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  1. HEMA ftw!

    Good luck with your goals :-)

  2. Doing OK but not great on food. However, I did sign up to become a hiking guide on Saturdays at the local nature preserve, both to get outside more and work out some of my Ranger Rick urges. I need to invest in a dorky vest with many pockets, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good about my choice.
  3. Progress for the last two days... 5/3/12 - only ate 1 piece of fruit. I was too full by the end of the night to eat 3. This means I need to eat fruit earlier in the day, I guess. 5/4/12 - #1 - intending on attacking fruit shortly. #2 - Making a healthy veggie pizza with homemade leftover spaghetti sauce and dough. Check! #3 - going to get the form from the gym tonight. #4 - CHECK! All papers completed and turned in. Very happy about this one. (Why, oh why, did I choose a history major? I hate writing papers. )
  4. Glad to see how your progress is going.... maybe grow a handlebar mustache, just because. That would be pretty manly.
  5. Viking

    Oodin - Human Ranger

    For a stamina + Zoey related goal, how is Zoey healthwise? If she's in good shape, take her for a jog or a really long walk. Great goals. Good luck with Zoey!
  6. Goals for the past two days... Yesterday I ate 3 oranges and wrote up to 9 pages of paper, so check for #1 and #4. Today, finished my 18 page paper and turned it in. Check on #4! Started my Viking final paper. 50% complete on that goal. Cooked dinner with husband, so check for #2 - made homemade spaghetti loaded with peppers, mushrooms, and onions, extra lean beef, and whole wheat noodles. Very filling and delicious. No cheese involved Proud of myself for that. Have leftovers for the next few days. Today's workout - rearranging furniture in the living room. Spent most of the day working on the paper. My back is screaming due to inactivity, I think. I also did not make my fruit goal. I am so full I doubt I am going to. Rather than force myself to eat, I am going to count the bell pepper, mushrooms, and onion in my sauce as my "3 veggies." (There was more veggies than sauce or meat in the pot. Husband is successful at spoiling me.) Today's failures: 2 Milano cookies and 5 Twizzlers. Minimal damage but I really shouldn't be eating this garbage at all. However, I am weaning myself slowly to avoid a binge. See ya'll tomorrow!
  7. Good progress so far. Yesterday... Ate 2 plums and one apple. Check on #1. Cooked lunch/dinner for tonight today. Check on #2. Completed 7/18 pages so far on seminar paper. Progress on #4. Plus, went to the gym this morning and did 3 rounds of 15 hack squats/90 lbs. jumping rope for ~5 mins. 10 1/2 burpees
  8. Good luck, Unda! All of your goals sound very specific. Look forward to watching you accomplish them!
  9. I'm moseying on over here from the Warriors, the team I used to hook up with more often, because I've started running races (read: gasping/walking/running/dying in races) and want to have a more functional all-around fitness. And really, my cardio/speed needs a lot more work than my strength and I need to stop avoiding it just because I don't like doing cardio. So here's my challenge thread: http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?10970-Viking-s-6-Weeks-of-It-s-Effing-Hot-In-Here-So-Put-On-Your-Running-Shoes-Challenge
  10. Hi, I'm Viking. Not terribly new around here, but as a reminder, my specs ... Height: 5'4'' Weight: 247 lbs. Body fat %: Unknown Recent Accomplishments: - Completing the Savage Race Mud Run in Central Florida in March 2012. Recent Failures: - Pretty much anything I put in my mouth. Plus my workout routine has unraveled lately. Food/Fitness goals: #1: Eat at least 3 pieces of fruit per day. Time/meal does not matter, but I must eat them. #2: Cook at least 4 meals at home per week. This one is going to be a real challenge, but I can do it. #3: Complete the Get Fitness Run/Walk 5k on May 12th. http://preventarthritis.org/walk-a-thon/ Life goal: Complete my 18-page paper for History Seminar, due Wed. 5/2/12. Complete my final Viking History Paper and Beowulf paper.
  11. When my legs stop rubbing together when I walk. Kind of weird, yes, but ZOMG IT IS THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD.
  12. Thought I would update as to my lifts, since that at least was positive. Did some heavy lifting last night: 4x/8-12 reps/50 lbs. chest press (25 lb dumbbell in each hand) 4x/8-10 reps/30 lb. dumbbell dorsal row 4x/15 reps/25 lb. cable rotation 4x / 20 reps / 15.5 lb. ball slams
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