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  1. Maybe I missed it from an earlier post, but how do you track your macros? Is My Fitness Pal pretty much the unanimous method in the warriors guild?
  2. only progress update I'll have for Monday is the 5 mile roundtrip bicycle commute to work today (+5pts). Have backed off the pushups for the last three days in an effort to let the chest recover and stimulate some muscle growth. Plan on resuming the pushup part of my challenge tomorrow through Friday, with a planned total rest day on Saturday. Total points to date: 118
  3. As someone who helped a friend move into a new place on Saturday morning, I echo the comments above: might not be a traditional workout, but it gets the job done Great job on the challenge so far! That's A LOT of time you're carving out each day and week to work towards your goals. Keep it up, and good luck getting settled and starting grad school!
  4. Hey! I was just browsing through some of the Level 1 challenges and had an unexplainable urge to click on your thread... IT WAS THE BEARD SUMMONING ME TO YOU. Haha, seriously though, glad to see another fuzzy faced nerd on here. Great job thus far on the challenge, keep at it!
  5. ^This^ Be truthful with yourself about where you are experience-wise and how you are going to be riding 80-90% of the time. I bought a Trek road bike in 2003, envisioning/daydreaming about tackling 100 mile weekend rides, or even maybe an overnighter here and there. At the time, I had ridden maybe 25 total miles the previous 4 years, and I most often found myself grabbing it as an around-town commuter - which it was ill suited for (too aggressive handelbar placement, clipless pedals, uncomfortable in general). Fast forward 10+ years, I'd riden that bike maybe a grand total of 150 miles.
  6. Saturday was nominally a rest day, though I did help my girlfriend's sister and her bf move into a new apartment, so there was some lifting involved, but nothing too heavy. Today I managed to get in a 2 mile am walk (+2pts), and rode my bike the 8 mile round trip to/from the gym across town (+8pts). SL session at the gym (+10): Squat 245x5x5 OHP 135x5x5 DL 295x1x5 I'm pretty encouraged by the way the weights are moving in the gym. Should hit my targeted benchmark of 250x5x5 squat this coming week, and a 315lb deadlift the week after. Also happy I've been able to avoid the extra boo
  7. Ok, I know it's fashionable in the strength community to make fun of the "trainers" at commercial gyms, but I am kicking myself for not having my phone with me on the gym floor last night to snap a discreet pic: The gym's personal trainer has a guy in his late 40s/early50s he's walking through kind of a few sets of basic BW step-ups. Fine - I have no idea what this guy's personal exercise and medical history is, so not judging this choice of exercise too harshly. But then the trainer, who is having the trainee hold a full conversation with him while he's going through the reps, sits back and
  8. Gotcha. Well the squat progression in just two months is pretty frackin impressive! Destroy those next 2 sessions man!
  9. Thursday/Friday progress update: Thursday got in a 2mi walk (+2pts), and did 4 sets of pushups thoughout the day, which put me over 1,000 so far for this challenge (+25pts!) Friday walked 2mi before work with the pup (+2), got in 8 sets of pushups, and got in a stronglifts session after work (+10pts): Squat 240x5x5 Bench 195x5x5 Row 150x5x5* *Felt like I was throwing a little too much hip hinge /back momentum into the pendlay row, so I'll count that as a missed lift and repeat with the same weight next time. Total points in the challenge so far: 93
  10. Hey Arya, thanks for checking in on me!
  11. You're gonna destroy that PR next week man! Beast. Mode. Noticed you're squatting more weight than the deadlifts - did you stall out on the deads?
  12. Hey Arya! Food porn, awesome GIFs,epic theme...lovin your thread! Glad you're making progress with the gluten elimination. I'm struggling this challenge with just a few restrictions to cut back on food and drink I have a tendency to over-indulge in, can't imagine how much tougher it is to give up all the gluten. Great job! Also, congrats on making the change and leaving the job. Gotta get your work-life balance restored. It's crazy how much job stress carries over into every aspect of your life...look forward to getting some time and energy back
  13. I haven't passed out anywhere other than my bed in months...the me of 10 years ago would think my life has become decidedly dull and boring Enjoy vacation mode!
  14. I ran the StrongLifts program for several months in 2011 (starting with just the bar, as prescribed), and saw some pretty great gains. Then started messing around with alternate programming/various assistance lifts/etc, then inexplicably stopped working out altogether at the end of last year. This June, to get back into lifting, I went back to StrongLifts (this time starting with a little more weight than the 45# bar), and 8 weeks later am still at it without having stalled. It's worked well for me both times through to progress to a halfway decent baseline level of strength. I've read and
  15. Dude, I busted my ass getting 135x5x5 on OHP last night, and you're putting up 50# on top of that and have 20 years on me...thanks for the extra motivation!
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