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  1. AMURA

    Here We Go Again

    SUNDAY, JULY 17 | DAY 1 How many times did I eat out today? 1 / 1 Oz of water: 23 oz / 18 oz Core Exercises: Dead Bug - 5 per leg Cross-body Crunches - 5 per side Cocoons - 10 Did you wake up to a clean sink this morning? N ========= Breakfast 2 fried eggs 4 oz marinated flank steak 2 ½” cuts of Gruyere 6 oz blueberries 9 oz water Lunch (@ Garden Party) Tasting of rosemary popcorn 9 oysters 5 oz rosé wine 1 roasted corn topped with cheese 3 oz roasted pig 5 oz tequila cocktail Snacks 2 “elephant ears” ½ broiled grapefruit topped w brown sugar 13 oz water Morning brush? N Evening brush? Y Floss? N Played with Gina? 5 min / 10 min Read? N Got 6-8 hrs of sleep? Y Apartment Progress Report This morning I watched The League using my mini projector that I picked up yesterday. It’s freakin’ amazing. The thing is pocket-sized and even in the morning, with the blinds open and the sun coming through, it was a pretty decent image. I nailed my corkboards into the wall, only to realize I don’t have any pushpins. So I ordered some unique vintage looking ones that have open hands for handles. Spooky. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a sharpening stone (plus the oil & a guide for it) and a bottle opener to screw into the side of my liquor cabinet. I’m also waiting for my order from Urban Outfitters to ship: a rattan arm chair, an arm wall light stand + pendant light, and a miniature cinema light box. Side Projects Progress Report I reopened my Color Your Words project. I started to do it in Ruby but I kind of wanted to try Java or Javascript – something new and relevant to my job. So I scrapped it and started with NodeJS. Unfortunately IBM requires you to use their cloud service–on a trial membership–in order to use their APIs. Boooo. Looking for an alternative API. Built an ab workout generator for my core exercises. I tell it how many abdominal bodyweight exercise I want and it randomly selects them from a list of exercises from I manually copied from bodybuilding.com (I'll link to it when it's on Github). I want to build a web scraper to gather all their exercise info so I can generalize the randomizer. ====== This is quite the lengthy post. I don't think I'll be tracking apartment & side project progress as much… seeing as how I can't be spending money everyday and likely won't have energy after every work day. Don't want to overcomplicate this and make it more of a chore than a motivation.
  2. AMURA

    Here We Go Again

    Hello. Not necessarily new here, but I feel like this is where I belong; I completed my first challenge and deserted my second. I'm really hoping to start a lifestyle change this time around, so I'm starting with baby baby steps. Diet (pick 2) Eat take-out only 1/day (is this more of a diet thing or a wallet thing…?) Drink at least 18 oz/day Fitness (pick 1) Do core (and arm?) exercises for 10-20 min every morning Pole dance class 1/wk (already paid for, so it's happening) Start training for an August/September 5k. (**stretch goal**) Life (pick 1) Keep the kitchen sink free of dirty dishes There are also a few things that I'm interested in tracking. At some point I'll also want to change/improve these things, but right now I'm only interested in documenting my current behavior (any change influenced by gathering that information is welcome, but not expected). Tracking Brushing & flossing (I'll admit I'm a morning brusher) Living room furnishing/decorating progress Playtime with Gina (my cat) Reading time Sleep Side projects
  3. Never miss more than two days, right? Yesterday >54 oz of H20: 31 oz :\ StrongLifts: 0/3 >5 min Handstand practice? No ): >20 min Split stretches? No ): Unassisted Pull-Up: Level 1 I know that I outlined the training for my goals before this challenge started… but it might have been a bit smarter to try out these exercises before the challenge started. Whew! Why am I sweating from simple stretches?! It's like yoga all over again! So much pain in these quads. And teddie.bare was not joking about those handstands. The way that Chris guy wrote the NF article, it seemed like step 1-2-3, you did it! I tried holding a wall plank and everything about it sucked! My wrists are weak (who knew that was a thing?!), my arms are pathetic and my sweaty feet could barely climb up the wall. So I'm definitely taking teddie's advice and I'm not gonna hold myself to my weekly milestones. Instead, I'm going to keep practicing and read up on those mini-challenges from karinajean. Today >54 oz of H20: 62 oz! StrongLifts: 0/3 >5 min Handstand practice? Yep! >20 min Split stretches? Uh huh… Unassisted Pull-Up: Level 1
  4. Hey karinajean! Thanks for the link. I'm gonna post the full set of mini-challenges here for easy reference. (: Mini-Challenge Week #1 Mini-Challenge Week #2 Mini-Challenge Week #3 Mini-Challenge Week #4 Mini-Challenge Week #5 Mini-Challenge Week #6
