You are My People. Going great and feeling energized. Thanks for being here! HH
  2. Hello, folks! May I join your group? I'm a new member here, just signed up today. I think it would be nice to have some accountability. I was looking for a gang and was seduced by your awesome welcome post. You can find me signed up under the Level 1 Rebels: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50294-hariheads-first-challenge-new-member/ Cheers! HH
  3. I'm excited about leveling up my life!

  4. Hi, there! Newbie here. I hope I'm doing this right-- mods, correct me as needed! I've been semi-paleo for about 2 months, and have been swimming 30 minutes daily for 5 weeks. I feel great! But I'm not losing weight. I did an IF last week and enjoyed it, so will probably make Tuesday my regular day. BUT I don't feel I'm making good enough progress toward my goals. After reading extensively at this site today, I think I need to tune up my diet/exercise program. So I am starting a QUEST: Main Quest: Get back to my 50-year old fitness level 6 years of office work has really put me out of whack. So here are some near-terms goals that will fit the timeframe. 1. Reduce the fruit and dairy in my paleo diet to no more than 1 serving/day. 2. Do the body-weight strength routine 3x/week. 3. Continue Tuesday fasting. Unrelated Life Quest: Make fiction writing a priority again Because it gradually fell off the map when I had to give up my own business and go back to work in an office. I really miss the life I had then. I knew it was a good gig, and I'm still sad it had to end. Motivation: Find myself again If feel as if corporate America has sucked out my soul. I grew increasingly frustrated as I had to devote so many hours to serving their needs, and having only the crumbs left over for myself. That led to depression and all its consequences. Taking control of my food & exercise at least will give me a strong body back, to help fight the evil suckers of time. Wish me well, fellow adventurers. I gird myself for battle! Cheers.
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