  5. Okay, those do look incredibly delicious. I think it's high time you start recreating those recipes in your kitchen.
  6. What a smart cookie! Um, that cheesecake sounds like a disaster. Ew. I'll go… but there better be no tofu in sight. I already don't trust these fakers. Don't they know body text in all caps is *way* harder to read than sentence cap…? Pffh, amateurs. SERIOUSLY! It's been 104 the past few days. I can't even take walks during my break, much less eat outside during lunch. I guess this is all the more reason to stick with our water goals. I overachieved Monday but super failed yesterday so I'm home to super overachieve today. Text me when you hit/pass 54oz and maybe my envy will fuel my own water mission. Ha
  7. Back and in full swing – HUZZAH! I was starting to get a little worried no one would hold me accountable. First two days and I've failed already, sheesh! Nice with the Paleo goal but some greater power will have to help you with that gallon a day! Aye
  8. Yay! We've both got splits as a goal this challenge! I'm excited to see progress pics (yours have always been, without fail, fantastic). There's a site called Give It 100 (dunno if you heard of it) where people post videos of their progress for 100 days. I was thinking of doing something like that instead of photos… but maybe that'd work better for my handstand goal than the splits. Either way, putting those videos/photos together at the end of 6 weeks will look pretty damn impressive!
  9. Ah! Thanks so much Hazard! I've been following your battle log for a lil while now and may I say, your tables are preeeetty awesome.
  10. Alright alright alllllriiiiight. So I took the week in between challenges off and didn't do one iota of exercise. That was a mistake. You don't vacation from fitness, silly! Ah, well, the past is the past… so let's get right on to it. Saturday I reacquainted myself with my gym and got in a really nice workout. For the record, I absolutely despise overhead presses. My little twiggy arms can't handle it. Three weeks now I've been doing StrongLifts and I can't seem to get past 45 lbs ): Maybe I'll backtrack and start at 30… There was a guy that wanted to do OH presses too, so we tag teamed the squat rack. He was real nice and tried to talk me through my last couple of reps (I even caught him spotting the bar a little) but my left arm was too damn weak. He mentioned he did crossfit (though he's not a fanatic). Maybe I'll finally start making friends with some of the gym's regulars ^.^ AND GUESS WHAT – I've already surpassed Level 1 of my unassisted pull-ups! I'm thinking I might up the dumbbell rows to 30 lbs just to be sure my arms are in good shape… those OH presses definitely make me think otherwise… >54oz of H20: 69 oz! StrongLifts: 0/3 >5 min Handstand practice? No ): >20 min Split stretches? No ): Unassisted Pull-Up: Level 1 Achieved!
  11. WARMUP 5 min elliptical @ 4.1 mph (lb x reps x set) Bench Dumbbell Row (each arm) 20 x 8 25 x 8 x 4 SQUAT 45 x 5 x 2 75 x 5 105 x 5 x 5 OVERHEAD PRESS 45 x 5 x 2 45 x 3 45 x 4 45 x 3 DEADLIFT 105 x 5
  12. HELP: Does anyone know how to edit a thread's title? Thaaanks. Before this challenge gets kicked into gear, I suppose I should lay out how I intend to achieve these goals. Thankfully, Steve has posted some great articles on how to do a handstand and how to work your way to a pull-up. HANDSTAND Level 1 (Week 1) – 60 second wall plank Level 2 (Week 3) – 60 second wall handstand Level 3 (Week 4) – Pirouette Bail Level 4 (Week 5) – Kick Up & Freestanding Control Every day I will commit >5 minutes to practicing my handstand. I want to have advanced to each level by the week in the parentheses. By Week 3, I hope to have my hands 12 inches from the wall. Week 4 will be spent perfecting my pirouette bail and by Week 5 I should be perfecting my control. If all goes well, I can use Week 6 to practice my handstands and keeping them up for several seconds. SPLITS (omg check out this crazy chick) Every day I will commit >20 minutes to performing the following stretches (that target my hips, quads and/or hamstrings): lunges, lifted leg, head-to-knee, seated straddle, kneeling hip flexor against the wall. Then I will practice my right, left and center splits. UNASSISTED PULL-UP Level 1 – Bent Over Dumbbell Rows (advance @ 25 lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets; 2 min break) Level 2 – Bodyweight Rows (advance @ 45 deg or lower) Level 3A – Assisted Pull-Ups (advance @ 8 reps x 3 sets w assistance) Level 3B – Negative Pull-Ups (advance @ 5 reps x 3 sets; 2 min break) Level 4 – Chin-Ups & Pull-Ups I intend on following Steve's suggested weekly workouts for each level 3x/wk until I'm beastin' out those chin-ups & pull-ups! ~wish me luck~
  13. Hello Assassins! You might be a little confused… my avatar says I'm a Warrior, so what could I possibly be doing here?!? Well don't be mistaken my agile friends—I am a Warrior at heart—but for my second challenge I wanted to attempt things I never thought I could do. Note: Last challenge two of my goals were to complete 3 StrongLifts workouts/week and drink >64oz of water/day. I will continue these since the aim of that challenge was to create long-term habits. AND SO IT BEGINS… MAIN QUESTProve to myself that everything is within my reach (with enough determination, hard work & follow-through!). GOALS Perform a handstand. I have extremely poor upper-body strength and have never really stuck with anything physical long enough to build up a skill for it. Performing a successful handstand means I have conquered the strength to hold the pose, the agility to tweak my muscles & stance quickly, and the balance to stay up there. 2 STR + 2 DEX + 1 WIS Perform (left, right & center) splits. The splits have always been a 'wow' thing for me. It's something everyone can do with persistence… but only a few take the time to master. Achieving this would really impress myself. 4 STA + 1 STR Complete 1 unassisted pull-up. This is the ultimate test of badassery. Only the really strong can do pull-ups and with my weak upper body, this will be a true feat! 4 STR + 1 STA(These points were kind of a stretch – I welcome any advice on how to allocate them!) (Here's a preview of me after I've bossed the hell outta this challenge) LIFE SIDE QUESTDesign & code my sister's video portfolio site (rollover LQ from my first challenge.) MOTIVATIONI am not a quitter.
  14. Congratulations on completing your first challenge! I can't believe I never came across yours in the whole six weeks! For shame. I noticed you declared yourself a Warrior in the Graduation thread and had to stop by. Not a lot of warriors it seems (and not many ladies, either). AND YOU STUDY FRENCH?! I took 3 yrs of French in college (forgot most of it, of course) but looove the language. I'll be keepin an eye out for you next challenge (: WOO STRONG LADIES!
  15. HELP! HELP! During this challenge, I've really fallen in love with lifting. I definitely identify with the Warrior guild. However, next challenge I want to work on accomplishing handstands, splits, and unassisted pull-ups. For the next challenge, should I join my Warrior brethren to introduce myself? Or should I join a guild that is more aligned with the goals I want to accomplish for that challenge?
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